"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


We had a butterfly and Master Chief from Halo running around this year! We had our traditional soup and bread bowls with the Freeman's, then headed trick or treating. Terran took off with his friends and their dad and it took us a while to catch up to him! He was literally running from house to house and since he took off before I could check him, he has no socks with mismatched boots and ended up with a blister. He came home and wanted to hand out candy, then got Dad to take him out again!
Kenna bug was much more into the festivities than I anticipated. She loved looking at the decorations and wanted to trick or treat at every door.

We also did a ward party and Terran's preschool parade and he soaked it all up. After Halloween he woke up and after we cleaned up the decorations, he asked if the real Halloween was over. I explained how it was and what else we have to look forward to for the year.

Friday, October 27, 2017


Terran was on a neighborhood soccer league this year. I kept checking with all the sports, but they were always kindergarten and up. Turns out the one I didn't check, soccer, is actually younger and I could have signed him up, but then I was too late. A last in our neighborhood organized a beginner level leader for her kids and we were able to join.

It was a blast watching Terran get into it his first day. He scored two goals and was really intent on being goalie. As the season progressed, he got progressively upset at each game if he didn't get to kick it every time. We dealt with a lot of him running off the field crying because he didn't get to do what he wanted. The first night he was with the older kids and seemed to do much better than when he was later separated with the younger kids he struggled more. On the bright side, he was quite competitive and could really get into it. He is definitely attic and not afraid of conflict so it was fun to watch.

I was asked up help coach a few games in. I'm sure it was quite a sure with me toting Kenna, instructing kids, trying to calm Terran, and then having my bit on top of it all! I was able to run in my competitiveness, but I know as he agrees that I'll have to keep working on that!

Even though we need to teach more about basic skills and sportsmanship, I do believe Terran will love sports as he grows!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Fall activities

One of the reasons I truly enjoy living in Northern Utah is because we get to experience seasons. I do wish we could trade a few months of winter for a longer Autumn, but I suppose one can't have everything. Fall is great with kids because the weather is perfect. Not too hot, but usually not too cool either. This year has been a little colder than usual. But, there are also numerous activities pertaining to the season and holidays as well as gorgeous leaves in the mountains. When it feels like fall is giving way to colder weather, I'm always sad it has gone by too quickly.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

St. George Marathon and my injuries

Well, all year my marathon plans kept derailing so why let it stop with St. George?! My plans for the Ogden marathon were thwarted with a hamstring injury, while being treated for cuboid syndrome. I proceeded to do physical therapy for my hamstring while planning on the Big Cottonwood marathon. Between work schedules and family reunion plans at Rehoboth, I had to pull out of Big Cottonwood, putting all of my eggs on the St. George basket, which was previously supposed to be a fun race with Amanda as she did get first full. Instead, I put my goal of Boston Qualifying on it and went to work. It seemed like quite a struggle to fit in the runs, rehab an injury, and do it on much less than ideal sleep, often while single parenting. But, I was proud of myself, feeling fit, met new friends, and started nailing my paces. My second twenty miler I felt my knee and foot hurting, but figured it was because it was twenty miles. Then I proceeded to get through my long runs with the pain and some weekday runs as well. My 21 miles in Provo canyon were great going up, but around mile 13 I didn't know how is get back to the car. I struggled through, like really struggled, and finished, again feeling proud. I tapered, got sick, rested like crazy, and went into the race quite optimistic but prepared for disappointment. If been talking my for and that seemed to help, still doing PT for my hamstring and it seemed nearly healed, and I had some quick stuff the last two weeks that feeling great.

I went to packet pickup with Amanda and we had a fun time getting excited for the race. Race morning was great as I saw many friends and was pumped for the challenge ahead. Started feeling good with the goal of getting to Mike 13 on pace, then really giving it my all for a 3:30 time.
I started feeling the pain around mile 4, but stayed optimistic as I fought through the hills. Mostly my knee was hurting but my foot pain was there as well. I got up Veyo, just barely ahead of pace. I kept pushing it and pulling back when necessary, saw Alaina and Chloe for a boost, then suffered through a few more. Around 12.5 I slowed briefly, which caused the pain to greatly increase. I fill on had to stop. Not sure what I could do with more than half the race left, I messaged and limped and thought it through. I was able to run a bit and realized it hurt worse if I rested. So after losing a few minutes trying to figure out my course of action, all while barely being able to walk, I put it in great and ran 7:07s for two miles to try to stick with the pace I wanted and got it out. The second I slowed, I almost collapsed again! Hardly putting weight on, I called Mom and Dad to see where they were. The were a few miles up and I fully planned on getting in their car, I didn't know if I could even make it to them. I figured out a walk with my leg angled out that hurt the last and trudged on. They found me and walked with me for a bit. Their words and support butter me and I decided to continue walking, wait for Amanda, and try to keep with her to run in a bit slower. She came and I couldn't even run with her for 10 feet! I told her to go and spent the next several miles walking and chatting with others who seemed to want to chat. I embraced my circumstance and enjoyed those last six miles, high fiving kids, encouraging others, laughing with others, and interaction with the cheerers. Mom and Dad found me again, Mom ran by me as somehow I was able to run in the last couple miles, stopping intermittently to give it a break. I saw Zach and the kids and ran into the finish smiling. As I stopped I wondered if I have it my all that day and i knew I did. I'm so glad I didn't quit as I have realized quitting once makes quitting again and again easier. Although I'll need to train all over again for that BQ, I'm proud of that finish, my slowest yet, 4:29.

Turns out I had IT band syndrome that was causing my knee pain and a stress fracture in my foot. My neuroma is still there, and my podiatrist treated it, but after a second opinion, it has been determined that wasn't causing the pain and didn't need to be treat but the stress fracture was there and causing my pain. I'm currently at 5 weeks without running, I'm losing fitness, but trying to heal my body. Here's to hoping everything recovers well, I can get back to running happily and at fast speeds, and I can embrace and continue to incorporate more cross training. Oh how I love exercise and fitness and a little break just helps reinforce that.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Summer half marathons

Drop 13 Half: I got to pace this race with Ammon. We had the two hour time slot and it was a blast. We got to chat with many people, but we had two stick with us until about mile ten when they pushed on ahead. The course was a tad short so I was disappointed when we came in a little early at 1:58:20. It was a gorgeous course and I enjoyed pacing.

Timp Half: This was my main focus for half marathon this summer. I was using it as a strategically placed half before Big Cottonwood, but then I pulled out of Big Cottonwood so I was just hoping to have a great run and see where I was at. It definitely wasn't the best as far as how it went. My ipod didn't charge the night before, one of my headphones weren't working, and I had to GI trouble miles 10-12. But, I estimated I'd finish around 1:40 beforehand, ran by feel, and finished in 1:40:15. That course is at the top of my list for favorites because it's close, it's gorgeous, it's fast, and they have pizza at the end.

Parowan Half: I was in New Harmony and offered to pace this last minute since I was in town. I was on standby until the night before and they didn't need someone anymore, but they gave me a slot anyway! I got to race, and since it was the week after Timp I didn't have high expectations. The course had been changed due to flooding and fires, and it was much more challenging than advertised. I was able to struggle through and ended up with a 1:50. It was really fun to run in a tiny Town and experience the town getting involved with the race. I finished four more miles after to complete a long run for marathon training. I ran along the course and chatted with the last racers and it was fun getting to talk with them.

Run Elevated Half: I found a discounted bib for this race and decided to run it as part of a twenty miler. I had a few neighborhood runners who were doing it so I got to meet up with them and we ended up running together a lot. I like this group of ladies because they are fun to chat with and they challenge me. They pulled ahead as we neared the canyon mouth and I dug deep to try and stay close. I was somewhat hoping for a PR but hadn't planned on it or trained for it. I did a few miles before and after so I figured that also limit PR possibility. I came in at 1:36:45, 1:31 off of my PR and I was happy with that as I put forth my near best effort while still trying to be smart with my marathon training.

I truly enjoy the half distance and was happy to mark a bunch off my list this year. I ran a half April-August and really would have loved to keep the trend going if I didn't have full marathon plans to work around.

Rehoboth Beach

We all got to go to Rehoboth Beach for a family reunion. We missed Jenny, but Dave, Burt, Bop, and then the rest of us all were able to make it. My previous two times at Rehoboth were flawless and I really love that place. The kids were in heaven at the beach and once the cousins showed up, Terran was completely entertained! I got in a few beautiful runs out in Cape Henlopen and the Zach joined us on Tuesday. He was busy with activities that I couldn't bring the kids on so we didn't see each other much and then the stomach flu hit. It swept through every single person. It was crazy. We didn't get to do much as a family of four, but we got to enjoy the company of the rest of our family immensely.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

8 Year Anniversary

We left the kids with Grammy and Poppy and spent the night in St. George to celebrate 8 years of being married. We did the Kanarraville hike, had benjas for lunch, and went to Tuacahn to see Mamma Mia. The next morning after breakfast we went up on Dixie Rock and reminisced about the start of us. It was so good to spend time together and reconnect without any other responsibilities.