"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, April 9, 2017

10 months

Kenna bug is so fun. She is trying hard to walk, but doesn't quite trust herself yet, so she always reaches for Mom's hand. She has learned to spit with her lips and is good at spitting things out that shouldn't be in her mouth, or food she doesn't want! Terran is her favorite person and she always wants to be around him. Mom is her snuggle bug and Dad is her special person she always lights up to.
She has started getting fiesty if you try to take something from her. She tries to get Terran going and the other night in the tub was extremely successful. She would squeal and splash, then wait for him to. He would. Back and forth, louder and louder. I finally had to just plug my ears and let them because they were laughing so hard!
She loves to sleep with Mom and screams bloody murder of you put her in her crib.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

St. Patty's Day

I was really excited about St. Patty's Day this year. One night for our bedtime story, I pulled up a YouTube video of a lady reading a leprechaun book. I'd been wanting to get some from the library but hadn't yet and that popped into my head. Terran was surprisingly into it. It explained how leprechauns can't help but get into mischief, even on the way to put a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It was cute and set a base for us to talk about leprechauns for a few weeks. We were at my parents' visiting Lindsey, so I told Terran I thought the leprechauns would find us there. And they did! They tissue papered the hallways so Terran had to break through on his way out. They peed green in the toilet and left little footprints. Zach and Terran built a leprechaun trap the night before to try and catch him, but he used his magic to get out of the trap. He left treats behind for Terran though. His little footprints escaped through the kitty door. Terran followed them all the way and tried to find out where the leprechaun disappeared to. He was excited and explained what happened to me over and over!
This might be one of my new favorite holidays!

Monday, March 13, 2017


We followed Daddy down to Moab for his work to. He had just gotten back from two months in Missouri and we all didn't want to be apart again.

I showed Terran the hotel pool online before we left, and that was all he could think about. Upon arriving, he took Zach the straight away and they played for more than an hour. Zach said it was special hanging out with him when he was so happy and having so much fun. Terran asked to go multiple times each day, even though it was still a little cold. He was so excited we let him get in the hot tub! He also tried out new water tricks of going under with his mouth and nose covered and giving me a thumbs up. Looks like summer time should be a blast!

We went to Arches National Park one morning. Kenna was sleeping and Terran was begging to go back to the hotel and swim, but I convinced him to enjoy the park with me by letting him ride in the front seat and sharing my box of Bottlecaps. We stopped at a few cool landmarks, then got to where we could hike to some arches. We were the some of the first ones there, the sun came up while we were exploring, and it was a perfect morning. We enjoyed seeing rabbits and birds, and Kenna liked crawling around and trying to eat rocks. Terran tired out about 400 yards from our last arch, so stopped in the middle of the trail for an impromptu picnic. He didn't want to walk (his legs hurt, which is what he said all the time when he doesn't want to do something!) And Kenna no longer wanted to ride in the carrier, so Terran ride in the carrier in my back while helping with the backpack, and I held Kenna up front. It was hard!! We got a lot of comments on the way back about how I had a heavy load. There were two different guys who offered to help me, but I declined knowing full well my kids wouldn't let anyone else carry them! There were some truly beautiful scenes and I was so glad I made the effort to go.

One night we had a grocery store dinner in our hotel room, where we shared a rotisserie chicken with sides and berries and salad. Zach said I went full savage on him by eating with my fingers, but I was starving and the kids weren't going to wait or use a fork anyway!

The next day we went to a dinosaur place called Moab Giants. They had a playground and a dinosaur trail with life size replicas of probably a hundred dinos. They had signs telling of the subsidies so everyone I would check and Terran would guess if they were herbivores or carnivores. Then he would say whether or not they eat people. He lived digging in the sand looking for bones, as did Kenna. She was filthy but liked letting the sand fall through her fingers.

We were so happy to get to see Dad in the evenings, and he was so glad we came. He had missed his little kids so much while he was away, so it was extra fun watching him play with them!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

9 months

Kenna started waving bye to Daddy on the phone. Blew me away! She was mostly just mimicking him but I didn't realize that she could comprehend all that!

Sister bug loves to dance. Once she hears anything resembling music, her little body starts moving!

Kenna is a little pincher. Every nursing session and when we are just hanging around her little forefinger finds some sensitive skin and starts pinching.

Her sleep habits are less than desirable, but her eating habits are great, as far as variety is concerned.

Kenna has evolved to be quite the Mama's girl. Cries when I leave the room or if someone else holds her. If she does venture off, she visually checks in with me often.

She can pull herself to standing, crawls everywhere, loves to walk with someone helping her balance, and misses her brother when he isn't around.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

8 Months

Kenna is on a big learning curve right now! She just figured out crawling, responds to individuals voices, pats Terran on the head or strokes him to wake up.

She has evolved to be a Mama's girl even though I try to let others hold her and such so she doesn't cry if I hand her off. She still does. She is in a 98% hands on stage because she is Craig, pulling herself up on stuff, getting opinions and wants, and just plain doesn't want to be left alone much. She is ticklish in her ribs and I can almost always get smiles and laughs from her! She strokes Daddy's face on the phone when we FaceTime.

She is growing up so fast and though I'm exhausted, I'm so full of love!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Terran tidbits

I'm going to the bathroom and I heard him say "na na now you have to kiss me! ...ill kiss you" to Kenna.

Sister crawled on Terran and he yelled " we have a serious problem!"

We got home from the grocery store and a bunch of kids were playing nerf war out front. Terran was just sitting out there eating gum as I brought Kenna in (she was sleeping) then I heard him run in and rummage through his stuff and I just knew he was going to join in the battle..  by the time I got out, he was in the thick of it.

Lovingly stroking Kenna's hair - "you little fuzzy head!"

I asked Terran to help me fed Kenna. He obliged. He went to her and said in a higher pitched voice "here is your lunch sister."

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Four year old Terran

Terran picked to do his 4th birthday at Hang Time, a trampoline park! It was an awesome idea and we were really excited. The day came and Terran helped himself to a cupcake and the party favor candy while I showered, and I knew the day held a few meltdowns because of it. He actually did quite well, but kept wanting to ditch his friends so he could open presents! It was fun and lots of moms came, who I'm friends with, so we all got to visit. Sadly, Zach was in Missouri for SLC or it would have been even better. My parents came up the next day to celebrate Terrans actual birthday with us and that was so great to celebrate him all over again. He was beyond happy to have them there to be his playmates.

Terran is maturing rapidly lately. Zach and I have noticed his vocabulary has been expanding quite a lot. He understands so many things now and has developed a curiosity about how things work and why they are the way they are. In the past few months, we have discussed heaven and death, and one of his favorite topics is earth and space. Concepts that feel hard to explain but he loves to ask about them. He isn't interested in sitting and reciting letters or numbers, it almost seems that he gets bored with it really quickly. However, recently he surprised me with knowing more shapers and letters than I realized. He simply doesn't want to recite the A,B,Cs. He is extremely capable of making his own decisions and does not take the idea of "because mom said so" seriously. He counteracts when I say that I am the boss with telling me that he is actually the boss. He has and uses attitude to get his way and to make a point. He often says "I do whatever I want to." Obviously, I'm constantly working on teaching him respectful and correct behavior, and also trying to determine how hard to fight back with him as he has quite the determination in the ways of his mind. He is quick to meltdown, particularly if he is in need of food or rest, but he can have the time of his life in most situations if he decides that he wants to. He is not of fan of strangers talking to him and definitely chooses which adults he cares to talk to.
Terran is extremely observant, whether it be that I moved his picture on the fridge or noticing the child next to him at the train show that had trouble seeing. He is very very good with Kenna and Brooklyn, as well as other smaller children and send to really enjoy playing with them. He also plays with the ten year old boys in our neighborhood. Although he isn't overly friendly to grown ups, he loves children and playmates. I have watched him walk down the street to his friends and several of the neighborhood kids will call to him by name to say Hi. He is fun loving and headstrong, extremely handsome and opinionated. He is a picky eater, refusing food if it has a brown speck or does not look right (tonight his broccoli was squished and he refused it), but I will say he has been open to at least trying a few more things the last little while.

Though this age has by far been the hardest for me, I feel it is a mixture of him wanting more attention since I have to care to Kenna often, and him discovering his personality and learning what is acceptable and not. I am trying different things to try to keep a peaceful home, but sometimes he responds to yelling and anger so much quicker that it has become way too constant in our home. I never want to squash his unique personality so I'm working on finding a balance to teach him good values and still letting him be himself.

Again, things have been rough, but he is continually changing and I know this year has a lot in store for four year old Terran.