"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jobs, the Day of Love, and Backgammon

The day finally came...after all my hard efforts...I got a job interview. Then, I got the call for the final interview. Then, I got another call for a different job interview! This was Tuesday, and I was all sorts of crazy happy. Then I got nervous. Then happy again. Finally, I calmed down and started thinking rationally about which option would be better and how to best prepare for each interview. One job in an Admissions Consultant for Stevens-Henager College, and the other is a Day Manager for a gym. Seriously, two areas I have considered numerous times and both I believe I would be happy with. The key is getting the actual job offer. So, I won't go too much in detail since come Monday I may be in a different mood, but either way I am happy for these opportunities. I have been telling myself this whole time that I probably wasn't getting interviews because God knew that there was a better job that I would enjoy more just around the corner. And who knows, maybe it isn't either of these, but I really trust in Him and know that it will work out somehow. Good things come in time, and I just have to remind myself of that.
In the meantime, amidst my worry and hopes of finding a job, Zach and I have been extremely happy. Who wouldn't be, when we get to spend almost all day everyday with the one we love?? Each day we wake up and get to say, "what do you want to do today?" and then we proceed to do what we want. Now, we don't get to do whatever we want, due to the lack of incoming funds, but we sometimes get creative or do the same things that we love. Like the gym. We are finally back in the habit of daily gym attendance, and when the temptation comes to stay home and vedge out, we both know we are still gonna go. I view that as a success.
We celebrated Valentine's Day, and it was wonderful of course. It seems to have become a tradition to go out for sushi on special occasions, beginning with our first date, then including birthdays, our anniversary, and now Valentine's. I'm not opposed. I'm a hardcore California Roll fan, with some hesitant venturing to other specialties, and Zach typically likes it all so we end up happy. This night was the same. I was very impressed with the new restaurant we tried, but Zach was disappointed in the slow service, which I can see where he is coming from because they brought my entree out about thirty minutes before the sushi, which is all he ordered. But, the food was absolutely fantastic, and I even loved the Marz Roll (Zach's favorite). I discovered that by taking the slimy tuna off the top, I enjoyed the rest immensely. If only I had discovered that months ago....
I had also come across an interesting find while perusing the coupon magazines sent to our house...there is a dollar theater about five miles from our house. So...we attended that after dinner. My sweet honey let us watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I. I have wanted to see it FOREVER and he just isn't that into Harry like me. I personally think you have to read the books to fully appreciate the ingenuity of it all. Regardless, it was a time well spent. The theater was a typical dollar theater with seats about to fall over, but it was quite clean, and they had cheap candy...a big plus in my book. They had double lollies! I was pretty darn happy after I bought three of those.
I was all prepared to take pictures of this wonderful night we had together, but it just so happens our camera charger is in Hurricane-o and our camera is dead. I planned to rely on my amazing Droid X, but sadly, at dinner it just wasn't cutting it. After a few bad pics, Zach is against them for the rest of the evening so I didn't even try. Luckily for me, my amazing parents are coming to visit us this weekend. Yay! We can charge our camera to document the rest of our holidays! Although that is extremely exciting, it is even more exciting just for the fact that they are coming. Zach and I have been looking forward to it all week. We even got around to cleaning out the guest bedroom! I am pretty happy about that because I hated going in there because I had just shoved all of our bins and bags and cleaning stuff in there. Now it is organized and I even leave the door open sometimes.
One last thing...last night got pretty stormy. It seems wherever I live, the wind blows. It is a family curse. Lehi is no different. It seems to blow quite often, and quite hard when there is a storm. Last night, we were coming home from a dreadful shopping experience, and noticed there weren't many lights...the power had gone out. In most of Lehi. We got home and grabbed what candles we knew of and started searching out our flashlights. I had to laugh because Zach kept looking for stuff after we had like eight candles lit, two flashlights on, and his three headlamps. Always the safety conscious man I love. It was only 8:30 with nothing to do, so we set some candles up in our room and played Backgammon. I was excited because Zach had beaten me in our last best-of-three session. Well, I rocked the house! Best-of-five champion baby! Wabam. I definitely celebrated my victory.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


First of all, I have been playing with my blog, and it turns out somehow I am retarded with the pictures. So please ignore the lack of uniformity for the time being.
Now that's out of the way, I will proceed to tell you of something horrific. This past week Zach discovered a little varmint in our home...my family members prefer the term rat but I always use mouse because it sounds so much less terrifying and disgusting. Anyway, from day one I have worried about it, but gradually became more comfortable and confident that we were mice free. My hopes and dreams were squashed. While I was out job hunting, the little critter decided to show itself for the first time in our family room. Apparently Zach promptly set out four mice traps. He is amazing. When he text me the news, I almost threw up. No joke. The thought made me nauseated. I couldn't walk barefoot in the house, I was making noise everywhere I went in hopes of scaring him, and I rushed to turn lights on. Thankfully, the next day we caught the little bugger in our glue traps. Again, I was gone, at the gym working on my washboard abs. My wonderful husband earned more brownie points by disposing of the him before I got home. I am hoping that poor little guy was the only one of its kind lurking in the shadows. This type of situation tears me to pieces because I am utterly horrified at the thought of such a thing creeping around my house, but at the same time, catching them in traps and tossing them out (still alive) seems so inhumane. Zach made a very good point that helped me sleep at night though...mice can potentially carry disease and they are destructive. There. Now I don't feel so bad.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A few thoughts

I have a few thoughts that consistently run through my mind.
One: Do I like running, or do I hate running? Seriously, half the time I love it, the other half I hate it. I have contemplated a marathon many times, but I go back and forth because of this very question. I used to think my fitness level dictated the answer, but I don't think that is the case anymore. The thing I have determined is the problem is my mental strength. I am fit enough to run several miles, I don't really breathe hard and it doesn't hurt my body, but mentally I just give in. You would think I could just suck it up mentally, but that is harder than the physical running. At least with this psychological analysis, I know what I need to focus on...
Two: The degradation of society. I love to go to the library, but as of late, I am continually frustrated at what I find there. I check out books that sound interesting and have all sorts of world recognition, I read them, and by movie standards they are rated R. When did it become cool and literarily impressive to drop the F-bomb in a dieting book? I hate that I basically have to sit down and read half the book to determine if it is even worth checking out. I love new styles and subjects, but it is hard to deviate from authors I am familiar with, simply because I am not sure what I will find in between the covers. Luckily for me, J.K. Rowling has seven books that are quite large...the Harry Potter series. I am contemplating starting at Year 1 and reading all of them again. It has been ages since I have. I told Zach I am gonna read the first, watch the movie, read the second, watch the movie, and so on. I invited him to join me, but he respectfully declined with a scoff and laugh. He would rather watch Labyrinth I guess....

A word or two on life itself....
Sunday we watched the Superbowl. In our home. That is the first time I have ever done that since I have never had T.V. except once in college, and I'm pretty sure I attended someone else's big Superbowl bash. We don't pay for T.V., but we did buy a cable and hook it up to get the free channels, which included the Superbowl! We went shopping and bought goodies of course....and we decided it should be the christening day of our grill that my parents got Zach for his birthday. I wish I had pictures of Zach putting it together, instructions, plastic, and cardboard strewn about the room. Too bad I am not in the habit of photographing our life together. But I did snag one of him grilling us some amazing brats and chicken! I am lucky to have married a culinary expert. Scott and Lexi joined us for the game, which was grand of course. I cannot even express how happy I am to live by them and Lindsey now. It is the first time since we all lived together at our parents, so I love being able to get together more often than every four or five months. My family is the coolest.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

This week's highlights

This week has gone by awfully fast! It is strange, with no job I figured I would be having to come up with stuff to do, but my days are pretty full. One of the interesting things that I did this week: I took Lindsey Lorin to the airport. She is such an amazing employee of Wells Fargo that she gets to go to New Jersey for a week and a half. I'm completely jealous. I went to Delaware a couple of summers ago and went to New Jersey for the day...loved it. But not only that, she gets to explore Philadelphia and New York! All expenses paid; food, gas, rental car, her suite, her flight, and her salary. I am so proud of her for doing so well in her career. I got to drive her Mazda 3 home. It's a manual, and since I have never consistently driven a manuel, I was nervous, because she is particular about her things. But, no worries, I did just fine. Her car is the easiest manual I have ever driven. Along the drive, I gazed upon the beautiful mountains. I am grateful everyday I get to witness their beauty. The thing that makes me so mad though is looking at all the smog from the city! I wish it didn't have to be like that because it takes away from the beauty of it all. I realized you rarely ever see that in St. George...
I also decided to tackle the task of mopping our floor. I may have mentioned before, but our house was built in 1938. I absolutely love it! It took a little TLC to make it feel like home, but it's great. We had to buy a shower head hose, because the only bathroom in the house is only a tub...no shower. There was years of built up dust and gunk on counter surfaces and the floor. Zach bought some amazing cleaning spray and scrubbed the counters for us. It made me love him even more. Well, one night we had friends over and we were talking about our wonderful house and Zach thought to spray the floor with the gunk spray, just to prove a point about how the house has needed a little attention. Two minutes later he wiped it up, and to our amazement the floor was basically a different color! There was a lot of buildup. So I decided to spray the whole floor and try to get it back to the original color. It was hard work, and I got a small section done before I decided to just mop everything and do the de-gunking one section at a time! This little experience explains why my mother insisted on chores every Saturday. It may not appear that things are getting dirty...but they are! I have resolved to be more resilient in deep cleaning more often.
Last night, Zach and I joined Nate and Megan for dinner and Utah gymnastics. They have a kids free weekend, so they wanted something fun to do. Zach and I have a kids free weekend all the time, but we still appreciate the fact that they are kid free! We understand that one day it won't be that way and are grateful to not have to pay the price of babysitters and work in the time just yet. We went to Buca di Beppo, which Nate informed us was very similar to the restaurants in Italy. It was scrumptious. Zach couldn't wait to go. We had gone once before and loved it. This time didn't disappoint. So much good food! Then gymnastics...Wow! First of all, Utah is like 2nd in the nation so it was bound to be good. But they were amazing. I can't even imagine my body being able to do the things they do. I was impressed. Plus, Zach let me get some cotton candy so my night was complete.
Yesterday and today have gone by so fast, and I know the reason why. We have stayed in bed until ten or eleven both days! It seriously takes half of the day away! In a way, it is good, because then I make a huge list of all I want to accomplish, then turbo to get it finished. I still need to work in homework, shopping (for groceries and clothes), dinner, and the gym! I much prefer my days to be busier than slow, so I am okay with this. And again, I realize life won't always allow us to sleep in on Fridays and Saturdays or stay up so late, so I appreciate the opportunity now.
I am going to try to blog a little more often. Then more experiences will be recorded, my posts won't be so long, and I won't take a large chunk of a Saturday to update everything!