"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The joys of life.

Where to even begin! I knew with a job blogging would be a lot harder to stay consistent with! I am just finishing up my second week, and I like it better everyday. Everyone I work with is awesome, and that really makes a huge difference in how much I enjoy my job. We have a softball team, and I got recruited to be First Base! First practice is Saturday, and I am going to need it! I haven’t played softball since 8th grade. I don’t even have a mitt. But despite the lack of recent experience and materials, I am extremely excited. It’s bound to be loads of fun, and I always love gettin down and dirty with a bit of exercise mixed in.

Getting accustomed to my new work schedule, my gym attendance was a little sporadic. But, with restraints on time, I feel like I make the most out of my workouts, so I view it as a good thing. I definitely go through motivation cycles, but right now I am so motivated! I feel so good when I workout, and I have started training for another triathlon. I don’t have a bike yet, so I am just pretending for now, and planning to be ready when I get a bike. It works for me! It keeps my workouts intense and fun, and I just envision actually racing. I have a little secret concerning motivation-I recently told Zach my secret, and it didn’t seem like it would work as well for him but anyway- I am a huge fan of Jason Bourne, and when I am running I picture him in the second movie running on the beach and it makes me do SO much better! Haha I just think to myself, I can be super hardcore like Jason, so I better push myself a little harder. Trust me, it works.

Now, a little more about my trip to Hurricane – I am still suffering from a fabulous sunburn. My shoulders have almost peeled entirely off. I’m not complaining though because it is the first color of have had in months! We went to Zion’s and hiked around, then the next day we went to see the Indian writings by my house. I almost didn’t go, and that would have been a huge mistake. My mom always takes relatives on that hike, but I had yet to go. It was so much fun! We had to wade through the river, (Karen was so nervous, and I must say it was exhilarating!) walk in the sand and mud, crawl through basically a forest, to come upon some rocks that had etchings all over them. There was also a cave that I didn’t know existed, which was way cool. On the way back, wading across the river again was a sight to behold. My mom and I went first, holding hands. Then Scott and Steve both held Karen’s hands because the water was swift. After I almost took my mom in, I looked back and could not help but burst out laughing. The sight was just so funny-all three holding hands, waist deep in the river, with big smiles on their faces! It made my day. We also hiked straight up a mountain, and I was pretty proud of myself. Between the laughing, the sun, and the memories, I had this overwhelming desire to buy Zach and me some fourwheelers, pack up, and move back! I guess that is what lack of sunshine does to you! The idea is still playing in my head, but I know it wouldn’t be at least for a few years if that were to happen, so I am content to just daydream.

And last of all, my success with Harry Potter! I finished all seven books in record time! I am not sure how long, but I think like a week and a half. Yeah, Zach was somewhat neglected and started noticing about Year 3. Once I finished Year 7, it was the strangest feeling. I was almost sad it was over…but worry not! I had already ordered the first six movies, so we began Year 1 the very night I finished. It helped buffer the wave of depression I felt at the closing of the last book. This is great too, because now Zach can obsess with me! I’m not joking when I say that I think J.K. Rowling is a genius, and I have seriously considered writing her some fan mail to let her know just that.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh the memories!

This weekend I made the spontaneous decision to accompany my amazing brother on a quick trip to good ole Hurricane-o. My awesome aunt and uncle, Steve and Karen, were coming from Cali to spend a few days with our family, and I also checked the weather, and that was supposed to be in the seventies. Who could say no, right? Scott is an excellent person to go on a trip with because he is so fun to talk to. I have never met anyone who has such a way with words! Anyway, as we were getting off the Hurricane exit, which I had anxiously been awaiting since before Beaver because I am not a humongous fan of driving long distances, I looked out my window into the night sky and gazed upon a particularly beautiful moon. This simple act took me back years and brought a rush of memories. I immediately had that feeling of nostalgia that comes with returning home and remembering what once was. The first thing that came to mind was moonlit trips to the dunes. I specifically remember two trips....each equally spectactular. I remembered the carefree feeling of being young and innocent and spontaneous. I relished the idea of being reckless, if not conciously so. And, looking back, I realize just how freaking cool it really was. What is it about the odd hours of the night that make activities so much more appealing? One of these times we were all riding around and all came to a stop on a hill to watch some sort of police action, with a slight worry that we may get in trouble for something and we had turned our lights out. At this point, we realized that we could see perfectly well just by the moonlight. It is hard to describe why that was so cool, but it was. I can't pinpoint exactly when, but somewhere along my amazingly fun experiences at various dunes and with various people, I realized that riding has some sort of special power for me. It brings this huge feeling of happiness. The best part is that it happens during the actual riding, but then it continues on and on. The memories do not seem to fade, so I can relive that happy feeling whenever I think back.
At one point in my life I thought I would never say this, but ole Southern Utah is very dear to my heart. Each time I return I have these happy flashback memories of times well spent. Just feeling the sun on my face as I run three miles around Sand Hollow, hitting the dreaded dirt road a mile from my parent's house, or seeing the lights of St. George up ahead remind me that I have traveled on a happy road. My life has definitely seen many good times, and that is what I want to focus on. When I return "home," I think of the greatness I have experienced and it makes me fall in love with Hurricane and St. George all over again, time after time.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


To celebrate getting a job, we decided to go skiing. We had been waiting til we got jobs to go again, and as soon as I got it, I started planning a trip. Zach was surprised when I sprung it on him that I thought we should go on Friday, but of course he was all for it. We could not have picked a better day. Waist deep powder! Not only in the trees and off the trails, but in the main area as well! This is what it looked like when we pulled in...and it was like this all day!There weren't even tracks to the ski racks. We waded through the snow to get there, and once they were on, we couldn't even see our skis. Straight up cool. We skied for about an hour and a half, when Zach's legs could hardly take it any longer. It was harder in the powder, and we had gone straight to the harder trails. We took lunch early to try to help his legs gain back energy, but it was looking grim. He could hardly walk and his energy was gone! Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I started searching the place for a Redbull. They didn't have sugar-free, but regular did the trick! He didn't have to stay in the lodge for the rest of the day....We decided to take it a little easier, and went exploring through the powder along untouched trails, and experimented on a new black diamond we found. It was the best snow day I have ever had skiing, and I am so glad that Zach and I both love it! Our skill level is similar, and we think alike, so we just had a blast the whole time.

Just last night we went up to my childhood friend's wedding reception. Beautiful Saydee Burrell! It was so fun. She was gorgeous and happy and I got to see people I grew up with but haven't seen in about ten years! It is crazy how people don't really change. I loved visiting with Kenzie and Darcee for the majority of the time. Zach was so sweet and patient to just hang around while we tried to catch up on years' worth of info. He was rewarded though, because the reception was at Union Station in Ogden, and there were real trains outside that we got to explore afterward. He loved them. He was amazed and looking all over them and trying to get in doors. This is him in front of the trains.
It was actually really cool. The trains were huge. I love trains. I especially love the sounds they make. All growing up I could hear them at night, and then I moved to St. George and never noticed they were gone until one day I came up to visit Amanda and I noticed them. I couldn't believe that I had forgotten them! Now we live in Lehi, and we get to hear them most nights. It makes me so happy!

I have also become converted to.....the Snuggie! I never thought I would say it. I thought they were ridiculous and when people would get excited over them, I didn't understand. Now I do. They are amazing. I have been reading Harry Potter...I'm already on Year 5....and I get cold easy. So, I grab the Snuggie my mother-in-law got me for Christmas, and wa-lah! All my problems are solved. It is warm and soft, and my arms stay covered. Now the hours and hours I have been spending reading are now accompanied with a warm fuzzy feeling. And yes, I have preferred my Snuggie and reading to actually doing my hair or putting on makeup.

My New Job.

I finally got a job!! I had interviewed at Stevens-Henager College, and then prepared for a second interview, which was a group interview with candidates and a panel. I started preparing for it about five days before, then I got a call Monday morning that it was postponed til Tuesday due to sickness. I think that may have been a good thing, because I stopped worrying so much. The interview went really well. I was worried about answering intelligently and everything, but when I got in the room, I was so comfortable. I interviewed with three other candidates, all were male, and I think we were all pretty nervous. But, like I said, I was comfortable and felt that I had good answers to their questions. I honestly believe I had a little higher power helping me out because I felt that I could answer eloquently, better than I expected. After the interview, the Director of Admissions said he would call us by noon about his decision. The next day I was stressing out. Noon came and went. I was thinking "this can only mean something bad" and then I was thinking "No, they are just busy." My stomach was probably on the verge of getting an ulcer. Zach and I went to the gym, and it just so happens that is when the call came. I went to check my phone and I had missed it by two minutes, so I hurried and called back. I knew almost immediately that I had gotten the job and I couldn't keep the excitement out of my voice. Zach was trying to give me privacy but eavesdrop at the same time and he started freaking out too! This was a day we had been waiting for for months! I was so excited not only because it is a job, or that it will bring in money, but because I have decided I want to work in an educational environment, and that is exactly what I will be doing. I will be helping people better their lives and opportunities. I much prefer that feeling versus the feeling of pushing tangible products that may not make such a big difference in people's lives. I am so happy with this position and am so grateful that during these hard times in the economy that I was able to secure a decent job that I am sure I will love!