"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, March 3, 2011


To celebrate getting a job, we decided to go skiing. We had been waiting til we got jobs to go again, and as soon as I got it, I started planning a trip. Zach was surprised when I sprung it on him that I thought we should go on Friday, but of course he was all for it. We could not have picked a better day. Waist deep powder! Not only in the trees and off the trails, but in the main area as well! This is what it looked like when we pulled in...and it was like this all day!There weren't even tracks to the ski racks. We waded through the snow to get there, and once they were on, we couldn't even see our skis. Straight up cool. We skied for about an hour and a half, when Zach's legs could hardly take it any longer. It was harder in the powder, and we had gone straight to the harder trails. We took lunch early to try to help his legs gain back energy, but it was looking grim. He could hardly walk and his energy was gone! Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I started searching the place for a Redbull. They didn't have sugar-free, but regular did the trick! He didn't have to stay in the lodge for the rest of the day....We decided to take it a little easier, and went exploring through the powder along untouched trails, and experimented on a new black diamond we found. It was the best snow day I have ever had skiing, and I am so glad that Zach and I both love it! Our skill level is similar, and we think alike, so we just had a blast the whole time.

Just last night we went up to my childhood friend's wedding reception. Beautiful Saydee Burrell! It was so fun. She was gorgeous and happy and I got to see people I grew up with but haven't seen in about ten years! It is crazy how people don't really change. I loved visiting with Kenzie and Darcee for the majority of the time. Zach was so sweet and patient to just hang around while we tried to catch up on years' worth of info. He was rewarded though, because the reception was at Union Station in Ogden, and there were real trains outside that we got to explore afterward. He loved them. He was amazed and looking all over them and trying to get in doors. This is him in front of the trains.
It was actually really cool. The trains were huge. I love trains. I especially love the sounds they make. All growing up I could hear them at night, and then I moved to St. George and never noticed they were gone until one day I came up to visit Amanda and I noticed them. I couldn't believe that I had forgotten them! Now we live in Lehi, and we get to hear them most nights. It makes me so happy!

I have also become converted to.....the Snuggie! I never thought I would say it. I thought they were ridiculous and when people would get excited over them, I didn't understand. Now I do. They are amazing. I have been reading Harry Potter...I'm already on Year 5....and I get cold easy. So, I grab the Snuggie my mother-in-law got me for Christmas, and wa-lah! All my problems are solved. It is warm and soft, and my arms stay covered. Now the hours and hours I have been spending reading are now accompanied with a warm fuzzy feeling. And yes, I have preferred my Snuggie and reading to actually doing my hair or putting on makeup.

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