"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, May 23, 2011

School Again?

I finally got into the math class I have been trying to take for two semesters now!! Math is hard when you haven't taken it for 6 years....It was such a struggle to get into, and now that I am in it is a struggle to do my review homework! I actually broke down and cried yesterday because I was so frustrated. With math? Really? That is my best and favorite subject. Of course, my mother was there to rescue me. Just a phone call away, and all was well. The sad thing is that I did this just last week with my dad on my way home from class. It is everything all added up. I have never worked full time and gone to school, nor have I ever had to pay for tuition, nor have I had to go to school in the summer. It has been so hard not to look back and say "I should have done this, I should have done that" with what I studied in college. Life really does teach so many lessons. I loved my business major, but once I started working in the business world I liked it less and less, until I am to the point where I basically do not want anything to do with it...Hence, my education direction. But, no I have to relearn what I have already learned, I have to pay for what I have already paid for, and I have to do the work I have already done. I must admit that this process of discovery of where I want to go has been very trying and depressing and I am constantly unsure of myself, but then there are nights like last night where I feel like I finally have it figured out and I am on track with where I want to be. Marriage and planning for our future family has completely changed my life. The decisions and planning and trying to ensure it works out so that we are happy can be rough. But, the trying times really make life that much better, and I have become so much stronger. I also hate to admit that it is those times that make me turn back to the obvious, my Heavenly Father. I should never let any distance come between us, but sometimes I do. I know he has the answers and all I have to do is ask, but it often does not feel that easy. But when I struggle through it and do my part, he really offers so much comfort and direction. In the end it always comes back to the truth that is recurring in our lives-Everything happens for a reason. When we focus on that and the good that comes from it, the bad is never bad anymore.

So, I am overcoming my temporary lack of mathematical skills by focusing on those few things. Perseverance doesn't hurt either. Zach and I have discovered that as we explore our options about every two months. There is always the temptation to do something else, but really, we already know we are on the right path, we just need to complete that path before we head down another one. So next time I get discouraged, I just need to come re-read these words of wisdom that seem to put it all back in perspective.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Bikes and more...

I have a lot to talk about today...so if you aren't in for a long-winded, filled with random facts, thoughts, and experiences, it might not be the day to spend perusing my heartfelt words! But, if you have nothing better to do or if you are truly interested in my life, this should be a treat, a small glimpse into what has been happening with me and my mister.

First off, I found some pics today I just had to post.
Our last ski day of the season was well planned! There was awesome snow, we over challenged ourselves time and time again, and finished off with a casual ride back to the car.

(One of the steepest hills we could find! Pictures never give it justice, of course...)

During our adventures off the beaten trails, Zach and I took a few spills, and also took down a few trees. Zach noticed the evidence on my coat as we stopped for lunch and had to document it.

Basically, this season we decided that we absolutely love Alta and all it has to offer. Just today, I counted the months until we can ski again!

Since ski season is over, we decided we needed to give in to our other desires...which included road bikes! We have talked about these for ages. Zach has a mountain bike, so we would often do that, and I would go biking with my parents as they trained for triathlons. Needless to say, it has been a long time coming. I am so pumped to do more tris! I did my first one in 2008, absolutely LOVED it, and just haven't been able to do another one since! I am ready for Amanda's and my 10k in less than two weeks. In fact, I have been running 5, 6, and 7 miles for the last couple of weeks and it isn't even hard anymore, so I am trying to focus on my speed. But, I think I am giving up my marathon idea, because I think I am wholeheartedly more interested in triathlons, so I am going to invest my funds there! I'm currently looking into one for August.... Scottie got a bike too, just yesterday!, so me, him, and Zach all plan to ride together as much as we can. A few of the guys from work are into biking as well, so we are planning to train Saturdays for the ULCER in August! I'm way pumped.

Zach and I bought our bikes a week and a day ago. I almost waited over the weekend to make the decision, because it was a significant investment. After spending hours picking out bikes, and getting fitted, we got the price and left to contemplate. We hit up Costco, all the while talking about our sweet bikes, but also the huge dent it would make in our checking account. Zach was all for it of course, with me being the responsible head of worry and sense throwing out cautions and scenarios why it might not be a good idea. As we were leaving Costco, it happened to be one of the nicest days of the year, and Zach said if we got our bikes then, we could go for a ride that evening. I was sold. Couldn't say no any longer. So we drove back to the shop and got our bikes! We most definitely went on our christening voyage, to be pleased and excited beyond description! By the end of our ride, I was exhausted due to previous time spent at the gym, a long week of work, lack of sleep, and of course the 12.2 miles we went that I thought was about 7. So, we are about 75 yards from our house, and I am turning to get up on the curb for the crosswalk, and my tire doesn't go over the drive! Down I go! My foot was stuck in the pedal cage, so I couldn't get it out, so I just went down with the bike and slid across the filthy gas station ground. Zach was riding too close to stop so he runs over me, topples over the front of his handle bars, and crashes with zero grace as well! As I get up, a guy in a truck pulls up laughing to make sure we were ok, which we were. I thought it was hilarious, but then part of me got pissed because they were brand new bikes! My tired state of mind didn't help either. But, all was well, just a few scratches on the bikes and all along my left side. My only wish is that we had pictures of the actual event!

Later in the week, Zach did a 30-miler while I was at work. I was so happy he was already making use of our huge purchase, but I couldn't let him out-perform me! So, the next day I did my 30-miler. I rode from our house in Lehi, down to the softball fields in Orem for my softball game, and back again. It was awesome! No buyer's remorse from me! I am totally happy with my bike and all the rides it shall bring in the future.

Another random fact of our wonderful lives...food! With my work schedule and Zach starting RCA, and I am sure several other factors, we have not been making dinners like usual! Zach and I can always tell when it has been a while since I made a decent dinner, so we decided it was time. I made some serious ham fried rice. Vegetable packed version! It was so so good! My favorite meals are when you can sneak in tons of veggies and still make it taste amazing. That is what this is!
Ham fried rice always, without fail, reminds me of my bestest friend Amanda! We have been best friends forever and so many little things like this remind me of her. When we were roommates in college we would always try and eat healthy together. This was one of our favorite meals!