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-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, July 18, 2011

Tropic over the 4th

I was scared that we wouldn’t get to go to Tropic this year because of Zach’s school schedule, but it just so happened that we got a quick trip in. I was talking to Megan about their plans, and it got me thinking…they were going to be there over the 4th…Zach and I had the 4th off….I could take Tuesday off of work…Perfect! So we decided to head out as soon as Zach was done on Saturday and come back Tuesday. He even got out a little early! We were so pumped to go. It was definitely time for a mini vacation.

It was amazing, as to be expected. All of Zach’s family was there at one point, excluding his mom who was in California. We love when we all get together because Zach and I don’t get to see everyone together very much.

The totally awesome shower Nate and Meg brought...definitely handy. Made the trip that much better for sure.

The main part of each day basically revolved around mealtime, which is not a problem when we are camping! There was always such good food. Megan happens to be an awesome camp chef, so we were all spoiled. Normally, I enjoy it a little more, but I kept feeling nauseous after I ate. This had been happening for about a month. I had begun to worry that perhaps I was pregnant, had evidence that I wasn’t, then I still worried because I kept getting sick! I finally broke down and bought a pregnancy test when I got home just to be sure….Not pregnant! There was a part of me that was disappointed. Zach had never really thought I was so it didn’t really faze him. Since wondering if I was pregnant, I have been thinking about what if we were to have kids now. I started fantasizing about what that life would be like if we were to start our family. I got really excited and wondered if I should work on Zach a little more, but then one day I was thinking about it really hard, and I just knew it wasn’t time yet. Zach and I have been very in tune to what feels right concerning our future children, and it comes back to that fact. It is not time yet. Zach did say one time when we were talking about it that it was getting closer, it just wasn’t here yet, and I have to agree. It seems as though there are still things that are supposed to happen before we work on a family. The truth is, I am totally okay with that. It’s true that I am very very excited to be a mother and a homemaker. I look forward to the day when my to do list is long and I get to take care of it instead of being stuck at work, but it isn’t time yet. My job is a good job and is providing us with stability and a good life right now. In my mind, once Zach finishes school, we will be considering tossing out the birth control pills and seeing what is next.

Back to Tropic though…..

It was an absolute blast to just relax for a few days, go to the reservoir and fish, play some dominoes, enjoy brief thunderstorms, and of course, go on a few rides. Zach and I took Nate and Klaye’s four wheelers for a quick spin. For once we didn’t ride all out, but took in the scenery and enjoyed being outdoors. We stopped at a sweet lookout and talked about getting four wheelers ourselves. I have wanted one since before I met Zach. In fact, I had talked with a friend of mine about buying one, but it just hasn’t ever worked out. As we stood there, we talked about all the pros and cons and decided we really wanted to get them now. We may only be in Utah for another year, maybe two, and we think that it will be awesome to be able to use them now and take them with us wherever we go (if possible) to explore other parts of the country. So now we are on the search for the perfect four wheelers. We are looking at a couple of the same ones right now; Zach thinks it would be sweet if we had matching bikes! I have a list of like 10 bikes, so we will see.

Oh dang. Wouldn't it be sweet if those were ours?

Love the scenery. I have developed a love for red rocks I didn't know could exist.

Love this sweetie buns.

When we were at Tropic, we went into Ruby’s Inn on the 4th to walk around and then watch the fireworks. It was such a good time. I love being with all our nieces and nephews. They are the best.

Before the fireworks show.
Liv was really crying, which makes this picture that much better!
I'm so scandalous.

Olivia pretends sometimes that Zach and I are her mom and dad, and Nate and Megan are her aunt and uncle. She will walk in between us and hold our hands and call us Mom and Dad. It cracks me up. It really does make me think about the day that we really will have little ones of our own. As we were getting ready to leave, Tanner told me he expects “uno kiddo” for the next Tropic trip, and said he would babysit for me. I hope that offer is still there when I really do have kids!

I am so glad Zach’s family has the tradition of going to Tropic every summer. It is such a beautiful place, and everyone really makes the effort to come. I love camping and four wheeling, so it is the perfect combination of everything. We plan and hope to be able to come back for it when we are stationed away from here. The utter pleasure of being in Tropic made me waver a little in our Air Force decision, but bottom line is that it is still the right path for us, so we will just have to plan a trip back every summer!

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