"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Triathlon time

We finally did it...we signed up for the Kokepelli. After Dad suggested it, Scott and I made a pact to do it, which then included Mom, Dad, and Zach. There was several weeks that went by before we actually signed up, so I knew we had to or else it would come and go and no Barrett/White family victory would be had. So I signed Zach and me up, then Scott, and gave the parents a deadline..well, the actual registering date before the price went up gave them the deadline. But, we all got in, and started training! Our anniversary trip gave us some actual course training, and Scott got in a routine with us for a bit of Tuesday morning bike rides, then mixed with lap swimming. My work schedule prevented much more regular training with him, but we got a few Saturdays and Fridays in as well. When Scott wasn't off traveling the world, we met up as often as feasible. I don't know what it is, but I love biking with my family. Running I typically do alone, but I love to bike together.

Zach kinda goes all out when it comes to accessories for any hobby, so he had already ordered a bib and jersey set. So of course, I needed one. Which he was very excited to help me pick out. That is one sweet sidenote to Zach's spending personality... he doesn't have to be spending money on himself to enjoy it. He likes getting me stuff just as much, and I think that's cute.

I, of course, was drawn to the pink jersey.
Zach, of course, is sexy no matter what he wears.

Finally, I got the Vibrams I had been dying for. Remember when I bought the ugly orange ones, was all excited but had to take them back because the color just wouldn't work? Yeah, that was back in early April. Shows how much I go shopping. But, the day did come that I got these babies, and I love them. They were perfect from my first run in them. The only problem is I wasn't using them 100% correctly at first, and once I figured that out, I haven't been able to train in them much because they make my calves sore by a mile and a half, and I have been logging a lot further than that.

Getting into biking and triathlons has/will be very expensive, but it is definitely a high. I love training and having a goal, and having the sport in common with several family members is fun too. Zach and I talk about how much we will actually do...but I almost feel like we have caught "the bug." I guess we will see.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2 years down, eternity to go!!

Our anniversary was much anticipated this year. I have become a huge fan of vacations and holidays and anything that includes making a day special. Zach actually had drill on our anniversary this year, so I had been trying to figure out how to best make it a good time. It just so happens that Tara and Klaye have the same anniversary as us, and they were going to be in town! We decided to hit up Park City: this includes the infamous Alpine Slide and good eats.

We also planned to head to St. George the moment Zach graduated from RCA and spend the weekend. His graduation was absolutely cool for two reasons: 1. He is an amazing student and I was so proud of him for finishing such a physically demanding course, which included a hardcore sucky schedule, and halfway through we changed his career plans, which can be very demotivating. 2. They had a class video at graduation that showed what they did all the time; busting out car windows, fighting indoor fires, spraying and pulling the massive hoses. It was sheer coolness. It almost made me want him to still be a firefighter, but alas, our roads are leading other places. Nonetheless, I was a very proud wife.
Of course, he is the most goony one...
But oh so handsome.

We hit the road as soon as graduation was over. Yay for St. George! I had been planning to see the Little Mermaid at Tuacahn for months, but forgot the tiny detail to get tickets, and when I checked they were all sold out! Bummer. But, we booked each day full of other fun things.

Thursday we headed up to Zions to conquer Angel's Landing for the second time. I was in much better shape than the first time we did it, so we tackled the incline like some sort of amazing big horn sheep. By the time we hit the second set of switchbacks though, I was almost out of steam. It is so easy to forget how far it is....but between my competitive nature and my husbands subtle encouragement, we made it to the top in a timely fashion. As a sidenote, he is like the king of all hikers and never gets tired or slows down, so props to him. The view was breathtaking and the way down was treacherous. My blisters lasted for days on my middle toes. By the bottom, I was in misery. We spotted a couple of foreigners stripping down to wade in the river, and I thought "Why not?" I suggested we get in to Zach, he said no, then said it looked tempting, then I said we only live once and that was that. We got in the all-natural pool and swam with the foreigners. It was pure bliss. I felt like a rebel, it seemed like it should be illegal or something...

Sometimes I can't believe I have such a sexy husband...
This is after our little swim adventure.

As a tribute to our dating days, we had to make a presence at the Pizza & Noodle. Talk about a flashback. The cool thing was that I loved Zach even more that day then the first and second time we had gone there two years ago...weird how that works.

Since we are all training for a triathlon, we did some swim, bike, run action with my parents. Really, it was great! I did an 11 mile run while Zach and Dad biked then cheered me on through my water stops....their support helped so much! Especially by mile 9...it was getting rough. Saturday we planned an actual tri, so my parents, Zach, and I all headed to Sand Hollow. The swim was awesome! It was my first time open water swimming since my first tri three years ago. I was watching for fish the whole time and finally came upon them...it definitely threw my rhythm off! Zach was trying out my dad's speed tube, and it was misery for him. He has recently discovered he has quite a bad case of claustrophobia, and the tube triggered it. We decided to just do the tri without wetsuits...for his claustrophobia, and I'm just cheap and don't want to rent or buy one right now! The bike ride started out good, but then I got my first flat. Luckily, I had three people close to help..I really need to practice that in case it happens in a race. We kept on, but then Zach's tire blew! My parents had finished their run at this time so I picked Zach up on we skipped our run. Overall though, it was an awesome training session. It really made me want to move to Dixie Springs so we could live right by that training course!

We went to the Washington county fair, for the sake of something different to do. I was initially very excited, til we arrived and I realized it must be a lot more fun when you are a tweener. Actually, we mainly wanted to check out the demo derby, but true to the habits that Zach and I have gotten into since being married, we were late. Missed the derby, but enjoyed walking around soaking up the backwoods feeling of a small town fair.
I think Jen would make a cute little farmer.
Dad already is a cute little farmer...

Not a bad week of celebrating if you ask me.

All I can say is any time spent with my wonderful Zachary Benjamin is time well-spent. I am so lucky to have such a sweetheart for a husband, and I can only imagine how many more amazing anniversaries we will get to experience.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

9 miles!

I made history last night....I ran 9 miles. Further than ever in my life.

I am actually finishing this post a few weeks later, but that day still marks an important day. The reason it matters so much is because I told myself that I was going to do something, and that I could do something, and therefore I did it. It is so important to believe in yourself to accomplish goals.

That was a hard run, and I did it all at the gym, on the treadmill. I hadn't run more than three since my 10k because my hips had been having issues, but I knew I could handle it. I got to six and was ready to be done, but reminded myself what I said I was going to do, so I pushed on. Now, I have run further than nine, and as my distance goals increase, I'm not scared. Each time I begin I tell myself I know I can do it, and the fact that I believe in myself allows me to succeed.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Pool time and Play time

We got to play with the little nieces and nephews in St. George this weekend! Zach told me the other day after church that he was sitting in sacrament imagining having a little boy on his lap, and I was ecstatic. I couldn't believe he was really thinking that as we sat there. Lately, I have been picturing having our own little ones more and more often, and it made me so happy that he was too! I love having our nieces and nephews because they are so adorable and fun, but it also exposes us to the harder side of parenting and it is good preparation. We were able to spend time with both sides of the family and it was a blast!

Zach playing with Jason and Bailey...I'm so lame, everytime he plays with them my heart melts.
My amazing parents did such an awesome job with us I can only hope I can be half as good of a parent!

Doesn't he look like he could be such a great dad?!
Zach played in the pool as much as the young ones....
Jen with Chloe and Brooklyn
Wish I had thought to take more pictures throughout the day! All sorts of fun and games went on for hours, while Lindsey and me tried to dodge on the flying water!