"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Kokopelli

I almost can't even write a post about the incredibility of this weekend! First of all, I LOVE TRIATHLONS! Everything about them impress me; the fitness, the atmosphere, the athletes, the volunteers. I love being a part of it. Second of all, it is freaking cool to do one with 4 other family members! Since I was the only one doing the Olympic, I got to see everyone start off. I almost felt like I was still a spectator because I was so worried about getting pictures as they were getting in and out of the water. My starting time came so fast, I had to run back to the transition area to get my swim stuff!

The swim went well. I kept trying to think how many "laps" I may have gone to judge my distance and times. I love open water swimming. I got to see Zach running in just as I was heading out on the bike. I saw Dad and Scott within the first mile, then I had about an hour to myself. I pushed it the whole way. I felt kinda hardcore as I was passing people, and if anyone passed me I tried to get back. I think only two or three bikers actually passed me and I lost sight of them. I stayed with or passed back the rest. I was feeling pretty good as I finished the bike, but I could tell my knee wasn't too strong. Two weeks before the race, I was running 16 miles in preparation for the St. George Marathon, and at mile 10 my muscles tensed and I felt something pop. I had rested it the whole week before the race, but it didn't seem to help much. It was hurting before the first half mile. I suffered through though, walking and running, and still finished with a pretty good time. I was really frustrated that my run took so long because if I was healthy I could have finished way better, but then I was really glad I could at least still do it. I'm not kidding, I absolutely love triathlons. And I love the workouts and training so this hopefully will become a big part of my life (our life really since Zach loves them so much too!).

It was an awesome event to do as a family too. I was especially happy for my dad to experience it like that because he has always been the only participant and he loved having everyone experience the excitement of actually racing. My mom took 1st place in her age group too! She is a very impressive person. I feel like this race brought us all closer, and it gave us an excuse to see Scott weekly, which is awesome. Hopefully we still can see each other a lot.

I won't overload on pictures because I am going to make a photo book, but here is all of us before and after!

Labor Day Weekend

My parents decided to come up for Labor Day. The week before, Zach and I went on a Sunday drive up American Fork Canyon, and it was SO beautiful! There were so many people doing picnics and fires and the greenery was so pretty that it made us ache to go camping. So...I called my mother and proposed Labor Day as a camping weekend! They were all for it and so was Scott. Yay! So my wonderful parents loaded up their truck full of all their camping stuff and lugged it up so that we could use it. I'm so very thankful they are so kind. Sometimes I feel like I take their amazingness for granted so I try to remember to thank them for all they do.

As we drove up, all the spots were taken! We were worried about that, but though for sure there would be a good spot open. Just as we were driving back to try a different place, we saw a young family leaving, and they told us about their "secret spot!" It was across the river and up a hill, but it was awesome! There were two spots and a little meadow right by a trail. It was quite a sight seeing us transport a whole truck full of camping stuff across the river and I even wondered if it was worth the trouble for one night of camping, but once we set up, no more second thoughts!

Gorgeous scenery!

No luck again. :( We need to find a successful fishing hole...By the way, Lindsey was a bum and ditched us to go to Logan with her man Tanner. I'm not sure if I like having someone be more important to her than us...

We spent Monday helping Scott clean out his storage unit. It was like Christmas for me! He gave me a bunch of stuff he didn't want or need He is such a great brother.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The waiting game

Just a quick update...Zach is finally applying to the National Guard job we have waited to open for about a month! It closes October 4th, so in a few weeks we will know if we are staying in Utah for the rest of our lives or if our path leads elsewhere. I have decided that either way, I'm pretty darn excited for our life!

I moved to a different department at work today, and I am so excited! I have been waiting for this for about two weeks, and it is all finalized! I now work in Student Services. This position seems like it will fit my personality just a little bit better. I will do a lot more data entry, and I am the Assistant Registrar, so I will work with grades and teachers and attendance. Student Services is also in charge of parties and holidays and graduation, so all the fun stuff! We were talking today about Halloween, and I am just oh so excited! I absolutely LOVE Halloween, and since we don't have kids, we miss out on trick-or-treating. Not this year! We are planning a haunted hallway and witches corner and fun treats and all sorts of festivities.

There has also been talk about buying a house...and I am getting so excited. Just more waiting to come on that due to Zach's job and saving for a down payment, but I have been looking into mortgages and options and tons of listings! I keep looking at listings over and over and getting excited. I just have to keep reminding myself we have a few months. But still, kinda a big deal and I am pretty pumped.

Zach is in school again, with awesome teachers who will work with him if he has to leave for training or anything, so hopefully he can still graduate next summer. That will be so amazing! I am so excited for him to accomplish such an important thing, and of course it will be great for our future.

I am enjoying a little more free time and all the workouts we are doing in preparation for our tri! This Saturday!! We are gonna rock it!

And....that's my quick update today. I'm sure I could have dragged it out a bit longer, but only have 37 seconds left on the comp at the library...so I won't...