"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, October 21, 2011

Winter is coming...

Since winter is just around the corner, at least that is what I think, I have been trying to get my fill of all the things that just won't be possible once it comes.

Scott and I hit up the Legacy bike path in Salt Lake last Satuday. Talk about a good time. Good conversation, see a few snakes, eat a few bugs. Great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
I had been wanting to do a little bbq up in the mountains before it got too cold, so I decided this weekend was as good as any. I bought the goods while grocery shopping and planned it out in my head. Then decided it might be a fun family activity, so I invited Scott, Lindsey, and Tanner to join us. This of course changed the plans in my head, but I handled it ok... We all met up and drove to American Fork Canyon, my new favorite place for all outdoor activity because it is simply beautiful and so close. It was the Sabbath, so I was overjoyed when the fee station just waved us through! Bonus. Unfortunately, this was our very first picnic ever, and Zach and I forgot quite a few things. Like plates. And napkins. And extra food. And soap for Z-Dub after he made the burger patties. But, hey, at least now we know what not to forget.

Playing some cards, eating some seeds.

We tried dirt, leaves, and ash to get the burger fat off...not very successful.

I love family get togethers!

Forever Friends

Last weekend I went to dinner with 3 of my childhood friends. Isn't it crazy that after 12 years of not living by each other, we can all get together and it is like nothing has changed? Kenzie and I have been meeting up during the week for lunch a couple times and it has been so so wonderful to get back in touch! She is pregnant and due to have her baby in just a few more weeks! When I moved, we were in 7th grade and still oh so young. Now, we are all married. She is the only prego one just yet. As we were catching up, we talked about catching up with Saydee and Darcee as well since we don't get to see much of each other (me seeing everyone way less of course) and decided we should do dinner. Kenzie helped plan it all...thankfully because it truly takes someone who will really set it up...and we planned a dinner like two weeks out.

We met up in SLC which is basically middle ground and had a fabulous night out. A little bit of Mexican food at The Blue Iguana and lots of laughing made for a great night. Some of the memories that came up I had long since forgotten and was reminded of our craziness. I care as much about these girls as I do about any of my friends and I am so very grateful that after all this time we can still get together and have a blast. It is crazy how personalities don't change much over the course of a life, and that is why we all still get along I'm sure. I always think of the movie Now and Then when I think of us because we watched that when we were kids and now it is really happening to us!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Blissful moments.

This past weekend was simply amazing. Nothing even crazy exciting happened, but I was totally happy. I got off early on Friday again...YAY!...and drove home to Z-Dub. It had been raining and freezing cold all week so of course I bundled up in leggings, sweatpants, long-sleeved shirt, scarf, and sweater since I am WAY too cheap to turn on the freaking heater in the beginning of October! Then we decided to go to the gym, which is always magnificent. I have become an addict, going twice a day sometimes. Wonderful way to spend free time, I totally recommend it. Anyway, we had plans to go the "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" play that night, but I had been stressing a little about the weather because it was still raining AND the play was outdoors AND I had already paid for it AND I couldn't decide if I wanted to leave the cozy snuggleness of our house, but we decided we might as well. The play itself was mediocre, but I'm so glad we went. It was fun to do something outside (even in the light rain) and to remember what the story even was. It was by the state mental hospital and the road was dark and scary and gave me enough of a scare for the Halloween season, so now I'm set. No need for haunted houses. I'm so over those now...rather they freak me out more than when I was younger...but over it sounds tougher....

Saturday was a total rainy day stay in the house kind of day, which was fine because I'm in the middle of The Lost Symbol, which is a book by Dan Brown and quite intriguing. I love reading, but don't usually dedicate the time now that I am a working woman...
We also had tickets to the movies for Saturday night, and again, we couldn't decide if we wanted to go! I don't know what it is about having plans, but I have always been like that...get excited about something up until the time arrives and then I don't want to do it. But, I have learned to just do it and I never regret it. This time was no different. We went to the Jordan Commons which is a way sweet movie theater because it is like a little town in the theater with different food places and stuff. Well, we decided to see a movie that was two hours later, so we walked around, snuggled on a bench out in the cold, got a bite to eat and got to see a movie Zach had been talking about for a while. In the middle of all this, Zach found a wallet, contacted the owner who we met up with and gave it back, and he was the good samaritan for the night. He was happy about it, I could tell.

Sunday was awesome because we had cleaned the house on Saturday, so it felt wonderful. I had a grand old time in nursery where I started wanting to have kids of my own so I got to daydream about that all day. Then I made dinner and a birthday cake for Lindsey Lorin, read some more, and then her and TanTan came over. Birthday celebration! Tanner and Zach bonded over football and Linds and me played card games that took us back to our childhood.
Not a bad weekend, not a bad weekend at all. :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Excited for Fall!

I am definitely excited that it is Fall! I love the weather, the colors, the holiday excitement! It is all grand. I remember as a little girl I never really liked Fall, but I'm not sure why not because now I love it. Zach and I went to Hobby Lobby Friday to get stuff for our table centerpiece. I have gotten some decorating ideas and wanted to see what we could create! I spent a bit more than I wanted, but I love the feeling just one decoration can make to our home. There were a few things I was planning to do around the house, but decided not to spend so much money. When we get an actual house I plan to do a lot more. I want to make a wreath this year too, but I think by the time I get around to making it, it might be time for a Christmas one, so I can't decide which one I should do.
I am also trying to get in as many more bike rides as I can before it gets too cold. The weather has been so nice. I like it just a little cooler...I feel like I work harder with a little chill. Living in Northern Utah has grown on me. I loved it when I was here, missed it when I moved, got over it and loved SG, now I am back to loving these wonderful seasons. I wish I could be running, but nope. :( I pulled something with my IT band and am having some tendonitis symptons in my feet. I was so bummed I couldn't do the marathon this weekend, but of course healing up is better than suffering. Probably next year...
I have so much going on in my head, but not much is changed in our everyday life. I have been gathering more information on buying a house and I feel more and more ready. All we really need is a big down payment, so probably in about a year! That is if Zach gets this job, which closes Tuesday!! Whatever happens there will help determine more things. I have also been thinking a lot about vacations, and I think we are going to be planning a few. We realized the other day we haven't done anything just us since our honeymoon, so it's time to plan something! I hate how life revolves around money, but it really does. I feel blessed that I have such a good job to have what we have. I try really hard not to always want more, because no matter what there is something else you could want. If you go to Hawaii, then you want to go to Europe. If you get a nice house, then you want a nice car. It can go on and on, so I am focusing on being happy with what we do have.
Bottom line, life is going good. :)

A weekend full of football..

This past weekend was a weekend full of football...a.k.a. Heaven for my dearest Zachary. The only problem was that none of the teams we were rooting for won, so not so heavenly.

I was heading home from work early on Friday (I love my new position, I get to leave early on Fridays if I have hours built up!!) and I had just gotten a good deal on movie tickets for the night so I was extraordinarily excited for the weekend. As I was driving, I got a call from Miss Lindsey Lorin, and she asked if we wanted free tickets to the BYU game! I was hesitant because I had already bought our movie tickets for 7:40 that night, but I knew Zach would be ecstatic. He was. I had some issues at first because I get in a little tizzy when my plans get messed up, but the theater said I could change out tickets and in all reality I did want to go, so we got ready and headed out...prepared to cheer for the opposing team, Utah State, of course. We hit up a little Pizza Factory (where I got a sweet deal on gift certificates, I love coupons!) and went to the game.
It was quite intense and I was getting way into it! I think that is the most I have ever consistently paid attention in a football game, and we would get excited over the same plays which totally helped us bond, I could tell ;). But really, it was way fun.

We thought we were pretty funny sporting the "U" sign at a BYU/Utah State game.

Zach got a kick out of this...We are nerds, I know.

The next day we got to go to the Utah game with Nate and the boys! Zach had been counting down to this for like two weeks! It was supposed to be a good game and a good matchup, but sadly, the Utes did not fair too well. The first half was good and somewhat inspiring, but the second half was horrendous, and Zach's spirits deflated like a balloon. Boo.

This is his angry face.

After the game and some serious consideration, I decided that what I had always heard about Utah and BYU fans were false. Zach will kill me when I admit this, but I like the atmosphere at BYU way better than at Utah...scratch that. Actually, the atmosphere at Utah was awesome with all the cheering and spirit and flags. BUT, the crowd was less favorable than at BYU. A huge contributing factor is who you sit by obviously, and at BYU they were nice and clean and respectable, even though there was this one little boy that kept sliding under us and stuck a stick up in between my legs once...felt kinda weird....anyway, at Utah we sat by a rambunctious, disrespectful, cussing, smelly group of people. Not really my style. So I decided I would rather not compare fans and coolness and all that, but I will still root for Utah because of my husband, and I don't really like Provo all that much, and I don't know enough about both teams to make an educated decision. The coolest thing is I am starting to really enjoy football more and that will be good for my marriage. :)