"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve

I love New Years Eve, but the older I get, the harder it is to stay way excited because I get so tired by the time midnight comes around!! I was tempted to give in to the desires of sleep, but tradition won out. We spent the day at Nate and Meg's, hanging out with the kids, chatting, eating scrumptious food. Football was on all day of course, games were mentioned but never really played, and then came the fireworks. Zach loves fireworks so I was excited for him to get to see them from their balcony. Meg told me the 4th of July is awesome because it overlooks so much that you see a ton of fireworks and never have to leave. New Years was just like that. Their neighbor across the street even had legit fireworks that were more than likely illegal, so we had front row seats. Afterward, we popped open the Martinelli's and toasted to the crazy things the kids thought of. It was the perfect way to end a year and get excited for a new one!


Christmas in St. George! We found out afterward that next year we won't be able to travel that far away, due to Zach's job description, so this is our last one down there for at least a year, maybe more.
Zach knew he would be doing tons of training for work for the next several months, so he wanted to make sure and spend some extra time with his parents. We were separated more than the usual because I was running back and forth trying to see both families, finish shopping for Zach, my parents, and do Scott's shopping for my parents, and I also wanted to get together with old buddies and play some bball. After all was said and done, I was not exactly rested from the vacation, but had a wonderful time.
My dad and I ran almost daily together around Sand Hollow. Some grand times those are. We would try to go early, otherwise it wouldn't happen. We ran about three miles a day, on the SG Tri and Kokopelli route. I even got to wear just a T-shirt since it was sunny Southern Utah. I have a hard time explaining why I love working out with my dad so much, but I totally do. I think its because we both get excited over the same aspects and we are close to the same speeds, and he really makes me feel good about myself with his encouragement. I am so glad that he and my mom live such active, healthy lifestyles and that I grew up knowing how fun it can be to get out and be active.
We hiked, went shooting with Zach's dad, lounged around, and played with the grandkids. It was a pretty Merry Christmas in our family!

*My mom is basically the only one that took pictures the whole trip...that's why there aren't any of Zach's family. One day I hope to overcome my forgetfullness of cameras and remember to take some!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Well, hello Director.

I got a new promotion at work earlier this month! I am now the Director of Student Services. I was almost sad when I found out the news because I have been loving being the Assistant Registrar so much. Then came the training, and I was a bit overwhelmed. I got to spend the week before Christmas vacation in my new office dealing with the student problems and getting organized and figuring out all of my duties and I'm not sad anymore! I love it! I am very busy, which is actually really nice. Each day is full of projects, meetings, student issues, and organizing student files. I now have a big window so I can watch it snow! That is one thing I would notice in my other position....my desk was in a room without a window and some days I would be at my desk most of the time and never see outside! It was crazy because I didn't know when it was dark or raining or nice. Now I do. :) I am really excited for this new position and the difference I can make at the campus. Being able to love your job makes a big difference in your overall happiness, and I am blessed to love mine.

Home Sweet Home

We found a house! It totally came out of the blue. I was all settled in to consistently look for months until we found exactly what we wanted. I was going to move in with Nate and Megan when Zach left, and continue the search. Apparantly, that was not in our plan! One Friday, as we were out house shopping, we met up the the Edge builders. We went through their two-story, and we were really excited. Then she showed us a rambler, and we loved it. Then I took a second and thought to myself "no wonder we are loving everything, it is $20,000-$40,000 out of our price range. We really need to stop looking at these ones." I voiced my opinion and we moved on to another subdivision they had. We went in one, and I thought, "I love this entryway, I love this house, I love this basement." I asked the price and got frustrated because we still weren't in our price range. I didn't know why she was even showing them to us! As we finished that day, I was a little discouraged because it was all too much. Well, she encouraged us to offer what we could and see what happened. So we offered on the one that I loved everything about, and wa-la! They accepted. How it worked was sweet for us though, because we thought our realtor was offering our decided-on price, but he offered even lower, and they countered with what we thought we were offering anyway! Win-Win.

So, we moved forward with the whole process and went from this....

to this!!!

I insisted upon dark cabinets.

This couch gave us weeks of grief and stress. Over Christmas, we walked into Ashley Furniture, found it, and it was love at first sight! We found it when we got home and were ready to purchase, but measured it and thought it would be too big for our room. We looked and looked and couldn't find anything we liked as much, that was as comfortable, or that was as good of a deal. So, we risked it. We kept the order and had it delivered. AND...it fit! All the time spent shopping for something else was almost a waste, except that it confirmted to me how much I love my couch!

We had bought a different entertainment center, but then I found this, and had to return it and get this instead! It was so much more classy and beautiful, and I love it everytime I look at it.

Our new living room, where fun times will be had. By the way, I love that swivel chair! It is huge and a big part of why we wanted that set so bad.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wintertime happenings

I found this pic on my camera recently and decided I should post my most scrumptious oreo cookie cupcake. New recipe I found thanks to Pinterest. They turned out quite yummy and the girls at work liked them, so I'll keep the recipe. First ski day of the year!
For Z-Dub's birthday this year, we did the traditional sushi outing and hit up the lights at Temple Square. He is now 29...oldie smoldie!

His new pea coat! He makes everything look so dang good!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

2 mile mark

After months of being restricted on my running, I am proud to say that today I ran two miles with zero pain in my knee! After I hurt it training for the St. George Marathon, I was very disappointed. I have mentioned my love/hate relationship with running before, but I have grown to be more on the love side. Absence makes the heart grow fonder I hear....
Anyway, I took the six weeks off then tried to run. 1 mile - I was good. The next time I tried a 1 1/2. Still good, but I noticed a little pain. But, being brilliant as I am, I tried 2 miles the next time. Not a good idea. I hurt for at least three days after. BOO! This is really hard for me to deal with. I have had several injuries over my lifetime, and the resting and waiting never gets easier. I just love the feel of racing against yourself, feeling your heart beat faster, fighting to breathe evenly, and being fit. So when that privilege is taken from me, I struggle. Thankfully I was still able to exercise, and I expanded my cardio routine and hit the weights again now that the Tri training has subsided for a short time. I added the stairstepper again (another love/hate relationship that is leaning toward love), and I introduced myself to the rower which I read is one of the best and most underused equipment at the gym. It is great too. But sometimes, I just need to run. Last week I hit that point where there was no other option. I started out slower with 1 mile, then 1.25, then 1.5 and did a few of those. Today was my 2 miler and I am surprised, happy, relieved, ecstatic and all other positive words you can think of. No pain as of yet! This whole time I have been dreaming of doing more triathlons and a dang marathon. Now I can get back into training mode. :)