"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Doctor update

I went to the doctor this morning and found out:
*I am dilated to a 1 1/2
*80% effaced
*Baby's head is down and low - meaning he should fit through the birth canal
*Things are looking good for my labor and delivery
*The doctor told me where his head, back, bum, legs, and arms were - I liked this because now as he moves I can picture it a little better

This appointment got me all excited.

However, the exam made me spot quite a bit. I called my mom to make sure it wasn't a big deal and we got to talking about being ready. I think it is officially time to pack my hospital bag, just in case. She mentioned taking the personal things from work home - good idea. Thankfully, my coworker brought me some newborn jammies - which I did not have any of - and that made me feel a little more prepared...

Holy cow! I can't believe I am getting ready to have a baby!

Monday, December 17, 2012

35 Weeks

Remember way back when I decided to plan on the later delivery date that I discussed with my doc? Yeah, that is getting harder to do at this point. One, because I can't wait to hold our baby. And two, it helps me cheat and think that I am really almost 36 weeks instead of 35 right now...It just sounds so much closer, right?

The bad news this week is I got ANOTHER cold on Friday. This is my third one since September. And I had literally just barely gotten over my 3 1/2 week cold about a week ago. If I am honest with myself, I feel pretty miserable. Sleeping is hard because of my cough, my belly, my bladder, and my 3 a.m. insomnia. I am tempted to go off on how everything has become harder over the weekend, but it is my goal to become a more positive and optimistic person, so I will instead focus on the good....

I can still tie my sneakers, although I do need to bend around my belly or push the baby out of my ribs sometimes.
I can still workout. Yay! I have been swimming laps again, which makes me feel awesome (even though the suit I have to wear is borderline see-through - good thing I hop in the pool, swim, and hop out so no one sees a thing). I only do about 15 laps, when my standard is 30, but I think it helps me feel better. This week when I was swimming I thought to myself "If my water broke right now, I wouldn't even know..." Wouldn't that be funny? I also can still lift weights. In fact, I am surprised, but I am not really inhibited in that area at all. Of course, I make sure not to do anything too heavy and there are some exercises that just don't work with a basketball sized belly, but for the most part I can do the same routine as the beginning of my pregnancy. One thing to note though - I did notice that my breathing has become more shortened this past week. That is with walking, lifting, stairs, etc. This only makes sense considering that I feel our baby boy up next to my rib cage the majority of the day.
Zach seems way excited about the baby. We were able to feel him and watch my belly move all day in church yesterday. We were sitting in sacrament trying not to laugh because he was moving all over the place. At one point in the day, Zach told me something to the extent of 'give me my baby.' I didn't understand at first, but he said he just wants him out so he can hold him for real. That sounds weird as I put it in words, but it was actually really touching in the moment because it showed me that Zach can't wait to see/hold/play with his baby. When we were out Christmas shopping, we stopped for lunch and Zach brought up where we would put the baby when he was with us. I love seeing how Zach is consciously thinking about what it will be like and how our life is going to change.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Z-Dub turned 30!

The big 3-0. I have been teasing Zach for a solid 6 months about what occurred on Tuesday. Who knew that my mister was so much older than me. 30 seems like, 7 years away! Actually, I kinda like being Zach's young wife. It will be good in the future.

Looking at him, I don't really think he looks like he is now in his thirties. He is such a handsome young fella, with a hot body that he still maintains. However, he has definitely matured a few years since we met. I have no doubts that Zach will excel in his career...he already is. I also know that he is going to be an awesome dad. Just in the time that I have been pregnant, I have seen a side to him that shows he is ready to be a parent and that he will do really well with our kids. He already is an amazing husband. I still can't believe how lucky I am...

One year, Zach celebrated my birthday eve with me, and ever since I love the idea. This year he had the Monday off of work before his birthday, so we were able to celebrate his birthday eve this time. He met me for a sushi lunch. I knew sushi would be involved with his birthday somewhere...
That night, when I got off work, we were able to go to Verizon to get his birthday present - a new phone! He has been wanting one forever but we kept holding off because we are bugged that Verizon doesn't really have good customer service anymore, they would change our plan, the expense, etc. I have been so impressed that he has waited this long. I was going to get him a new suit and I thought it was a genius idea, but this idea came up and I gave him the option and he preferred a phone. His reasoning - he would use it so much more. My husband has a practical side. One more reason to love him to pieces.

On Tuesday, although he was quite upset that he couldn't get the day off (they gave him Monday but not Tuesday....gotta love work), I was still able to pick him up from work at about 4 pm and we spent the evening together. 
First stop - Cheesecake factory!
Good thing too, because a hungry mister is a cranky mister, and he cheered right up throughout the meal. He didn't get way into his birthday song, but I was glad the servers came to sing, because to have me do a solo at home probably wouldn't be ideal.
After our meal, we walked around the new City Creek Center. It is a mall, and is extremely well done. The Christmas decorations were fun, and Zach was admiring the architecture. He ended up picking out a sweater for me. I don't know what it is, but he likes to buy me presents on his birthdays....

He also wouldn't let me take hardly any pictures of him - he would just take them of me. Since it was his birthday, he got what he wanted. And I just realized how chunky my face has gotten toward the end of this pregnancy...I'm wishing I had forced him to let me take more of him...
City Creek is right by Temple Square, so we walked over there and looked at all of the lights - one of Zach's favorite things. His favorite lights are the all red or red and orange ones. I love how much he loves everything Christmas. 
We both tired out around the same time (since we are an old married couple and he had to wake up at 4:30 the next morning) and headed home. It was a great evening, and I loved every minute with my mister.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

34 Weeks

Not much new to say today - 
I'm still way excited. Go figure. 
Belly is heavy!
My arches hurt a lot - is that normal?
I now have a flat belly button. Maybe I will take a pic for next time because it is pretty attractive.
Quick pregnancy story: Zach couldn't sleep the other night. He woke up around 3 and was wide awake. I was in and out of sleep, but I has some awareness as to what he was doing. The cute part to this story is that during this time, he just kept his hand on my belly so he could feel our baby move. Tender.

And here is a funny story (excuse me if it is a little TMI, but I don't want to forget about it because it makes me laugh): Last night we were laying in bed and Zach was on the phone with his parents. He reached over and put his hand on my belly. Then he started to swat it - like, a little too much for a prego belly. I was like "What the heck?!" and I shoved his hand away. After his phone call I confirmed my fears - he thought it was my rumpus! I never thought that my belly and my bum would be confused for each other, but there you have it.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gearing up for Christmastime!

I can see how it is easy for people to go crazy at Christmastime, as far as gifts and Christmas spirit, etc. I totally want to go nuts on buying stuff, but my money-conscious side keeps me somewhat in check. I'm a little ticked that Zach and I previously determined a budget for each other, because I want to spoil him so he is like a happy little kid on Christmas. After buying his one big gift, I was bummed because if I truly stuck to the plan, he would only have that one present under the tree. So....I am justifying more presents. My justifications are legitimate, at least in my mind, so everyone wins.

I added another present under the tree last night when he was still at work. When he got home, he was so tired I didn't think he noticed. But, he woke up this morning and said he saw that he had another present and had already snooped. My husband is the world's biggest Christmas snooper, and then he tries to guess and I am so bad at lying that sometimes he gets it. I have gotten better at being vague and I like to think I am more tricky, so I don't think he ever REALLY knows what is is.

I also took off all of our tree decorations and bought new ones to better match the ones we have. Our tree just wasn't right for me yet, and I knew that it would bug me all month if I didn't fix it. Now I just need to find the time/energy/help to put the new ones up!

Friday, we have visitors coming. Allie, my college BFF, is coming for Friday night and Saturday. Our biggest plans are just to catch up and I am so excited. I miss her all the time. We spent so much time together way back then, and she was that awesome friend that sticks around even when you have a boyfriend and get married.

Tara and Klaye are also coming up on Friday with the kids. They have plans to spend time at Temple Square and City Creek, and to get together with Nate and Meg as well. I am hoping to be able to participate with them too. I have been a little stressed on Zach's behalf because he has an 8-page final paper due on Sunday and hasn't got to spend much time on it. But I know he will want to spend time with his family too, so it will be a hard weekend to juggle it all. It also just so happens that they have a special training at work this week that is very important and he has had to work late, so of course he can't get much done before the weekend. Somehow, though, it will all pull together in the end...

After this weekend, there is only a week and a half until the family starts arriving for holiday celebrations! Of course, Christmas comes so fast every year. Zach and I spent a little time talking about what Christmas traditions we want to incorporate with our future family. I'm interested to see what we actually end up doing as the years go on.

Focusing on the spiritual side of Christmas is really important for me this year. I feel like I have become more cynical through my work and adult life experience, which makes me want to focus on Christ and how he would handle what I have gone through and how he would act, treat people, etc. I love that Christmas has the power to make me think about Jesus Christ more and how important he is to me, my life, and my beliefs. Simply directing my thoughts to Him helps me to slow down, feel peace, and have hope. My goal for Christmas in our family is to have a good balance between the fun, sparkly, present-filled Christmas and the spiritual importance of Christ's birth and what that has done for the world and for us as individuals.

33 Weeks

I am so excited that my due date is getting closer!! I was in a lull as far as reality hitting that we are going to be parents in the very near future, but lately it is has begun to sink in that it is almost here. Last weekend I busted out the baby swing and put it together, along with the car seat and stroller. I moved the pack&play/bassinet next to my bed, amid chuckles from my husband who thinks 7-8 weeks before is just too early. A few days later he informed me that he was a month early, so I was able to justify my actions because if our baby was a month early, he would be here in the next week or so! Some days I think he is almost ready because of how he moves and how big he feels, but I really would rather him wait until closer to the due date, just to be sure he is fully developed. I have been having a hunch that he is going to come out looking like Zach, dark hair and eyes...I wonder if my mother's intuition is fine-tuned yet..... 

Here is that baby bump:

Thursday, November 29, 2012


My dad made the comment this year that Thanksgiving is just like Christmas...you wait all year for it and it is over in 15 minutes. It's true. BUT - having 5 days off to spend with your family is worth the wait. Plus, we had good food from Wednesday til Sunday, so I can't complain. However, I really can't believe how it came and went so quickly. We spent a lot of time just hanging out together, watching football, and chatting. I love that my dad was able to watch some good football, because he doesn't do it often, but it seems so good for a man's soul.

Scott spent almost the whole time with us. I can honestly say I was surprised because he is a hot commodity in the single world.
Zach and Scott bonded as they conquered the world on the computer. Three nights in a row I believe. I wonder what it would have been like to add Brad's geekiness to the mix....
We spent some time bringing up all our Christmas decor, spreading it out around the house, and finishing up the tree. I'm still looking for some perfect ribbon and non-ornament inserts though...
We went to the gym everyday. I love having that in common with my parents. We also did walks together around the neighborhood, scoping out any available lots for my parents to fall in love with so they can move up here. This was a hot topic, and my hopes are pretty high that it will work out one day. But, I can tell by the way my mom talks when we are discussing it that the time is not yet right for her. I'm thinking I will wait til our little baby gets here and see if he can work on convincing her. I think I have my dad convinced already though.

We did a little Christmas shopping. I got Zach a surprise and already have it under the tree!

On Sunday before church, I had my mom try to get a picture of Zach and me for a Christmas card. I don't know what it is about us two, but we really struggle to be photogenic. The one picture out of ten that I manage to like of myself just so happens to be the one picture Zach gets sick of smiling and does something crazy. My parents, on the other hand, looked great without even trying.
Towards the end when I knew that we pretty much had the best we could hope for, I threw out the sarcastic idea of throwing the leaves to pretend they were falling around us. Zach got pretty into it. I had to post several of the pics to successfully illustrate the absurdity and hilarity of this 30 second window of our life. Looking at these pictures reminds me why I am so happy with my handsome and oh-so-fun husband.

 I tried not to skip over Thankgiving too fast, but with putting up the tree early and the anticipation of seeing Brad's family at Christmas, I already can't wait for it to get here! Thanksgiving was great though and I am so glad there is a time set aside in the year to specifically focus on the things we are grateful for. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

32 Weeks

Don't mind this girl - she weighed in at 190 today. I'm still telling myself that my jacket and pants held some of that weight...But here's to 32 weeks!

If you can't tell by the gradual decline of attractiveness in my photos, I am indeed feeling pret-ty tired lately. I believe this is due to 1 - my rapidly growing and active child. 2 - my tossing and turning trying-to-get-comfortable nights. 3 - the wonderful cold that I got the weekend before Thanksgiving that likes to wake me up in the middle of the night with coughing fits and a dry throat. Fun!

However, I am very happy with my pregnancy and my baby. I'm guessing he is going to be 8+ lbs, because let's be honest - with Zach and I being the creators, how could he not be?
I have felt some pretty crazy movements this week. One time, I was sitting down with my large belly resting on my upper legs, when I felt a huge movement. Being early in the morning, I didn't actually register right away what it was and I freaked out. Then I realized it was my baby and I just had to laugh...
Scott has taken to calling him Terran every chance he gets. That is partly why I didn't want to tell people before because I think it is a little weird to call them by a name while they are still inside, and there is the chance that we could still change it. But, Scott does what he pleases and I actually really like it because it helps me think about it more to make sure it is the right name.

My sister-in-law B had her baby yesterday. Sandy was emailing us updates throughout the whole process, and it was so exciting. It caused a little bit of a problem though, because now I can't stop thinking about having our baby here too!

I'm thinking that in the next week or two I want to set up the crib, pack my hospital bag, and tour the maternity ward. These things have been on my list for a while (thanks to the helpful pregnancy blogs and websites) but I just haven't gotten around to them. But, time is ticking so I better start taking care of things...plus, it keeps me way excited but gives me stuff to do to pass the time.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

31 Weeks

I almost forgot what week I was on....just a sign of my pregnancy induced forgetfulness I suppose. In addition to forgetting the week I am on, I have:

*Introduced myself as someone else - totally on accident
*Put the eggs in the pantry
*Got out of the car and started to walk into the gym while the car was still running
*Gone grocery shopping and had to backtrack approx. 7 times. That never happens in my normal life.

Pregnancy brain really isn't the myth I always thought it was...

*Our baby's feet/elbows/hands poke out a lot more
*I wake up with headaches every day - I can't tell if that is something from pregnancy or if I need to see the chiropractor.
*I'm more tired and out of breath easier
*Starting to get anxious to buy all the necessities - I have been holding off because I can't decide on the big purchases and don't want to make too many small purchases because the girls at work mentioned doing a shower next month.
*Feeling pretty lucky because, for the most part, I feel pretty good. Of course I have the normal pregnancy complaints, but I am happy during the day and it could be so much worse, I am sure!
*My belly button is not very attractive. By the end of the night and after a big meal, it looks pret-ty stretched. I always thought that mine would never go from an innie to an outie, but it is definitely pushing the limits. We will see what nine more weeks does for it!

Friday, November 16, 2012

1 Year Anniversary for Z-Dub

Last night we celebrated Zach's one year anniversary working on the CST...in the usual fashion of celebrating. All-you-can-eat sushi for the mister!

We discussed his job, and I asked him if he still loved it. The last couple months there has been an increase in grumblings because they have been having to work longer hours and also weekends without any additional pay. But, he still loves it, despite all that!

Earlier in the evening when we discussed him being there for a year, I started thinking out loud about all the blessings that have come from his job. Obviously, the material blessings are very abundant. Since he was working, we were able to buy a house, go to Hawaii, go to the Caribbean, buy a new car, and be ready for a baby. There are also other blessings - even more important than those. Our relationship has strengthened as we work together to create a good life for our family. His responsibility level has increased as well as his maturity. This blesses him not only in work, but in school and our overall life. Our friendship with Robby and Lacee means so much, and I am sure it would not have developed to this extent without him and Robby working together. When Lacee and I talk, we realize how good those two really are for each other and I am glad that Zach can have such a good friend and good influence around him daily.

There are always rumors of changes on the team, and they flip flop back and forth of whether it would be in our favor or not. It is helping me put my faith in God's plan for us because there is so much that we don't have control over but it will help define our future. So, whatever is meant to be will happen and we just have to have a good attitude and work hard.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

30 Weeks

That means only ten left. Really, I am almost in the single digits because it's already Wednesday...

Over the last week, baby's kicks changed significantly. They are now a lot stronger and can last longer. There are slow motion ones that slide across my tummy. I feel him in my ribs one second then the next second in the bottom of my belly...pretty interesting sensation! Zach swears he felt a fist one day. I thought "no fair - I haven't felt one yet!" I find myself smiling when he kicks a certain way or particularly strong. I am just so excited everything is going so well and we are going to have a baby!
I'm pretty sure he is getting big, because there is even more pressure on my bladder. Today I spent almost as much time in the bathroom as in my office!
I am feeling really well. I have been very consistent with my gym attendance, and I actually think I am looking more defined and my legs are looking better than a few months ago (thank goodness! - cellulite and I are not friends and I try so hard to prevent any relationship there...) My workouts give me a lot more confidence with dealing with labor, so I plan to keep it up as long as possible to, hopefully, make labor as good of an experience as possible.

A Big Perk of Northern Utah

The seasons!!

One week I am loving on our beautiful maple trees.....

The next week I wake up to this.....

Which results in this.....

Such a wonderful time of year!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Good Samaritan Husband

I don't blog for a bit, then look what happens. I am just full of stories.

This happened while we were test driving the Honda that is now ours.

We had just driven down the street, switched drivers, and were heading back to the house. I turned the corner and saw a man lying on the cement with a small woman and young man standing over him. Remember, it had snowed over the weekend, and there was about a foot of snow in the area we were in. I pointed it out to Zach when I realized it wan't normal and asked if I should stop. He immediately said yes! and went to get out of the car before I had even parked. He ran over to help. I stayed in the car for a minute because I figured the man had simply fallen and with Zach's help they could get him standing and everyone would go on their way. Several minutes later, they had succeeded in getting him standing and halfway to his front door. Someone had brought out a wheelchair, so again, I thought things were going to be fine. I looked back again and the wheelchair had rolled away and the man was back on the ground! I got out of the car and ran over to see what I could help with. They had already called an ambulance and were basically just trying to comfort the man and get/keep him warm. Zach was able to talk to whoever was on the phone and describe his symptoms. We stayed until the fire truck showed up and the ambulance. They took over caring for the man and we headed back to the car-owner's house.

Zach explained the symptoms to me and guessed the man had congestive heart failure. Zach said all of his EMT training didn't kick in, but I am sure that it did because he knew what to look for and how to help. I know I am always talking about how great of a person Zach is, but this is just another thing that I am grateful for. Zach will always be the first to forget about what he is doing or what he had planned to help someone. Not every person is like that, man or woman. Zach is always the gentleman to help others - whether it be opening a door, changing a flat tire, or assisting a man with heart failure who had fallen on cement. He doesn't think twice or hesitate. His goodness constantly is evident in his actions. I am so glad to have such an amazing person as my husband.

Still feeling blessed...

I have a pretty awesome story to tell.

Last week, there was a storm in the forecast. While driving to work in the snow on Friday, I was contemplating our vehicle situation. What are we going to do? I have been somewhat consistently looking at different vehicles -  Honda Accords, Honda Civics, Honda CR-V's, Toyota Camry's, etc.. - but making no progress in the decision making process. Neither of us really wanted a car, but they are so much more economical and Zach basically just needed something to get him to the van pool. The cost of what I was finding was just way too high considering we didn't really want it in the first place. Going cheaper would put us in the situation we were just in - high miles, possible prolonged maintenance, wondering how long it would last. The decision just kept being placed on the back burner because it seemed impossible to make one.

While driving on Friday, I thought "We should just get another 4Runner. We both love it so much and it's not that bad on fuel..." I mentioned the idea to Zach. It turns out he actually thought I was joking, but he liked the idea. I was serious though. He started getting excited, but I told him not to get his hopes up because I hadn't even checked if there was something suitable in our price range.

Sunday rolls around and we are chatting after church about Zach's lesson and the concept of tithing. I expressed my deep gratitude and strong testimony of tithing because I have never had a ton of money, but have always been well provided for. The same is true in our marriage. Zach had some debt when we got married, we both didn't have jobs, or full time jobs, for quite a period, and we have been able to work hard and provide for ourselves and get into a good financial position for our family and our future. As we discussed these things, we talked about how we are always blessed and how we have been blessed making it work with only one vehicle. At this point we decided to check out some listings.

We quickly eliminated the possible 4Runners, mainly because the colors available didn't strike our fancy. Zach mentioned a Honda Pilot, which is what we decided between when we purchased our 4Runner. We pulled them up, and low-and-behold, there were a few decent ones in our price range! We ended up calling on them, and being able to check out both of them that night. We weighed the pros and cons of each and were able to make a decision we both felt comfortable with. Our decision making process has always impressed me. I attribute it to our great relationship as well as Heavenly Father's blessings. Zach and I communicate, are on the same page, and feel good about the decisions we make. It is almost an immediate thing once we get to that point. Zach lets me talk through all the details and doubts and second-guesses, even though we both know what the decision is going to be. The confidence I feel when we make big decisions is such a blessing because I am such a planner and perfectionist, so these decisions have potential to cause me some undue anxiety.

The next day, we took the Honda we picked to the Honda dealership, everything was great, we purchased it, and drove home with a new Honda Pilot! The whole experience was amazing. The man we bought it from was very respectable and took meticulous care of it. We were able to chat with him and some of his family during the purchasing process and they were genuinely good people. The Honda has a third row and is in such good condition that we will be able to use it for our family vehicle for many years. It has 4WD, which is one of the main features we were looking for in a new vehicle. Everything worked out wonderfully, and I can't get over how much Heavenly Father does for us.

I was hoping the following picture would serve a three-fold purpose:
1. To show our new car - because I forgot to take a picture when it was still daylight. It's not the best, I know.
2. To show my belly for the 30 week picture - which really can't be seen hardly at all.
3. To show my outfit. This is significant because a funny story goes along with it. I was commenting on how the color of my coat looks like the carpet in our old house. I hated the carpet but love the coat. It was at this point that Zach realized I looked like a mustard-covered hot dog! He proceeded to call me a mustard hot-dog wife for the rest of the evening. It was quite hilarious because once you realize it, it is hard to not think about a mustard hot-dog. I'm pretty sure I won't ever wear that exact ensemble again...

At least one purpose of the pic was served well.

Feeling blessed

Over the last week or two, Zach and I have been spoiled with more baby stuff. My sweet sweet grandma had a crib delivered to our house. We were outside and Zach saw the box on our porch and asked me if the box was part of my Halloween decorations. I had no idea what he was talking about and ran to check it out. To our surprise, it was crib! So we hauled it inside. My mind immediately started thinking of when to set it up,  where to put it, how to arrange the room, and that we need to start getting things going. A few days later, there was another box on our porch, with another crib from my parents! So, now we have two cribs. We feel so blessed by everyone and their generosity. When I first got pregnant, people would always say how nice and generous people are with your first baby, but I still get surprised and am very grateful when it happens. I just don't ever expect people to go to lengths they do. It is so nice and sweet of them. I feel like I say thank you a million times, but I just can't help it because I really am that thankful.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Baby Shower in SG

A few weekends ago we headed to SG for a baby shower. Both my mom and mother-in-law put it together for me, and I am so appreciative! To be honest, I don't really like showers for myself. I love going to them for other people, but when I am the one of honor, it is always really uncomfortable. I don't want people to think that I had them invited just so they could bring me a gift. I know it is a great way to get started on new phases of life and everyone understands, it is just hard for me. My favorite part of showers is the visiting aspect, and getting to see people you may not have otherwise gotten to see. This shower was great in that a lot of family on Zach's side came, and we were able to visit with each other. Also, my wonderful sister-in-law Amanda flew in from Colorado to come. Some days I get sad that they don't live closer because I love her and wish we had the chance to hang out and visit more!
Everyone was so generous and it was so good to get some experienced input on baby stuff. That may be another favorite thing about showers...that is where you hear the little secrets you don't necessarily read about online.
I was able to catch up with a bball friend from college. Sammi has just had a baby as well. It was great to see how she was doing and get her insight on being a brand new mom. I wish there was more time and opportunities to catch up with old friends!
We also played a shower game I have never heard of. I seriously thought it was hilarious. It was a matching game with words related to pregnancy and whoever found the match got candy that coincided. I won twice with OBGYN in which I got a Butterfinger! And baby poops, in which I got Raisenets. Clever, very clever. :)

I still need to get the pics from my mom....so hopefully I update that later.

Since Amanda and the kids were down, my mom had to plan activities for them as well. She planned a Halloween breakfast and dressed up like a witch to cook and serve them. While she was doing it all, I was imagining what it would be like when there are like six grandkids and everyone got to do it together. I thought that would be just fabulous. My mom and dad are seriously the coolest grandparents.
The day before the shower we were able to go to Staheli farm, which is definitely kid-centered, and let the kids explore the activities and animals. I love places like that - fun atmosphere, outside, festive.

When planning when to go to St. George, we were able to plan the shower for the same weekend that Nate, Tanner, Cameron, and Stan were doing the Tour de St. George. Zach and I made sure to be at the finish line when they all came in! It really made me miss races and get excited to do one next year. Although, I can't say that I want to do a bike race...I definitely think triathlons offer a more exciting atmosphere and a safer course. Plus, I have some running goals I need to accomplish as soon as I am able. Either way, I love the race atmosphere and being around people trying to better their lives by staying fit. I took the picture while we were waiting to at the finish - it makes me laugh because Zach was licking his lips in preparation to smile, so this is what I got. :)

Lisa Marie

This story happened a few weeks ago, and I can't believe I haven't blogged about it! I got home from work one day and was looking at the big pile of mail that had been accumulating all week. Zach always gets our mail (thankfully, because I always forget!) and puts in a pile that I eventually go through. This particular day, I am glancing through and figure it is all the grocery ads and such, when I spot a padded envelope with my name on it. I immediately got that rush of butterflies and excitement that always comes with an unexpected piece of mail that holds some promise of something great inside. I hurriedly checked the return address, that didn't have a name, but I recognized the handwriting and once I saw Davie, FL, I knew it was from my best friend Lisa.
I quickly ripped it open and found inside the most adorable newborn knitted hat. This was before my baby shower and before we really had much for our baby, and I was so excited! It is one of those cute hats you take naked baby pics with. Zach thought it was awesome and tried it on. :) I probably looked at it like twenty times and pictured our little baby wearing it.
In the package, Lisa also included such a touching card that I literally teared up. I am quite sure it was from real emotion and not just pregnancy hormones. Lisa and I have been best friends since 8th grade, which at this point in my life translates to ten years, a full decade! I didn't even realize that until I just counted. We were as close as anyone could be in high school, and have successfully kept in touch ever since. Sometimes that has meant monthly, other times more like yearly, but we have the kind of friendship that time doesn't really affect. Obviously, with life changes our relationship evolves and we probably won't ever have the chance to get cups full of cold cereal and go watch movies all night, but we will always care about each other and be able to chat when life let's us.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Life as we know it.

It's been a minute since I have blogged...and the strange things with that is there has been a lot going on, so I would have had lots to blog about!
Here I am at 27 weeks:
I skipped the 28 week picture. Dang it. It's been busy and by the time I could take a picture, I really didn't want to document how I look - all haggard and worn-out like.

But, pregnancy is going great! I had an appointment on Monday, I was at +30 lbs from pre-pregnancy! Holy kermoli, I have never seen those numbers on a scale before...
I scheduled out my next three appointments. One more 4 weeks out, then I start going every two weeks. It is going by pretty quick now (most days at least)!
Baby is moving around A LOT this week. The kicks are getting harder, and I have felt him up in my ribs a little bit the last couple of days. Nothing is painful yet, so I am loving it. It comforts me that our baby is strong and active. In a way, I feel like we are buddies already because he is constantly reminding me he is there. With that, it keeps it on my mind that I am having a child and am going to be a mom very soon so my excitement level is constantly high.

On other aspects of life:

Zach is getting ready to leave for a week for work. I'm not excited. But, they will be gone a lot next year so I have to start getting re-accustomed to it.
There are some stressors coming from his work - apparently there is a change in the process of commissioning to an officer, and it seems a lot less favorable for us. I sorta had a freak out on Tuesday and worried about our future and what's gonna happen, yada yada yada. I'm sad to admit I took it out on Zach. I was pretty upset. After taking a minute (or ten) to calm down, we were able to chat a little more and relax a little. Thankfully, Zach is a very forgiving person and we are still madly in love. I was able to chalk my reaction up to my pregnancy hormones, my built-up frustration with military ways (which I try to pride myself in handling okay), my extreme planning personality, my stress about money when I quit work and whether I will have to go back, and I'm sure there were some other things I attributed to my reaction.

It just so happens that went down on Halloween night, so as we were trying to talk about those very important things, trick or treaters started coming to our house. This upset me a little more because I have been so excited all year, and I couldn't even answer the door at first because I had tears on my face! But, soon Zach and I were able to welcome our trick-or-treaters together and it was a blast. We added some last minute decor to our front porch, and I dare say it was pretty awesome. Black lights, strobe lights, spider webs. I felt like a bona fide suburbanite. And we had a lot of trick-or-treaters, mostly kids I have seen in Primary.

Pre-awesomeness. I couldn't take a pic of the cool lights because it was dark - obviously.

The day before, we threw our big party at school. I dressed up as a soldier. And yes, although a little big, Zach's uniform pretty much fit. Barely buttoned over my belly. :) Our Halloween party is one of the biggest things my department does each year, and I got to head it up. I definitely had an element of stress throughout the day trying to get everything taken care of, but everything went well! Lots of people came and appeared to stay entertained throughout the whole activity, we had plenty of candy and treats for the games and cookie decorating. My boss and the campus president were very impressed, and I had people the next few days mention how well it went. Those moments really can make me feel good about my work.

Geeking out to Age of Empires.
Last night, Zach and I went on a double date with Robby and Lacee. This was the first double date we have been on in ages, so it was fun to get out and do something. In the last few weeks, Zach and I have been able to go out a little more often and it really is necessary! One night, Zach convinved me to play computer games with him. I was so hesitant and not really in the mood, but it was a blast. Another night, we ended up trying a new restaurant. A mexican place just down the road. It was the first time we have gone to a sit down restaurant in a while and we loved it. The food was good and they even had a military discount. I love dating my sweet and sexy husband. He still makes me feel special when we go out together. He always gets my door, helps me out of the car like a princess, holds my hand throughout the whole night. He is just the best mister in the whole world. He has been working out a lot too, and it shows, and I am lucky to have such a fit and handsome hubster.

Now we have room for festive decor!

We finally bought a kitchen table! I have been wanting to for ages, but we haven't been able to find the perfect one. Last weekend, I had Zach swing by a furniture store just so we could take a look. Thanksgiving is getting close and my parents and Scott will be at our house, so we definitely needed one. Anyway, we found the perfect one. Big purchases are always hard for me and I was all sorts of worried it wouldn't look good or whatever, but once we got it home and set up, I couldn't be happier! It has 4 chairs and a bench seat, as well as a leaf to extend it. It fits in our dining area perfectly and has already made our meals feel better. Our college-dorm stool table just didn't have the homey feel I was looking for. But, good news is that we still get to use the stools at our bar, and one is currently being used as a stand for our one and only houseplant. Quick side note on that - Lindsey asked if we wanted the plant when she was moving, and we said no. But, my mom wanted it, so naturally it would be stored at our house until she could get it. Well, I fell in love with the greenery next to our back door and plan to keep it. This reminds me... I haven't watered it in ages. I better do that today. That's partly why I love it - when I forget to water it, it still looks awesome!

 We are getting excited for the holidays because it means lots of family time, time off work, and closer to the day we get to hold our baby!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Can you say...Sergeant White?

Zach was officially promoted to E-5 ... two weeks ago! This has been such a long time coming...like 4 years or so! He was eligible before he left the Army, but since he wasn't reenlisting with that unit, they wouldn't promote him. He then became eligible in the Air Force but was just about to move on to his current AGR job. Now, we found out in August that he was technically eligible in February, but since his name wasn't on the "official" promotion list, we had to wait until that came out the first week of October. He is now Sergeant White. I am so proud of him and what he is doing with his life and his career.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

26 Weeks

This is so exciting! The ticker on my blog said 98 days left - breaking 100 makes it feel like is is getting closer even faster. :)
I finally registered at Target. I am actually glad I took the time because it made everything feel so much more real and got me excited envisioning our little one using all of the stuff I was looking at purchasing.
I am starting to think a little bit more about the details - taking a breastfeeding class, scheduling a maternity ward tour, getting my glucose test done, finding a pediatrician, taking a delivery class, etc...
Two of my neighbors told me on Sunday that they found out they are expecting as well! I think it is awesome that we will be all going through a similar experience together and our kids will get to grow up together. Plus, it will be nice to have other moms to hang out with.
I'm getting my homemaker skills ready - making the house feel homey with decor, trying new recipes, developing more thorough cleaning schedules.
Zach noted that my belly button is shrinking everyday...The baby is getting big in there!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Preview of our baby

When I got home from work on Monday, Zach asked me if I wanted to see what our baby was going to look like. I was intrigued. Out he pulls this treasure:
So there you have it - our baby may be the spitting image of handsome Z-Dub as a little lad. Only time will tell. Look at those cute little toes and that big smile!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I love fall! I couldn't wait to decorate our porch. I went to a pumpkin patch after work one day when Zach was headed to the Utah football game. I handpicked eleven or so pumpkins. They had a fall special, which aided in my decision making. Throw in a bunch of corn stalks and a hay bale and I was a happy customer! The wind was blowing wickedly when I got home, so I hurried and tossed everything on the porch, and got really excited at the prospect of it coming all together. After a week or so, I finally washed the pumpkins. We are planning to paint some this week. Zach wants to carve a couple for Halloween too - we are being so festive!
A quick trip to the Dollar Tree yielded my totally legit scarecrow (stuck in the hay bale) and some Halloween solar lights, spider webs and spiders, and a sign stating "The Witch is In." Those will be added this week in anticipation for our trick-or-treaters. Yay for finally living somewhere that children will feel welcome on Halloween night!
Please see below to check out my handiwork - as well as Zach's favorite pastime. Kitty time! Our neighbor kitty comes over to hang out most of the times we are outside. It quickly makes Zach forget whatever else he had planned and his excitement at the prospect of playing with the cat it written all over his face. It's so sweet I basically have to let him...

I also purchased a wreath and a wreath hanger - but I still need to come up with a way to decorate it. Once I do, it too will be on display. Happy Holiday Season!

25 Weeks

Well, that last week passed by pretty quickly...

25 Weeks! Not my favorite pic of all time, but you can see da belly!

The back pain has started. Saturday night, specifically - hopefully it won't be for the whole 3 1/2 months left, right? The good news is that I have a good husband who has really strong fingers that makes a good back massager.
Hormonal roller coaster! Had a couple of crazy anxiety sessions. I was freaking out about my upcoming baby shower a little bit. The invites, the timing, if the people I want to invite even care, feeling bad that my mother/mother-in-law are going through the trouble, etc... I also freaked out a little bit about going back to work last night. I just couldn't get it out of my head how much I wasn't ready for the weekend to be over. I know this might sound like normal concerns, but I felt weird.
I also am a little needy emotionally. But, I don't want to have to explain that, I just want Zach to read my mind. Totally possible, I know. I did explain that I do need a little more though, and he has performed like a champ. Getting the laundry out, putting dishes in the dishwasher, looking handsome all the time....
I miss my parents all the time. I have gotten in the habit of calling them multiple times a week. It works great to have my mom to chat with on my walks. Walking can get pretty boring. But where did my independent, busy self go? I discussed the possibility of them moving up here with my dad the other day...and I am loving the idea!
Had a nightmare last night and woke up scared! Curse these pregnancy dreams!

Brighter Notes:
*Our baby boy moves like crazy. Yesterday I swear it felt more knobby than normal - maybe an elbow or heel?
*I have woken up at 4:00 am twice this week as hungry as a horse - means our baby is growing big and strong!
*I started a registry! - I haven't put anything on it yet, but I signed up....there are too many cribs to even pick from, let alone everything else!
*My baby shower in St. George is next week. Hopefully everyone can make it. I can't wait to visit with everyone. Although, I know my two sisters and sister-in-law won't be there... I just wiped away a tear. :'(
*65 more days of work!
*My maternity work pants are feeling pretty good today. The belly band is feeling supportive instead of super restrictive and circulation-cutting-off.
*I'm still able to exercise! Stair-stepper and weights this morning. Walks pretty much every day. I can do the bike and elliptical for a good 20-30 mins. It's pretty motivating when I tell myself this will help with my labor and delivery...
*Printed off a delivery plan - now I just need to fill it out.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

23 & 24 Weeks

23 Weeks

There is a part of me that likes posting about each week of pregnancy because it keeps my blog up to date on the little happenings each week. Somehow though, I altogether skipped week 22, even the picture! Can I attribute that to my lack of motivation/energy? It is really strange, because I do feel a lot better during this trimester (which is more than half over now!) but at the same time, I feel like I have lost a lot of motivation and energy. I'm not sure why, but my theory is that our baby is growing so fast now that it is taking a lot out of me. I told Zach on Monday that it felt like his growth was on fast forward because around 10 a.m., my stomach started to feel really stretched. I hadn't even eaten as much as usual, so it was really strange. Then, throughout the day, it was like there was no room for all my insides but it was still pressing against my skin to find more. Very uncomfortable feeling. Tuesday the same thing happened. I experimented yesterday by omitting the store bought chocolate milk I had been drinking....I think it helped. :) To be honest, I am a little nervous about the fact that I still have over three months of growth, because my stomach feels stretched pretty far already...

24 Weeks

Monday I hit 24 weeks. 16 more weeks, or 111 days remaining. 16 sounds better than 111, so I will think on that. However, I am counting down the days left at work. Today I am at 70 days...I am pretty excited. There are days I hate my job, and days I really like my job. It goes back and forth. I had to change my attitude a few months ago because I was mostly hating it. It has been a lot better since then, but the more I feel this baby move the more I imagine what it will be like as a day to day mom. I believe I much prefer that to issuing bus passes, checking grades and attendance, chastising students for their unsatisfactory academics, planning event after event, and attending meeting after meeting. I always wanted to be a career woman, but I have always wanted to be a mom too. I love change, so after working in the business world for about 2 1/2 years, I'm ready for the change.

There is the side of me that is having a hard time leaving a career behind. Who knows if I will ever go back. I would hope and plan not to - I am a big believer in staying home with my children and trying to live off of one income - but you never know what circumstances come up and one day it may be necessary for me to work again. I would love to dedicate my time and energy to being successful in a career - right now I picture teaching math and getting my Master's degree - but I don't feel like I could be the mom I want to be AND do that too. So, I choose to focus on being a mom.