"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, February 27, 2012

A foam roller

Frustration has led to a foam roller, which has led to pain, which will hopefully lead to relief.
I am officially on a marathon training schedule, mingled with biking and swimming to make a marathon/Olympic triathlon schedule. I am loving it. By the way, I tried my first spin class a few weeks ago and fell in love. I now have changed my work schedule to go Monday and Thursday nights. It's awesome. The only problem is dealing with my knee. The right knee to be exact. After a few doctor visits, chiropractor visits, various shoes, I have turned to the foam roller. It kills and my leg is sore afterward, but I can feel the tightness and that gives me hope that I can decrease the pain. All the articles online of runners with a similar issue also give me hope. I know I can run a marathon, and I'm quite sure I can hit my goal time, and my fitness level is right where I want it, so my knee is my main trial to overcome. And overcome it I will.

On a lighter note, Z-dub gets home on Friday!! I realized that I don't have as much to blog about without him around to change up my days. Right now I work, work out, ski, repeat. Which I thoroughly enjoy, but there aren't many ways to make that more interesting to write about. Who knows if it will change much when he gets home, but I am sure I will have more desire to talk about our life so I don't sound so self-absorbed just blogging about myself and my days over and over...to be honest I am hoping for an announcement to be coming in the near future...once that comes, I am sure there will be more interesting things to note.

Come to think of it though, once I expand my thinking beyond my everyday self, there are some fun events coming up. We are in the process of planning a trip to Hawaii!! Yay! Zach is going for work and I am tagging along...and going crazy because we don't have all the info for him yet, which prevents me from planning. Such a crisis, I know. After that, Da Linds is getting married! Her wedding is going to be beautiful, I can already tell and I am way excited for all the family to get together. I purposely don't think about them moving far away though...
Another new thing is I am teaching Sunbeams at church, with my first lesson ocurring yesterday. Uh yeah, talk about frustration! It is so hard to keep their attention and really help them learn the concepts I am talking about. After the lesson though, I actually thought it went pretty well and felt rewarding. I will admit that I have honestly thought about getting released (I have been in about a month and a half, but haven't taught due to the schedule, stake conference, and getting sick). Sometimes I just want to focus on me learning the gospel in Gospel Doctrine and Relief Society, and I want to meet the people in our ward instead of going straight to Primary after Sacrament where I basically babysit and do not interact with other adults much. At this point in the thought process though, I always come back to my testimony of faith in God and his purpose for doing things. And it totally makes sense...I am preparing for motherhood, so why not be in nursery for two years then move up to 3 year olds? Why not figure out how to best teach them gospel principles? Why not attempt to become a little bit crafty and creative? I am going to do it eventually anyway, I might as well get a head start. Plus, it keeps me familiar with children, which is good, because I rarely have interaction with them elsewhere. The struggles are sure to come with my own children, so I should learn how to overcome them some now. See, Heavenly Father knows what he is doing. :)

What was going to turn into a little post has become quite an update and spattering of thoughts, but I think when I look back, it will be nice to remember what was going on at this point in life.

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