"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sinus infection and more...

It appears to me that I have a sinus infection. I was getting terrible headaches and had colds like every other weekend, then realized, with some help from my all-knowing coworkers, that it is probably a sinus infection. Not fun. First time that has ever happened. Hopefully I can stop it before a doctors visit is necessary.
A lot has been going on since Zach got home. Not necessarily in a super-exciting sense, but we have been pretty busy. With work and his school and exercise, there isn't much time for anything else. Zach has been diligent on getting his homework done, and I am impressed because his work takes up a lot of time and they have had practice incidents and training that wears him out.
We managed to get a half-day of skiiing in, and I was worried it would be our last because it was VERY warm. So warm that by noon the snow was getting slushy and making us go really slow. We bailed early to get some house stuff done. It was still a blast though and they were handing out free Clif bars, which was nice. Thankfully, there should be some snow this weekend and we are planning to hit the slopes this (probably) one last time.
With the warm weather, we went on our first bike ride of the year! Zach is still totally faster than me, but he slowed it down a bit so we could stick together some. I am hoping to get a faster bike this year so I have a better chance at keeping up.
The parentals came up this weekend and stayed with us. It worked out nicely because I took a sick day for my sinus issues so I was able to hang out with them even more. We did quite a bit of shopping, stuff for the wedding and outdoor camping like stuff. Eating and hanging out took up the rest of the time. Zach and I have such a great relationship with them and I value their example so much. Poor Dad was sick too...his was a lot worse than mine. He got a respiratory infection or something that made it so he couldn't speak and coughed and felt crummy. Mom had it a few weeks ago too, and I remembered how bad I hate it when my parents are sick. I felt so bad for both of them and just wanted it to go away. I can only imagine what it is like as a parent..
I think of what it will be like as a parent all the time now, in so many different situations. I try to think of how I will react and what I will try to do to be a good mom. It is such an exciting thing to me and I know it will be so amazing. There are the scary things too. I think about when they are teenagers a lot and the temptations they will have and all the evil in the world that they will have to fight against and may fall captive to. I can only hope that I can teach them well enough to prevent most of the trouble and heartache that can happen.