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-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Ever since (and before!) I got off of birth control, I have been googling pregnancy stuff like crazy. There is so much I don't know, or things I get curious about. I googled all about conception and ovulation, and even though I knew the obvious basics, I couldn't have told you the specifics. I tried to figure out when my ovulation would be, just to see and maybe a little part of me wanted to "try." I realized as I talked to Zach about these things it was a little less than romantic, so I stopped obsessing over when I might be able to get pregnant. Now, two weeks after that window of time, I have taken two pregnancy tests (knowing quite well it couldn't work that early...from google :)) and I have been paying attention to my body like crazy. The only problem has been that it seems like my symptoms could be attributed to many other things...
I have been WAY tired - but I have been getting less sleep than normal and I can barely function without my full 8 hours.
I have been extremely bloated - this one is depressing. I even went mostly off of sugar for two weeks to help my body because I developed a bad candy habit when Zach was gone (his disapproval helps me control my addiction), but it didn't help. I wondered if it was weight gain, but didn't understand how that could be with my diet and training for a tri and marathon. And then of course, my period could be just around the corner...so how do you know?!
Gassy - embarassing, I know. But this has been a noticeable change over the last week or so, so I looked it up. At first, I thought it wasn't a symptom, but quickly found out that it is. I hope that is my excuse!
My pits have been kinda sweaty - maybe it's the weather, my environment, or perhaps my body changes. Whatever it is, I don't like it.
I pee A TON - but then again, I have been drinking a ton.....
I'm hungry - this isn't exactly new because I eat a lot always, but I have been trying to cut the amount of my intake a little because I wasn't sure if I was burning all the calories I was taking in...or I have something growing in my belly!
I get little cramps occasionally - this could be a full bladder or empty stomach or "that time of the month," so I still don't know if it's two lines on a stick just yet.
My face is oily - like wipe it off and I can see it on my hand like sweat, but it's oil. This could be period, springtime coming, or baby coming.
Lack of interest in sweets - could my two week hiatus really cure me of a 22 year addiction?
I could have gotten an early detection test, but I am cheap and more importantly, Zach is gone at training, so I might as well wait as long as I can. If I found out by myself and wasn't able to talk to him, that's a pretty big secret to keep and I want him to be the first to know.
So there you have it. I may or may not be pregnant with our firstborn. This week we should know!

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