"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tri Take Three

SG Tri - May 19, 2012

Beat last year's time.
Beat my goal - by one minute.
Was tired the WHOLE race - thank you pregnancy, or lack of training...
Loved doing another one with my dad - realized this time that I have never done one WITHOUT him.
Loved having support from my wonderful photographer mother.
Loved having my husband cheer loudly for me.
Loved having my father-in-law brave the sun and somewhat boring 3 hours to support me.
Love Sand Hollow.
Enjoyed riding Zach's bike to get a faster time.
Didn't love the chain coming off after I just passed four other riders.
Loved passing people on the run.
Loved taking first in my age group.
Didn't love only having two people in my age group.
Loved the post-race massage - first time I have ever taken advantage of that free service.
Didn't love that the times weren't posted by the time we left.
Loved the post - race chill time with the parentals.

Awesome race.

Pics to come...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A baby on the way!

This is the story about the day I found out I was pregnant.

I really hadn't planned to take another pregnancy test for about four more days because last month I think I took four of them, knowing it was probably too soon. I didn't want to go through that again. I had told Zach over the weekend that the likely timing would be start my period on Wednesday, and if I didn't, take a test on Thursday. Well, Monday morning rolled around and I was trying to get in the groove at work. Problem was, I could not get the idea that I might be pregnant out of my mind! This was strange because I had already decided not to test until later in the week, and I really wasn't obsessing as much this time around. But, by 9:30, I was about ready to grab my purse and hit the nearest Walmart to get a test. I mulled over the pros and cons, and talked myself out of it due to having work to actually take care of and also -If I went to Walmart, the options I had of taking the test was in the Walmart bathroom or my work bathroom, and I really didn't think either sounded like the ideal place to find out that my future had forever changed. So I held off.

5:00 rolled around, and I thought I had convinced myself to wait, but as I was driving home I decided I would swing by the store, grab a test, and take it after my workout that evening. By the time I bought it and got home, I couldn't help but rip it open and run to the bathroom. In the back of my mind, I had been telling myself that it is okay if it is negative and not to get too disappointed or upset, but I couldn't help feeling excited.

I didn't time it this time, but the control line went dark so fast that I immediately braced myself for a negative test. I kept hoping and checking, but it didn't appear to be changing. I was bummed, and started cleaning everything up. I went to pick up the test to throw it away and saw a faint pink line!!
I looked at it again and thought, really?? Then I started laughing and making weird excited noises. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed my phone to call Zach, then tried to compose myself and couldn't. I ran back to the bathroom and looked at it again, and made some more noises, and about this time I think I started talking out loud to myself. "I'm pregnant!" "I'm gonna be a mom!" I was laughing and re-checking the test over and over.

I decided to wait and tell Zach in person. When he called that night, I thought about telling him and looked for the opportunity, but it never really presented itself and I didn't want to just throw it in.

I ended up keeping the news to myself for five days! I predetermined what I would say when people asked, because I am a TERRIBLE liar. But, once Zach got home, I really couldn't keep it in.

I had a sign with the test and a baby guide book set up in our bathroom. I was planning to just let him wander in there and see it, but he took too long! He was all lovey and wanting to hang out, so I made a reference to a new "decoration" in the bathroom. He still took a while to go in there. Once he did, it was quiet for too long, so I followed. He was standing there staring at the poster. He looked and me and said "For real?" "For real?" I am pretty sure he said it a total of six times. Then he laid on the bed and said he needed a minute to let it sink in. :)

To be honest, it still is taking quite a while for it to sink in. I haven't been very sick and not much has changed in my day to day life, so until I start showing or get morning sickness, or start going to doctor appointments, it may just seem surreal. I am immensely excited though and try to imagine everyday how our life will change and what it will be like. I am so excited to be a mom!

2 weeks in Paradise

Let’s just dwell on the awesomeness that I experienced over the last two weeks. I tagged along with Zach on a work trip to Hawaii. We have known about this trip since November and I was understandably excited from day one, but continued to get increasingly excited as time went on. Being a full time career woman, I now understand more fully the necessity of legitimate vacations from your work. Leaving for two and a half weeks (throw in Lindsey’s wedding as well) was a little stressful, worrying that I may leave something undone or have an overwhelming amount of work waiting as I come back. But, I distributed my duties to my coworkers and decided not to check my emails or worry about work at all. This approach proved to be the ideal way to take a vacation. The only time I thought about work was as I was enjoying myself immensely and I would think about how it would be to not have to go back. That may be the only downside to vacations!

First night there:

Initially, the idea was that Zach would be immensely busy the first 10 days, so I was perfectly content to read several books, relax on the beach, and really unwind. To my pleasant surprise, their unit sees play just as important (or more) than work and we had several days where he would get off around noon or so, then we could do what we wanted, often with other members of his team. This was pleasant because 1 – they had rental vans we could use and therefore we didn’t have to rent one. 2 – I was able to get more acquainted with the people Zach works with. I am really happy I was able to spend that casual time with them because they are all great people. 3 – Between the 22 minds involved, different must-sees and must-dos would come up and we could culture ourselves a little more.

First night out on the beach:

We spent a couple days at Pearl Harbor. I have been there already, but I was happy to experience it with military members who have a humble appreciation for the event and understand its importance. We ended up going there twice.

Had to hit up Hanauma Bay again since it was my favorite beach last time….Sadly, it wasn’t as impressive this time. Maybe that was due to the clouds, the less colorful snorkeling experience, or the cold rain that started to fall. Experiencing it with a bunch of boys – I have a hard time thinking of these guys as men – was pretty darn cool though. Their humor, excitement about snorkeling and swimming out farther than anyone else, and their superior knowledge in all aspects of life contributed to a day well spent.

We found the infamous Ted’s Bakery – too bad I wasn’t very hungry, but two donuts and half of Zach’s fries later, I was impressed. It was a clean establishment and didn’t smell bad, so I would return. I used to be all about trying out authentic hole-in-the-wall places, but sometimes their smells and not knowing what exactly is in the food can get to me some now. With that, I am more appreciative of the places the turn out to be legitimately awesome hole-in-the-wallers.

Went to the Dole Plantation - got some Dole Whip that everyone raved about. The coolest part was actually when we were driving away and saw the fields and fields of pineapples. I didn't realize they grew on little bushes and there are tons of pineapples on one bush. Pretty cool.

This same day we went to a place called Shark’s Cove. Sure, why not swim somewhere named that? Luckily there were no sharks, but we did see a couple sea turtles. I love turtles! I think this is partly because my favorite little nursery girl, Hadlie, would always get the turtle toy and sit on my lap and I loved how she said turtle. I also think they are awesome creatures. I was informed that they hold their breath under the water and come to the surface for air. I suppose that makes sense, but the one we saw at Hanauma Bay was under for ages, so it blew my mind a little bit.

While we were snorkeling there, one of the other wives dropped her ring in the water. I thought it was her wedding ring, so I dove. Too bad I can’t hold my breath for very long. Zach can though and he was right behind me and got it. Turns out, not a wedding ring, and Zach dove too deep too fast to be healthy and made his nose and ears bleed. I didn’t know that would be an effect and everyone was really worried about him, so I got pretty nervous. One of the guys on the team is a diver and he was asking Zach a bunch of questions and guessed that Zach had ruptured an ear drum! He has bad hearing as it is! (“that’s messed up!” - Zach) He seems to be doing okay now though, after a couple days of spitting out blood, so hopefully no lasting harm done.

We went to the temple, in the rain. Got the photo op and checked out the Visitor’s Center. Pretty cool place. I love the serenity you feel just looking at a temple! Jason, a guy on Zach’s team – his father in law does landscaping for the church and designed the landscaping there. If only he could come do our yard, that would be nice!

Each Friday our hotel set off fireworks, and since we both love fireworks, we went both times. Oh the romance.

We spent our last Sunday with the Okamura family. Zach met Lance at CSSC, and they just so happened to be LDS and live in Hawaii, so we hooked up for church and spent the day with them, eating, chatting, playing Apples to Apples, then MarioKart, bowling, and boxing on the Wii. Going to church in other places is something I love to experience. Hearing other people’s testimony and feeling the spirit in an environment that is different from the normal ward really makes for a good experience.

We had to spend time at the Polynesian Cultural Center. My parents had gone before and the pictures looked awesome and it was highly recommended from everyone, so we bought the crazy expensive tickets and $44 bus ride to go. It was a gorgeous place with tons of information on Polynesia, obviously. I have to be honest and say that by then end though, I was ready to go. We were there from 12-9, plus a couple hours on the bus. We made sure to visit every village, and try to do the extra stuff for fun.

Yeah, this is me about to attempt a Tahitian booty dance. The video is more entertaining...I'll try to post that later.Check out our sweet tats.

We also learned a dance in Samoa with coconuts. Zach and I were on stage dancing with some other 12 and younger folk, looking awesome. I am sure I was right on beat the whole time, with my insanely impressive dancing and body coordination skills. Too bad we didn't get pics or video of that...

Gotta get a Hawaiian luau in. This was my second, and my opinion remains unchanged – not a fan of luau food. Sorry. It just doesn’t do it for me. It was a good time though, and we were seated next to a couple from Price who knew Nate and Megan, another couple from Sandy (talk about a small world), and a newlywed couple from Korea who could hardly understand us, but we were still able to communicate some. Chatting with those peeps was definitely a fun part of the night.

There was a Spam Jam festival the last day we were there. All sorts of booths and food and music honoring Spam. The festival itself was pretty fun to walk around and look at stuff. There were a lot of hand made stuff...wooden pens for instance. Zach was checking these out. Go figure he liked them, they were $170. My husband has expensive taste....

Senor Frogs...I swear I have heard good things, but if it weren't for the hats, this dinner would have ruined my night...not good, not healthy, not cheap.

Zach loved these trees...They are pretty sweet. Those are roots that grow off of the branches and hang down until they reach the ground. There was a park about a mile from our hotel that I would go run through and these trees were all over it. Bums stored their stuff inside the base because there are lots of little pockets.

This is us enjoying our last couple days at the beach. Total bliss.

During our extra days together, I fell more in love with Zach like every minute. I don’t know why or what it was and I just don’t understand love all that much, but I was overwhelmed with how happy I was just to be with him uninterrupted. His handsomeness had me in awe, the way he looked at me sometimes with his love all over his face, the sweet little things he kept doing. At Ted’s Bakery, he just stood up in the middle of eating and got me a flower and put it in my hair. One day at the beach, I went to sit somewhere, and he said “Let’s keep going further.” Apparently, he had noticed a bunch of guys right where I wanted to sit and didn’t want them gawking at my body. He carried my purse for me when I got sick of carrying it. He always holds my hand. He took me on walks by the beach. He makes me laugh like crazy. He made me a little pillow for when I was laying out. He tells me I’m not chubby. He lets me stroke his gubby. He snuggles me every morning. Gosh, I just can’t get enough! I really have a hard time handling how much I love him sometimes! It blows my mind, I am the happiest girl around, and he is my mister, through and through.