"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I may or may not be developing bunions on my feet. My doc says it's possible because they look like it a little, but there is no pain associated with it. But hey, why not err on the safe side to prevent surgery?
Check out my splints to try to correct the possible problem:
In all reality, if it is an issue, now is a good time to try and fix it because with my pregnancy, I struggle to run long distances. In fact, last night I went 3 1/2 miles and was so proud! I have only been averaging 2 miles that are interspersed with walking breaks. :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Welcome to the Second Trimester!

So far, no magical day where I'm not sick anymore. I have settled in and am expecting to be sick the whole time, so if I do get better, it will be a pleasant surprise. No vomiting, just general feel ucky most of the time. However, food does taste good. No real cravings, unless you count fast and easy as a craving...

I am having weird dreams. I greatly dislike this. They aren't ever awesome like me learning how to fly or something. Most are negatively charged or somewhat disturbing. I don't really want to get into details, but when I wake up, it takes a little while to brighten my mood.

My vision is suffering. Things get blurry A LOT. I noticed my vision getting a little bit worse before I was pregnant. The first time I realized it was for real was in church when I had to squint to see the hymn numbers. Since then I have noticed with road signs too. With pregnancy though, it seems more sporadic and worse at different periods. I have had two spells where my vision gradually goes until I am basically blind for about 20 mins. Half the internet said normal, the other half said call your doc right away. I am opting to tell my doc at the next appt, unless it happens again.

My 15 week appt was great. I heard our baby's heart beat. Too bad Zach had to miss out, but at our next appt, we have our gender ultrasound!! Only a few more weeks and the speculation will be gone. I keep thinking about what Zach's reaction will be, especially if it's a girl! I am hoping to do some cute announcement for the family, but I always have these cute ideas and don't follow through because Zach gets excited and then it isn't worth the effort to wait....blah blah blah I know. The doctor also calmed my fears about c-sections at this appointment. I was so glad he responded the way he did. He has been around for a long time and has a lot of experience. He quoted me his percentages, basically 7%-14%, and really he will only do it if necessary. I don't know what my hang up is about them, but I am just hoping for the best. I am 99% sure I am going natural! I'm thinking about taking a hypno-birthing class too. I have heard good things but I think since it still feels far away I haven't worried about cementing those decisions...

We are talking about names, with only one really sticking much...we'll see if it is the lucky one!

Lately I have been getting way excited to be a mom and stay home. Just this morning I woke up and had a couple hours to do stuff around the house. I have this feeling that it is what I will be most happy doing. I am always picturing how my life is going to change....packing the baby up to run to the store, jogging with a stroller, cleaning spit up and doing laundry constantly, watching Zach hold our baby and fall in love with him/her...the list is endless. Even though it isn't totally sinking in, I have a calm giddyness about it.

My weight gain is at 4 lbs. this morning. (I am completing this post a week or two after I started it...) At my appointment it was 9 pounds, but I fluctuate a ton, so I never really know what I have legitimately gained. I also feel like that shows in my belly pics...If you look at them next to each other, I don't feel that it is getting much bigger (unless one pic is before dinner and the other after..). But, according to my babycenter app, in the next few weeks my baby will double in size and weight, so I'll probably start popping out a bit more!

14 Weeks

15 Weeks

Pioneer Day trip down South

Another quick trip to St. Gorgeous. Originally to see my grandpa, but found out on the ride down that he wasn't coming until the next week...how that happened, I do not know.

No major events, but some quality family time.

It's so cute to talk to Jason about the baby in my belly. He was kicking off my stomach, so I told him we had to be careful. He was. One night, I'm guessing from the angle he was looking at me, he noticed by belly sticking out and ran over to ask about the baby and rub it. It was adorable! Another night we were at dinner and he was tickling me, then he reached down and tickled my stomach saying "I'm tickling your baby!" It is so amazing to watch children and how they begin to remember things and think about it without anyone even bringing it up.

After dinner at the Pizza Factory...just practicing for parenthood...

We attempted mini-golf. Totally different experience with a 2 and 3 year old instead of teenagers or adults. It was still a blast.

Bailey and Zach...she always likes the men...such a girl...

We went to the Hurricane Parade for the 24th. Missed the first half, but I think we still caught the gist of it. We went to the little carnival-thing after. I love stuff like that, and I think it is even more awesome when you have kids.

It is so adorable when Bailey gives loves, especially if Zach isn't expecting it. It's moments like this when I wonder if we are gonna have a girl....

We were able to see Zach's parents as well. He spent a couple days over there, and I joined him for latter end of one day. It's getting harder as time goes on to juggle the two families and the visit time. It's impossible not to see both, but it is usually a quick 2 1/2 day trip, so if there are events planned on either side, it can get frustrating trying to fit it all in. There are some great friends I would love to visit, but between my parents and Zach's and Zach's siblings, there never seems to be enough time! Throw a baby in there...I don't know what we will do! However, Zach does have Fridays off and I won't be working...maybe we can swing it to stay longer.

One final tidbit:

On the way home, Zach and I were in some serious conversation when I noticed his attention to the subject had changed, and his tone of voice changed when he said "Can we pause just for a second, do you know what that is?" He kinda geeked out over this....

The DeLorean from Back to the Future.

He inisted this was the original and we HAD to take a picture. I love this side of my husband.

A pretty good weekend if you ask me. :)

*I'm kinda sad that all the pics I got are mostly of just us...I wish I had more with my parents and Amanda. My mom prob has those on her camera, but if I ever get around to adding them to this post, I will be surprised...*

Sunday, July 22, 2012

summer days and summer nights

Oh the joys of summer! I love it! We have been doing some fun things over the last little while...

With our yard finally in, we spend some nights hanging outside. One day, Zach wanted to play frisbee. I wanted to play volleyball. So he hit the ball back to me twice and switched to frisbee for like an hour...I don't think that was fair really...

While we were playing, Zach spotted a kitty in the lot next door. Literally the day before, Zach had been looking at free kittens on KSL and begging for one. So, we spent the next hour playing with the cute kitty. Which is probably enough to last me for at least another three years. :)

With our new yard, Zach is the diligent man of the house who waters it and mows it and checks for dying grass or weeds. I like seeing him like that. We have been told our lawn is the envy of the neighborhood, which is due to Zach's professional eye for how to mow it and what weeds to eliminate. I took this pic on a Saturday morning after my run...I was sneaking up on him and was quiet enough to catch him unaware.One night, he convinced me to help him weed our lawn, so we did the front and back, on our hands and knees, pulling up the individual sprouts of crab grass. At first I thought it was fun, then lame, then rewarding when it looked so good.

Another night, I was quickly getting quite cranky because I had been feeling crummy and tired and totally lethargic. It dawned on me that the only remedy would be some exercise and a snow cone. We decided to get snow cones then go on a bike ride, then had the novel idea to ride bikes to get the snow cones! It was a perfect night for it and we tried the shaved ice shack that's pretty close to our house and now our life in Lehi is complete. I can't wait to go back. We then rode our bikes to Robbie and Lacee's house for a visit. We love having them live so close. :)

We had a BBQ with our friends Ryan and Melanie. I work with Ryan and have gotten to know his wife Melanie through our different activities. It was a blast. We had burgers and played games, which we hardly ever do. Most of the time, either our friends/family aren't that interested in games, or we play when there is a humongous group and the games drag on...this night was fun. We played Monopoly Deal - which is Monopoly in a card game and it was pretty sweet. We also played Ticket to Ride, and I got annihilated worse than I ever have in my life, and I was ticked. But since we had company, I tried to pretend it was okay...

I made this fruit pizza for dessert. My first time ever making one and I have a few tips. Don't cook the cookie crust too long...that was my biggest mistake..I didn't want it to be too soft, but it turned out kinda crunchy. My other tip: take it out of the fridge a little bit before serving. The cream cheese stays hard, and I think it added to the crunchiness of the crust.

Don't mind the little mouse that had to test it before the pic was taken...:)

Zach always talks about going shooting, but we rarely go because our Fridays and Saturdays just slip through our fingers. But, this one lucky Friday, we got to go with Robbie and Lacee. It was Lacee's first time, so that was cool. I loved shooting my handgun again. I feel comfortable enough that if I had to use it, I think I could. With all the fires this summer, we couldn't go to our regular spot, so we ended up driving like an hour to the range. It was fun, but I can't say that it was worth that long of a drive...

The next day, Zach had a work BBQ. They call it "mandatory fun" because you can't miss it. I had a good attitude because 1) if we have to go, why not have a good time and 2) I love BBQ's! and 3) there were gonna be cute little kidlets running around and 4) I like the guys on Zach's team. It turned out to be a good time, albeit a tad on the hot side!

Dry Ice Ice Cream!

Zach always captures my cute faces...

Mr. Robert Houston

Friday, July 13, 2012

Seven Peaks with Da Linds and Tanner

While Zach was living it up on the California beaches for work, Tanner and Linds let me tag along to Seven Peaks. Talk about a cute newlywed couple! I loved seeing Tanner be such a gentleman and good husband to Lindsey. We are quickly realizing they are leaving us, possibly forever, way too soon! Hopefully Zach and I can make it big sometime soon so we can visit them often in Florida.

Please notice the Y on the hillside - yep, these two are bona fide zoobies.
If you look at this next picture, you will sadly see that this hasn't been a summer where I have gotten much sun. :( Pink and white skin, not very blond hair...yeah, not my best summertime look ever...

Tropic 2012

And, another year at Tropic! Reluctantly, I have to admit the digital documenting of this trip was slim. I basically only managed to capture part of one ride and the taking down of our tent...but hey, whatev. It was still a blast. This year seemed to be the most chill so far. Each morning I got up and hung out by myself for a while while everyone slept. I went running a few times. Once with Liv, which was awesome. She is so fun to hang out with. She reminds me of me in my younger years a lot of the time. Since I lost a lot of fitness over the last month with no running due to my awesome foot injury, running with her was awesome because we would run until we got tired, walk, sprint, chat, walk, and do it all over. Zach and I played football with the boys until they started to fight and that ended that. We also played the washer game, and we remained undefeated! I read Harry Potter by the lake, by the fire, in the tent during the rain...Harry is always a good companion...
We went fishing, which I thought I was terrible at until I caught one, but then realized I am terrible at it because I couldn't get the hook out very fast and may have still killed the fish even though I released it. I further realized my terribleness at fishing when I could not shake my guilty conscience over that fish, at which point I decided to stop fishing altogether unless Zach was with me and could successfully save the poor little guys we catch.

Here are some fun pics of our ride:

We took this same pic 3 years ago, before our nuptials. Now look at us, an old married couple.

No wonder Zach has a feminine side.. jk, jk.

It took me a minute to figure out what the heck I was doing...I'm pretty sure I was trying to get them to stop because I thought we had lost one of our party..whatever it was, it looks fun, right?
This is on the take-down. Doesn't show the full glory of our 10 man tent with two rooms and a screened porch, but just know, that tent is awesome. I was torn with buyer's remorse and wondering if it was a good idea ever since we bought it. I thought it might be too big, too heavy, or a pain. Those worries are gone now. We loved it. Hopefully many more camping trips in the future.

Sadly, we aren't sure if we will go next year, since our baby will only be 5-6 months old, but we shall see.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

12 Weeks

Yay! We had our first appointment finally. The coolest part by far was the ultrasound. We saw our baby's heart going a million times a minute and he/she was flipping around all over the place. I had no idea they moved that fast and the first flip I thought "What the heck?! What's wrong?" But he/she did it a few more times and the doctor wasn't worried so I realized it was normal! It was such an awesome thing to see our actual baby inside of me. So far it has been hard to really believe that all the growth and development is taking place because what you call "showing" just feels like I have obtained some muffin tops and my belly never deflates, but the ultrasound really helped make it seem real.
Our baby measured 11 weeks and 1 day. The doctor is keeping our due date at January 16th, but said it could very possibly be January 21st. Medically, since it is within 5 days, they keep the original, but I am planning the 21st so if I do wait longer to deliver I won't be antsy yet. So instead of being 12 weeks the next day, I pretty much stayed at 11 weeks for a week longer...

This is me on the "new" 12 week mark:Almost done with the first trimester and looking forward to less nausea and fatigue! I bought some maternity clothes at Gap, which is wonderful because they are so long and comfy - I may need to shop there even when I'm not prego! Zach has started rubbing my belly more and talking about how there is a baby in there. He is gonna be the best and cutest dad ever. :)