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-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, August 10, 2012

Is that my baby??

So, last night I am about 93% sure I felt our baby move for the first time! I was at the gym stretching before a run, and I had my hand on my stomach. I felt these little flutters on the inside. At first, I thought it was my heart, so I checked my pulse, but that wasn't it. Then I thought it could be gas bubbles, but I get those almost every night and it felt different than that. At this point I was trying to remember all I have read about feeling your baby move, and the popcorn popping sensation described what I was feeling pretty well. I moved my hand to the other side of my belly to push on it and see if I could feel anything happen there, but nothing. I just focused on the one area I felt, pushed on it a little, and kept feeling the flutters. After a few minutes, or maybe just like 30 seconds, it stopped. I think it was our baby! I am SO excited to feel it again. I'm glad we had our ultrasound and saw our baby moving because I could totally picture what was going on in there! And I'm kinda feeling like it is a boy....I guess we will see in 19 days!

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  1. Oh my gosh!!!! So excited! I remember feeling tyn for the first time I was lucky cause dev was sitting right by me so he got to feel to!!! 19 days! You better send me a text right when you find out! Love you!!!