"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, September 14, 2012

A night in the backyard.

Last night when I got home, Zach was working in the backyard, of course. I had to make cupcakes for a going-away party at work the next day, but once I was finished I joined him. I brought my Harry Potter book along as well. I would hand Zach what tools he needed and kept him company. When he had done as much work as was possible that evening, we sat in the grass and looked at how beautiful everything was coming together. Zach suggested we get a blanket instead of sitting on the grass, so I did...with an extra one for me since the nights have gotten chilly! Our neighbor Joy came over and introduced herself and gave us some homemade bread. I am so glad we finally met her...and the bread was yummy. I went and made both Zach and I a slice, and we had a bread picnic out back. :) By then, it was pretty nipply, so Zach rolled up in the blanket like a little burrito and we got to snuggle and relax. I love being with him! I love how we get to spend our evenings together....It seems like we are just getting into a good routine where we are able to accomplish things and still chill out with each other each day, and it makes me happy. Oh, the simple things in life. That's what makes life so beautiful.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Update on my two misters

21 Weeks! I am looking genuinely prego!

The good news over this last week is I now feel our little mister every day! I love it. It is such a comfort to think he is strong and healthy and developing right on track. I absolutely love when Zach gets to feel him. I have started feeling him more at work, in the night, relaxing at home. Zach's only chance is when we are at home together, which is about 3 hours a day. So, whenever I feel him when Zach is around, we hurry to get Zach to feel my tummy too. The other night our baby kicked three times really hard, right where Zach's hand was.

Zach has started holding my belly or putting his face by it and saying things to our little one. I love watching him. I was just telling him last night how much he has matured in the last year and how much it impresses me. He goes to bed on time and wakes up everyday at 4:25 to get ready for work. Everyday he exercises, takes care of the yard, and takes the time to hug and kiss me and make sure I know that he loves me. I was a little nervous with school starting again to see how he would handle it, but he has taken me by complete surprise. He comes home from work and after a little chillin out, gets on the computer to work on school work. This is a habit he couldn't really master up until this point. I am so proud of how responsible he is being and all he is doing to give us a great future.

Feeling extremely happy at this point in life, and I can't wait to be a mom!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Making progress in the yard...

We starting working on completing our yard over Labor Day weekend. It has only taken a few months to find the time...our grass and sprinklers got put in in June...but now there has been some definite progress made. We spent some serious energy clearing all the weeds. Our back planter areas looked quite similar to an Amazon jungle....Once we had that cleared, we headed to Home Depot to spend some serious coin on plants. I have become pretty loyal to Home Depot because they offer a 10% military discount on everything. I love that they don't exclude the big ticket items. I see that as a real appreciative gesture. Anyway, we bought a bunch of plants, loaded them on the trailer and headed home. After unloading them, it hit us just how many holes we were going to have to dig.
Good thing it was only two in the afternoon...but the rain started and I thought it would be cut short. We continued working through the rain until it let up and it became a beautful day. We were able to get the whole front yard planted, with the exception of the decorative tree in the front mound. I can't find the one I want!
Last weekend we worked on planting in the back. This was harder to plan and took longer to come together, but it eventually did. We did run into a couple problems with our big trees....First of all, they were huge and we weren't sure how to get them to the backyard and place them in their spots. We ended up teaming up and rolling them. I'm sure it was a sight to behold. I pulled the tree down and tried to guide it while Zach rolled the huge root area toward the planter. Good thing he is a buff man! Then when Zach was digging the big, deep holes to place them in, he hit concrete! We were ticked and then worried. But, we ran back to Home Depot (I think for the fourth time that day!) and got a pick ax, that worked wonders. After the concrete was cleared, Zach came across old water lines! At this point, we decided to plant the other areas and hold off on the trees until I could call the city. Monday I had the city check it out and they said we could plant over it, so Zach had the trees planted when I got home! What a guy.

We also put in plastic barriers between our rock fill on the sides and the planter areas. One of Zach's genious ideas. I wondered at first if it was necessary, but it really looks loads better and should prevent grief in the future.

The plan for this weekend is find our perfect ornamental tree for the front, lay the landscape fabric, do the drip lines, and lay the bark. After that, we are going to lay our walkways and then have our beautiful and hopefully complete yard! It is already so much nicer to hang out on our back porch in the cooler evenings! We have talked over and over how glad we are that we decided to finish this part by ourselves and not with a landscaper. It is turning out great, the hard work is good for us, and we saved at least an estimated $1,000-$1,500. Win-win.