"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, November 2, 2012

Life as we know it.

It's been a minute since I have blogged...and the strange things with that is there has been a lot going on, so I would have had lots to blog about!
Here I am at 27 weeks:
I skipped the 28 week picture. Dang it. It's been busy and by the time I could take a picture, I really didn't want to document how I look - all haggard and worn-out like.

But, pregnancy is going great! I had an appointment on Monday, I was at +30 lbs from pre-pregnancy! Holy kermoli, I have never seen those numbers on a scale before...
I scheduled out my next three appointments. One more 4 weeks out, then I start going every two weeks. It is going by pretty quick now (most days at least)!
Baby is moving around A LOT this week. The kicks are getting harder, and I have felt him up in my ribs a little bit the last couple of days. Nothing is painful yet, so I am loving it. It comforts me that our baby is strong and active. In a way, I feel like we are buddies already because he is constantly reminding me he is there. With that, it keeps it on my mind that I am having a child and am going to be a mom very soon so my excitement level is constantly high.

On other aspects of life:

Zach is getting ready to leave for a week for work. I'm not excited. But, they will be gone a lot next year so I have to start getting re-accustomed to it.
There are some stressors coming from his work - apparently there is a change in the process of commissioning to an officer, and it seems a lot less favorable for us. I sorta had a freak out on Tuesday and worried about our future and what's gonna happen, yada yada yada. I'm sad to admit I took it out on Zach. I was pretty upset. After taking a minute (or ten) to calm down, we were able to chat a little more and relax a little. Thankfully, Zach is a very forgiving person and we are still madly in love. I was able to chalk my reaction up to my pregnancy hormones, my built-up frustration with military ways (which I try to pride myself in handling okay), my extreme planning personality, my stress about money when I quit work and whether I will have to go back, and I'm sure there were some other things I attributed to my reaction.

It just so happens that went down on Halloween night, so as we were trying to talk about those very important things, trick or treaters started coming to our house. This upset me a little more because I have been so excited all year, and I couldn't even answer the door at first because I had tears on my face! But, soon Zach and I were able to welcome our trick-or-treaters together and it was a blast. We added some last minute decor to our front porch, and I dare say it was pretty awesome. Black lights, strobe lights, spider webs. I felt like a bona fide suburbanite. And we had a lot of trick-or-treaters, mostly kids I have seen in Primary.

Pre-awesomeness. I couldn't take a pic of the cool lights because it was dark - obviously.

The day before, we threw our big party at school. I dressed up as a soldier. And yes, although a little big, Zach's uniform pretty much fit. Barely buttoned over my belly. :) Our Halloween party is one of the biggest things my department does each year, and I got to head it up. I definitely had an element of stress throughout the day trying to get everything taken care of, but everything went well! Lots of people came and appeared to stay entertained throughout the whole activity, we had plenty of candy and treats for the games and cookie decorating. My boss and the campus president were very impressed, and I had people the next few days mention how well it went. Those moments really can make me feel good about my work.

Geeking out to Age of Empires.
Last night, Zach and I went on a double date with Robby and Lacee. This was the first double date we have been on in ages, so it was fun to get out and do something. In the last few weeks, Zach and I have been able to go out a little more often and it really is necessary! One night, Zach convinved me to play computer games with him. I was so hesitant and not really in the mood, but it was a blast. Another night, we ended up trying a new restaurant. A mexican place just down the road. It was the first time we have gone to a sit down restaurant in a while and we loved it. The food was good and they even had a military discount. I love dating my sweet and sexy husband. He still makes me feel special when we go out together. He always gets my door, helps me out of the car like a princess, holds my hand throughout the whole night. He is just the best mister in the whole world. He has been working out a lot too, and it shows, and I am lucky to have such a fit and handsome hubster.

Now we have room for festive decor!

We finally bought a kitchen table! I have been wanting to for ages, but we haven't been able to find the perfect one. Last weekend, I had Zach swing by a furniture store just so we could take a look. Thanksgiving is getting close and my parents and Scott will be at our house, so we definitely needed one. Anyway, we found the perfect one. Big purchases are always hard for me and I was all sorts of worried it wouldn't look good or whatever, but once we got it home and set up, I couldn't be happier! It has 4 chairs and a bench seat, as well as a leaf to extend it. It fits in our dining area perfectly and has already made our meals feel better. Our college-dorm stool table just didn't have the homey feel I was looking for. But, good news is that we still get to use the stools at our bar, and one is currently being used as a stand for our one and only houseplant. Quick side note on that - Lindsey asked if we wanted the plant when she was moving, and we said no. But, my mom wanted it, so naturally it would be stored at our house until she could get it. Well, I fell in love with the greenery next to our back door and plan to keep it. This reminds me... I haven't watered it in ages. I better do that today. That's partly why I love it - when I forget to water it, it still looks awesome!

 We are getting excited for the holidays because it means lots of family time, time off work, and closer to the day we get to hold our baby!


  1. I knew you would like the plant!!!!

  2. I love all the halloween decor! You are so cute. It seems like your pregnancy is going so fast! Im excited to see the little mr. Pretty soon all your blog post will be about him!!! haha I found round trip flights out here in march for 250 a piece and i was going to text you and tell you to come see me... but then i remembered the little mr will only be 2 months old! ;( hope to see you soon