"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Doctor update

I went to the doctor this morning and found out:
*I am dilated to a 1 1/2
*80% effaced
*Baby's head is down and low - meaning he should fit through the birth canal
*Things are looking good for my labor and delivery
*The doctor told me where his head, back, bum, legs, and arms were - I liked this because now as he moves I can picture it a little better

This appointment got me all excited.

However, the exam made me spot quite a bit. I called my mom to make sure it wasn't a big deal and we got to talking about being ready. I think it is officially time to pack my hospital bag, just in case. She mentioned taking the personal things from work home - good idea. Thankfully, my coworker brought me some newborn jammies - which I did not have any of - and that made me feel a little more prepared...

Holy cow! I can't believe I am getting ready to have a baby!

Monday, December 17, 2012

35 Weeks

Remember way back when I decided to plan on the later delivery date that I discussed with my doc? Yeah, that is getting harder to do at this point. One, because I can't wait to hold our baby. And two, it helps me cheat and think that I am really almost 36 weeks instead of 35 right now...It just sounds so much closer, right?

The bad news this week is I got ANOTHER cold on Friday. This is my third one since September. And I had literally just barely gotten over my 3 1/2 week cold about a week ago. If I am honest with myself, I feel pretty miserable. Sleeping is hard because of my cough, my belly, my bladder, and my 3 a.m. insomnia. I am tempted to go off on how everything has become harder over the weekend, but it is my goal to become a more positive and optimistic person, so I will instead focus on the good....

I can still tie my sneakers, although I do need to bend around my belly or push the baby out of my ribs sometimes.
I can still workout. Yay! I have been swimming laps again, which makes me feel awesome (even though the suit I have to wear is borderline see-through - good thing I hop in the pool, swim, and hop out so no one sees a thing). I only do about 15 laps, when my standard is 30, but I think it helps me feel better. This week when I was swimming I thought to myself "If my water broke right now, I wouldn't even know..." Wouldn't that be funny? I also can still lift weights. In fact, I am surprised, but I am not really inhibited in that area at all. Of course, I make sure not to do anything too heavy and there are some exercises that just don't work with a basketball sized belly, but for the most part I can do the same routine as the beginning of my pregnancy. One thing to note though - I did notice that my breathing has become more shortened this past week. That is with walking, lifting, stairs, etc. This only makes sense considering that I feel our baby boy up next to my rib cage the majority of the day.
Zach seems way excited about the baby. We were able to feel him and watch my belly move all day in church yesterday. We were sitting in sacrament trying not to laugh because he was moving all over the place. At one point in the day, Zach told me something to the extent of 'give me my baby.' I didn't understand at first, but he said he just wants him out so he can hold him for real. That sounds weird as I put it in words, but it was actually really touching in the moment because it showed me that Zach can't wait to see/hold/play with his baby. When we were out Christmas shopping, we stopped for lunch and Zach brought up where we would put the baby when he was with us. I love seeing how Zach is consciously thinking about what it will be like and how our life is going to change.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Z-Dub turned 30!

The big 3-0. I have been teasing Zach for a solid 6 months about what occurred on Tuesday. Who knew that my mister was so much older than me. 30 seems like, 7 years away! Actually, I kinda like being Zach's young wife. It will be good in the future.

Looking at him, I don't really think he looks like he is now in his thirties. He is such a handsome young fella, with a hot body that he still maintains. However, he has definitely matured a few years since we met. I have no doubts that Zach will excel in his career...he already is. I also know that he is going to be an awesome dad. Just in the time that I have been pregnant, I have seen a side to him that shows he is ready to be a parent and that he will do really well with our kids. He already is an amazing husband. I still can't believe how lucky I am...

One year, Zach celebrated my birthday eve with me, and ever since I love the idea. This year he had the Monday off of work before his birthday, so we were able to celebrate his birthday eve this time. He met me for a sushi lunch. I knew sushi would be involved with his birthday somewhere...
That night, when I got off work, we were able to go to Verizon to get his birthday present - a new phone! He has been wanting one forever but we kept holding off because we are bugged that Verizon doesn't really have good customer service anymore, they would change our plan, the expense, etc. I have been so impressed that he has waited this long. I was going to get him a new suit and I thought it was a genius idea, but this idea came up and I gave him the option and he preferred a phone. His reasoning - he would use it so much more. My husband has a practical side. One more reason to love him to pieces.

On Tuesday, although he was quite upset that he couldn't get the day off (they gave him Monday but not Tuesday....gotta love work), I was still able to pick him up from work at about 4 pm and we spent the evening together. 
First stop - Cheesecake factory!
Good thing too, because a hungry mister is a cranky mister, and he cheered right up throughout the meal. He didn't get way into his birthday song, but I was glad the servers came to sing, because to have me do a solo at home probably wouldn't be ideal.
After our meal, we walked around the new City Creek Center. It is a mall, and is extremely well done. The Christmas decorations were fun, and Zach was admiring the architecture. He ended up picking out a sweater for me. I don't know what it is, but he likes to buy me presents on his birthdays....

He also wouldn't let me take hardly any pictures of him - he would just take them of me. Since it was his birthday, he got what he wanted. And I just realized how chunky my face has gotten toward the end of this pregnancy...I'm wishing I had forced him to let me take more of him...
City Creek is right by Temple Square, so we walked over there and looked at all of the lights - one of Zach's favorite things. His favorite lights are the all red or red and orange ones. I love how much he loves everything Christmas. 
We both tired out around the same time (since we are an old married couple and he had to wake up at 4:30 the next morning) and headed home. It was a great evening, and I loved every minute with my mister.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

34 Weeks

Not much new to say today - 
I'm still way excited. Go figure. 
Belly is heavy!
My arches hurt a lot - is that normal?
I now have a flat belly button. Maybe I will take a pic for next time because it is pretty attractive.
Quick pregnancy story: Zach couldn't sleep the other night. He woke up around 3 and was wide awake. I was in and out of sleep, but I has some awareness as to what he was doing. The cute part to this story is that during this time, he just kept his hand on my belly so he could feel our baby move. Tender.

And here is a funny story (excuse me if it is a little TMI, but I don't want to forget about it because it makes me laugh): Last night we were laying in bed and Zach was on the phone with his parents. He reached over and put his hand on my belly. Then he started to swat it - like, a little too much for a prego belly. I was like "What the heck?!" and I shoved his hand away. After his phone call I confirmed my fears - he thought it was my rumpus! I never thought that my belly and my bum would be confused for each other, but there you have it.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gearing up for Christmastime!

I can see how it is easy for people to go crazy at Christmastime, as far as gifts and Christmas spirit, etc. I totally want to go nuts on buying stuff, but my money-conscious side keeps me somewhat in check. I'm a little ticked that Zach and I previously determined a budget for each other, because I want to spoil him so he is like a happy little kid on Christmas. After buying his one big gift, I was bummed because if I truly stuck to the plan, he would only have that one present under the tree. So....I am justifying more presents. My justifications are legitimate, at least in my mind, so everyone wins.

I added another present under the tree last night when he was still at work. When he got home, he was so tired I didn't think he noticed. But, he woke up this morning and said he saw that he had another present and had already snooped. My husband is the world's biggest Christmas snooper, and then he tries to guess and I am so bad at lying that sometimes he gets it. I have gotten better at being vague and I like to think I am more tricky, so I don't think he ever REALLY knows what is is.

I also took off all of our tree decorations and bought new ones to better match the ones we have. Our tree just wasn't right for me yet, and I knew that it would bug me all month if I didn't fix it. Now I just need to find the time/energy/help to put the new ones up!

Friday, we have visitors coming. Allie, my college BFF, is coming for Friday night and Saturday. Our biggest plans are just to catch up and I am so excited. I miss her all the time. We spent so much time together way back then, and she was that awesome friend that sticks around even when you have a boyfriend and get married.

Tara and Klaye are also coming up on Friday with the kids. They have plans to spend time at Temple Square and City Creek, and to get together with Nate and Meg as well. I am hoping to be able to participate with them too. I have been a little stressed on Zach's behalf because he has an 8-page final paper due on Sunday and hasn't got to spend much time on it. But I know he will want to spend time with his family too, so it will be a hard weekend to juggle it all. It also just so happens that they have a special training at work this week that is very important and he has had to work late, so of course he can't get much done before the weekend. Somehow, though, it will all pull together in the end...

After this weekend, there is only a week and a half until the family starts arriving for holiday celebrations! Of course, Christmas comes so fast every year. Zach and I spent a little time talking about what Christmas traditions we want to incorporate with our future family. I'm interested to see what we actually end up doing as the years go on.

Focusing on the spiritual side of Christmas is really important for me this year. I feel like I have become more cynical through my work and adult life experience, which makes me want to focus on Christ and how he would handle what I have gone through and how he would act, treat people, etc. I love that Christmas has the power to make me think about Jesus Christ more and how important he is to me, my life, and my beliefs. Simply directing my thoughts to Him helps me to slow down, feel peace, and have hope. My goal for Christmas in our family is to have a good balance between the fun, sparkly, present-filled Christmas and the spiritual importance of Christ's birth and what that has done for the world and for us as individuals.

33 Weeks

I am so excited that my due date is getting closer!! I was in a lull as far as reality hitting that we are going to be parents in the very near future, but lately it is has begun to sink in that it is almost here. Last weekend I busted out the baby swing and put it together, along with the car seat and stroller. I moved the pack&play/bassinet next to my bed, amid chuckles from my husband who thinks 7-8 weeks before is just too early. A few days later he informed me that he was a month early, so I was able to justify my actions because if our baby was a month early, he would be here in the next week or so! Some days I think he is almost ready because of how he moves and how big he feels, but I really would rather him wait until closer to the due date, just to be sure he is fully developed. I have been having a hunch that he is going to come out looking like Zach, dark hair and eyes...I wonder if my mother's intuition is fine-tuned yet..... 

Here is that baby bump: