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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Smiles :)

Terran gave me his first real smiles on Monday. He has been smiling off and on, but we could never tell if they were conciously given. Monday morning he was all happy and excited and gave me three open mouthed smiles in a row! So adorable. I haven't been able to get a full blown smile pic, but I did get the tail-end of one. He does it a couple times a day, most predictably in the morning, but he really isn't smiling a ton yet.
We were debating if he needed to be in size 2 diapers yet, and decided no. The next day, I weighed Terran and he was 15.4 pounds - definitely big enough for size 2, 1's only go to 14 pounds! In fact, according to his clothes, 3-6 months is 12.5-15.5 pounds. So it seems that my boy is growing like crazy. Everyone always says that he doesn't look like a 4 week old or 6 week old, etc. I obviously don't know any different, but he definitely is a solid little baby. I love having a hefty guy.

Zach loves being a dad. He gets home from work and wants to see his little boy. I text him pictures in the day, or he asks for them. He told me the other night that he didn't know that he would love being a dad this much. That makes me so happy because some men just don't really care for kids that much. Zach also talks about Terran's brothers and sisters and how when they come they will all tie for being the cutest kid ever, but for now Terran holds the title. I wonder when we will have another?! I love the idea of having them close together so that they can have good relationships and be friends growing up. But just how close? I don't know yet.

Terran has been awake and kicking in his little play gym a lot today. I love watching his little legs kick like crazy. Sometimes he just likes to play, and that is when I hurry up an blog a bit!


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