"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, April 27, 2013

St. George Marathon

I hope by putting this up on the blog it doesn't jinx me or anything, but I am planning on running the St. George Marathon! Way back in 2008 was the first time I thought of running a marathon, and this was the one I wanted to do. But, being a college athlete at the time, I thought it was in my better interest not to try and run it the week before official practice started. Since then, the idea is always in the back of my mind. My attempt last year at the Utah Valley Marathon was a bit disappointing and did not fulfill my marathon desire. In fact, it propelled me toward another one! I already started to build my base and my right ankle and shin are already hurting...what the? But, good thing the race is several months away. I plan to sign up next week when I am in St. George, and then official training will start in June.

That training is following a page I ripped out of a running magazine about 5 years ago. Can you believe I still have it? Through getting married and moving six times, it is still in my cupboard, waiting to be followed. The time has come.

Amid worries of slowing my milk production, scheduling runs around my little man, supporting my baby feeders, and avoiding injuries, I still get an almost fanatic feeling when I imagine successfully training and running this race in October. Wish me luck!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Terran's Blessing

We blessed Terran on April 14th. This day is significant to Zach because that is also the day that he joined the military. We had a lot of family support for this wonderful day. My parents and Scott were able to make it, and Zach's parents, Tara and Klaye, Nate and Meg, and Ty and Alaina all came. I looked forward to it for weeks.
I had a little bit of a hard time finding exactly what I wanted for Terran's outfit. The two suits I loved weren't in his size. So I ended up getting one that was just pretty cool instead of totally studly. We didn't even get a picture with it. He was a bit fussy that day so after the blessing when I had to change him, I didn't go through the whole process of putting it back on because I am quite certain he didn't like it anyway. The whole thing really was a pain. I think next time I will be down with just a onesie! The shirt kept coming up, along with his shorts. The suspenders were too long, the vest was too small for his cute belly and I didn't love the tie because it just made me think of it choking him....so not my favorite outfit ever!
Zach's blessing was wonderful and I had to hold back tears. It really made me think of Terran's life in a fast forward type of thinking. Imagining what type of person he will become and all of the exciting and hard things he will have to experience can make a mom emotional! However, it filled me with such a curiosity of how it will all pan out and made me even happier that I get to experience it with him. I know he is going to be an amazing son.
Zach said he was really glad that Terran was so good during the blessing because if he wasn't it would have made it a lot harder. Zach is not a fan of any sort of public speaking and he had a bit of sweat on his brow once he came back to sit down. I asked if he was nervous (I already knew that he was :)) and he asked if I could tell. I said just because I am his wife because I doubt anyone else would have known.
After the blessing we all headed over to Nate and Meg's for a little luncheon and some visiting. The food was great and the company was even better. I love my wonderful family - on both sides!

My supportive family :)

Zach with his wonderful mother.

Grandma and Grandpa with Baby Terran.

Kids playing with Uncle Zach.

Zach holding Terran (3 months) and Kenton (6 months)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Travel Season

Zach has started traveling a ton again! He went to New Mexico for radiation training, came back and went again. Then he came home for two days when we blessed Terran and left again for Montana. He is trying so hard to balance work, school, and family right now. I know that it is really hard for him but he is definitely doing a good job. He is excelling at work which hopefully will be rewarded here in the near future. Already his superiors are noting his extraordinary knowledge in his field and his constant hard work. He is 6 classes away from his Bachelor degree, and we can't wait! On top of all of that, he loves to play with little Terran. I was worried at first that Terran would not remember Zach when he got home from his travels, but he does and he loves him!

We are gearing up for a long stretch without him around. A couple trips to St. George and a quick two days in between his 3 1/2 weeks of travel are what we are hoping will get us through okay.

Here are a couple of pictures from his trip to Montana:

Three Months

Since Zach has been traveling so much and is still in school, he has been taking my laptop with him on his trips to do homework. I didn't want to forget Terran's little milestones, so I started making notes on my phone's notepad. The sweet thing with that is I can just email it to myself then copy and paste it in here. These notes pretty much range from April 8-April 23. So, a week before he was three months to a week after. :)

*Laughed in the tub tonight!( April 8) He did it while I was wiping his neck. He smiles really big when I put his cover up on.
*Started him on Biogaia, which are apparently miracle probiotics that help with gas and can help babies sleep through the night. After two weeks it doesn't seem to have helped.
*Talks all day. Getting louder. Talks back and forth with me. Sounds like he says hey and hi. I think I am saying those two a little much...better start working on mama and dada!
*Doesn't fall asleep for naps very well. 
*Snores when lying on my chest
*Started sucking in the right side of his lip. So cute.
*Won't take a binky but will suck on a blanket! 
*Patted my shoulder. One finger at a time.
*Looking at hands. Pulls blankets to his face. Grabs toy blankie, blankets, towels and brings them to his mouth.
*Hooks my arm with his. I absolutely love this when I am carrying him around.
*Responds to tickling. Makes Zach very happy that he can mess with him!
*Still wakes up with gas in the night...I have accepted that. I'm wondering if it will get better when he can move around more and work it out...
*Holds my arm with his feet.
*Can scream really loud when playing.
*Really fidgety most of the day.
*Likes to sit up more than play on his back.
*Loves his bouncer. Don't know what I'm gonna do since he is almost grown out of it. He kicks so much his socks come off.
*Grabbed his bouncer toy today - April 20
*On the verge of finding his feet...held my arm and was watching them today...
*Can cry a lot louder now...and he does.

I finally got some smiles on camera!

Legit tummy time.

Terran wasn't too sure about my new do..
 Terran and Zach were talking back and forth. :)
Hanging out with Daddy after missing him for two weeks.
Bedtime stories. :)
He finally pays attention when we read to him!
9 month old outfit on my 3 month old babe.
Snuggled after tub time.
Grabbing an actual toy for the first time.
Starting to move himself around on the ground. He moved about 90 degrees.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Kyle's Wedding

This past weekend Zach went to California to be a groomsman for his best friend, Kyle's, wedding. We decided when we bought his ticket that I wouldn't go because we didn't want Terran surrounded by people on the plane. As it got closer and Terran is strong and healthy and we realized it was over Easter weekend, I started looking at flights. But, they were just too expensive at that point so the mister was flying solo. He had a blast though! Kyle married a Filipino girl so Zach got to talk with her family in Tagalog, eat Filipino food at the reception, and do a Filipino dance!

Since he was gone, I had Terran take me on a little date Friday night to get dinner at Zupa's. He is the best company. :)

Changes and our schedule

Terran is full blown loving tub time. He has started splashing like crazy to the point that I am constantly making sure it isn't going over his face. One night he was making me laugh so hard because he was kicking so crazy and excited. The harder I laughed, the harder he kicked. It was so much fun and filled me with such a good feeling. I wish there was a way to save that moment in time.
He also has started to love standing (with my help of course). The night before he was going nuts in the tub, I took a tub with him. That might sound weird, but he loves it and gets to play in deeper water but has me to make sure he is safe. He can spend a lot of time playing and swimming around. Anyway, as we were playing, he kept trying to stand in the water. I think the weightless feeling was intriguing him or something. So I helped him stand and he started taking steps. His eyes got wide and excited and we did that for several minutes. Since then, he stands on my lap for longer periods of time and almost always makes that cute facial expression!
He is also getting better at tummy time. Check it out - He has his daddy's ears!

I was trying to get a Bumbo for him off KSL because I think he is ready to start trying to sit. After a lot of watching and talking to one lady, I decided to just get a new one. I am a little paranoid about other people's kids' spit and pets on toys my baby might use, so I usually end up just buying new stuff. More expensive for sure - bummer - but a little more peace of mind for me.

Another day, I came in to get him from his nap and he was legitimately sucking his thumb. I have caught him with it in there twice before, but it always seemed somewhat accidental. Not this time! I think it is only a matter of time until he constantly is sucking on it...
Zach wanted a picture of Terran's cul-de-sac on the back of his head so we don't forget how cute it was....

I dressed Terran up for Easter. Since Zach was out of town, it was me and him for the first half of the holiday. No Easter egg hunting yet though! Don't mind my goony face in the picture - a mom does what she can to make her baby smile. :)

I have found a new schedule that has been working wonders for both Terran and me. I was semi doing Baby Wise, but it just wasn't working. Terran is a short napper (35-45 mins) and Baby Wise calls for 1 1/2 hr naps. It was stressing me out! Because of the naps, we weren't ever getting as consistent as I wanted to. Plus, I was worried he wasn't getting enough rest. It finally came to a peak - he had a wonderful day (I had him napping in his swing and that was the only way he would sleep very long - which pretty much every book says not to do) and then the next day was miserable. He would cry but not sleep. I tried the "cry it out" thing twice and absolutely hated it and it didn't even work for Terran. Once Zach got home, I was so disheartened and decided I must be missing something. I ran to the library to get the Baby Wise book, and ended up checking out seven books. Over the next day, I read 4 of them (not all cover to cover, but getting the info I needed). This is when I decided to ditch Baby Wise. I read a book called Twelve Hours' Sleep by Twelve Weeks that made a night and day difference in my outlook on the whole situation as well as with Terran so far! It only (eventually) calls for two naps a day and the eating schedule worked with Terran from day one. It says to feed every 4 hours, and we would do anywhere from 3-4 hours. My stress level was way down, Terran still takes his shorts naps, and they are enough for him. He wakes up happy, so what other indicator is there? The second night he slept 7 hours, woke up and ate, then slept 5 more. He woke up for a brief minute but went back to sleep. No matter what if his schedule doesn't line up with bedtime, he still likes to eat and go to sleep around 7:15. I have started getting him up at 7 each morning so he is eating around 7:15, and it works for us.
I went to buy the book on Amazon and started reading reviews. Bad idea. Of course there are a ton of 5 stars, but there were some 1 star reviews from people claiming to be doctors, physicians, etc. They said that only eating 4 times a day is not near enough and the whole concept is bad for breastfeeding and will make you lose your milk supply, and on and on with negativity. This made me freak out a little. Was I not feeding Terran enough? Should I not do the schedule that seemed to be great for him? I read a bunch of the 5 star reviews to feel better. They combatted the 1 star claims, but the worry was in my mind. I talked to Zach, and he wasn't too worried. Basically, in his mind and as I think logically, Terran is gaining weight and has been this whole time. I haven't had milk supply issues, unless you call too much and overactive letdown issues. In short, I'm not exactly drying up. Granted, it has only been a few days, but I can pay attention to it and make sure. These thoughts helped me feel a little better. I have decided that it is bad to turn to the Internet for all of my questions at this point. There are too many views, too wide of a spectrum, to really get a right answer. Some people advocate sleeping with your baby, others say crib from day one. Some say feed on demand, every hour if necessary, some say go four hours. There is no way to tell what is really right, so I am going to focus more on Terran's cues and needs as well as my mother's intuition. We have been doing pretty good so far and to be frank, I am kinda sick of trying to do it "the right" way which just turns out being wrong to someone else. Being a mother is hard enough without adding the additional stress and confusion that conflicting opinions can bring into the mix. I feel that the Lord has blessed me with the potential to be a good mom, so if I focus on my child and rely on the Lord, it is going to turn out okay, or probably great!
That is something that has been wonderful in this whole experience so far - my relationship with Heavenly Father. I have turned to him numerous times - in the night when I don't know what to do, in the moments when I break down and have tears, in the happy times when I am filled with such gratitude to have the opportunity to be a mom and have an amazing child. I talk to him when I am sad, frustrated, happy, blessed, grateful, confused, worried. He is always there and comforts me and I no longer take it for granted that prayer is available to me.