"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, May 31, 2013

Sitting up!

Having a new baby really is such an adventure. Everyone always says it, but there really is something new all the time. Little T-Dub sat up yesterday! I was sitting on the floor folding laundry and Terran was in between my legs. All of a sudden I realized he was sitting up without my help and not leaning on his hands! I hurried and had Zach take a picture. We were just staring at him in awe. I absolutely love watching him figure things out!

Watching a little Jurassic Park
Don't mind my cute little fat roll showing off in this pic. I can attribute that to tight pants, just had lunch, just had a baby, whatever I want really. Fact remains, it was there to be documented and I'm not exactly pleased about it. :)

A little note about watching movies - I am a little paranoid that it is bad for babies. But, watching movies is a go-to chill option for me, so I sneak one in sometimes. It usually takes about four or five days to complete but I still get that little mental fun time. If Terran is awake, I don't like to watch much longer than twenty minutes, just in case.
He also found his big toe and put it in his mouth during his tub the other night. I was surprised it took this long since he has been grabbing his feet for a while. The next day he did it with his other toes.

I brought up an old walker somebody gave us. We had put it in the basement - Zach wanted to get rid of it, but I thought it might come in handy. I have been running out of hands-free ways to keep our babe entertained, so I was ready to try it. He can only play in the bouncer and on his back for so long these days - like five minutes. After that, he wants to see the world and anything and everything that is going on. The walker is great because he loves to stand.
 Another notable event that happened this week was he fell off the couch! Bad mom moment! Actually, I was right next to him, with him against my leg. I was stuffing paper into a box and in that split second he reached too far forward and tumbled on over. He only cried for a short bit and was smiling and laughing again within minutes, but I still felt horrible and vowed to never let it happen again.

He is getting so mobile. He has started leaning toward things that he wants. I can picture him getting out of my arms and crawling to his daddy. I feel his little body have the urge, he just can't do that quite yet.

Feel free to compare this picture of him in his swing to previous posts to fully realize how huge my baby boy is getting!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A stranger in the neighborhood

One day I ran to the store, and when I got home there was a stranger walking away from our house. He was a black man wearing a bright yellow hat and shoes and kinda gangster looking clothes. We live in a semi-cul-de-sac and he was walking directly into the road, right at my car. I avoided eye contact because I thought he might try to stop me. I hurried and pulled into the garage and shut it. Then I got to thinking....
Why was he at our house?
If he was a salesman, why wasn't he going to any of my neighbors' houses?
If he was looking for us specifically, why didn't he stop me in my car?
I checked out the house, and much to my chagrin, I had left the front door unlocked. Zach always catches that mistake when I make it, so I was mentally kicking myself pretty hard. I checked to see if anything was missing or if there was a sign of someone coming in. I didn't find anything, but still felt unsettled. I ran to my neighbor's to see if he had come to her house. Bad news, he hadn't. So it didn't seem like he was a salesman, and that was the only solution I could come up with as to why he was there. Zach was, of course, gone. I talked to him about it a couple times on the phone. We decided I should have called the police, because if anything else, it was kinda suspicious since he did not look like anyone that lives around here. Together, we worked myself up enough to have me walking around the house with my gun, looking around every corner. Ultimately, we decided I should go stay the night at Nate and Meg's. So I packed up and put my sleeping Terran in the car seat and we headed to safety. I think he rather enjoyed our sleepover. He liked playing in the bed as I tried to make it..
I went home that afternoon after hanging out with Megan. I'm on the phone with Zach and the doorbell rings. I run into our guest room to peek through the blinds. No cars. That means neighbor or salesman. I went to look through the peephole, and the black guy was walking away! I watched him walk over to my neighbor's, then down the street to another one. This time he was in some sort of worker suit with cleaning stuff in his pocket. It appears he actually was a salesman! All that worry and fear for that. I still felt better knowing that was what he was doing. Plus, now I have walked through every thing I should do if I see a suspicious person in our neighborhood. I am also more determined to find a creative and cute way to put a No Soliciting sign on our front porch....

Mother's Day

I started this post a lot closer to Mother's Day but didn't finish it because I wanted a picture of the finished product. Now, I am finally finishing it.
I had been wanting planter boxes forever! I knew that Zach would want to make them look perfect, and with all his traveling the time was never really there for him to build them for me. I asked for them for my birthday, but it didn't happen because of his travel schedule. So, while he was out of town, he told me he was going to make me planter boxes for Mother's Day. He came home and we hit up Home Depot to get all of the supplies. Zach worked hard the next day to get them complete. It was definitely a full day project, but I am entirely impressed with his handiwork and am so happy to have them. Now I'm ready for the top soil and plants!
Also while we were at Home Depot, we decided to get Zach his Father's Day gift a little early. He had been mentioning a leaf blower for ages...every chance he got. We had looked at them three times, so I knew just what one to get and was planning to surprise him on Father's Day. But, he brought it up again and I knew with mowing the lawn he just had to have it, and I figured what was the point in waiting? He was going to want it and use it several times between now and then, so we might as well just get it. So we did, and he has been a happy ole chap ever since. It's amazing what man tools do for a guy....

On a different note concerning this holiday, I (obviously) now love Mother's Day. Not only to celebrate my own wonderful mother (who truly is the very best and I love her and need her so very much), but because I love being a mother. Children truly are a gift from God and Terran lights up my life.

Speed Post

I am writing this post as fast as I can while Terran is down for one of his thirty minute naps...

I can't believe how hard it is to blog! When Zach is traveling, I basically never get around to it. But, I make little mental notes to try and remember what I want to write.

Two stories:
One day at church, Terran was flirting it up hard core with two of the little baby girls there. He would smile and giggle and gaze at them. He was completely intrigued and nothing could distract him. It was adorable.
One time, a long time ago now, Zach was playing with Terran and I was just hanging out. I looked over at Zach and he was putting Terran's arms around his neck and said "Give me a baby hug." It melted my little heart, and now I always tell Terran to give me a baby hug. :)

Since my last post, Terran has learned how to stick out his tongue and he now loves to grab at our faces. He also can play in front of the mirror for a long time...which is pretty nice when I am trying to get ready for the day! I found out that he is ticklish on the back side of his ribs, particularly on the right. I get him with my mouth and it never fails to make him squeal with delight. I live for that little boy's laughs and squeals!

We also went to his 4 month checkup, where he was 19 lbs 5 ozs and 26.8 inches - both 95 percentile still. I bet our baby is always going to be on the high end of the scale.

Terran loves being outside. We go on two walks a day, and when he is feisty and nothing else seems to be what he wants, we go outside and he gets happy and content. He also LOVES his daddy. Zach was gone to Vegas and Guam for two weeks and got home on Sunday. Terran cannot stop smiling at his daddy. Every time Zach talks or looks at him, his face lights up. It makes me so happy. I am so glad that Terran remembers him and loves him so much!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Four Months Old!

Little man at four months old:
*turns in crib
*rolls on side
*grabs feet
*new noises with lips
*loves to be naked
*needs toys to stay entertained sometimes
*immediately protests when he doesn't like or doesn't want something

I am within five pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight!

Terran seems to like men's voices, at least his grandpa's and his daddy's. When he hears them, he immediately looks for it and smiles when they talk to him. So cute. My dad said how much he liked it, and I could tell it made him happy. :)

One day Zach went in to get him from a nap and his foot was sticking out of his crib. He also loves to kick against the bars before he falls asleep.

As you can see in the pictures, Terran is getting a little big for his bouncer, is loving his feet, gets extremely excited for tub time (even if he was cranky five seconds before), Zach had him practice driving already, and Terran gets new pajamas all the time because it seems like pj's are what he grows out of fastest...

Today has been such a great day. Terran was the best baby as I ran errands. He napped and woke up and played and blew his lips and stayed content. When we got home, I put him out our spinny chair and sat with him. He was talking and playing with me forever! He then proceeded to play on his activity mat for about an hour! This was one of the first times I legitimately chilled out while he was wide awake and didn't need a lot of attention. And this was coming off of a week where he was constantly wanted to be held or played with, so it was a welcome chill sesh. When he was ready to hang out with me again, I held him on my lap and sang a made-up song to him. It was such a special moment because he was just listening to me with a wide-open smile on his face. He wasn't laughing or talking, just listening and loving it. I then proceeded to make him laugh for a good ten minutes.

There are definitely days with ups and downs, but today was a day that was almost all ups. I love my sweet little baby. :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ironman spectating

The day after my dad's graduation was the St. George Ironman 70.3. My dad still follows the triathlete world and knows all the top dogs, so we were pretty excited to watch since it was a Pro Championship. We kept debating back and forth the night before of what we should try to catch because with the road closures, we didn't want to get stuck and miss certain parts of the race. We ended up heading to Hurricane to see the bike race, and we caught the very front of the pack. It was way sweet to see the pros go flying by. It was even cooler to have my dad there to point out who was who and cheer them on by name!
After we watched the leading men and women, we headed to St. George. We saw the leaders again while we were driving on the freeway, then we stopped at Kneaders for breakfast. We feasted. It was yummy. Then we headed to our strategic point to catch the leaders coming in from the bike and out on the run. We had perfect timing. It was so fun to watch my dad get excited. My mom was a great help with Terran, helping me keep him covered in the sun and helping lug my diaper bag around. She is always the greatest help, in any situation!

Zach and his unit were working the Ironman, basically just manpower on standby. As timing would have it, we were able to meet up with him to watch the winner come in on the run. We also got to enjoy lunch together. Terran was pretty happy to see his daddy!
Oh, I almost forgot. The day before, after Dad's graduation, I went and signed up for the St. George Marathon! It's official. I got butterflies and I have been way excited ever since. My parents were debating whether or not they were going to do it. I thought they had decided not to, and the night it closed I remember thinking "I guess they aren't doing it." The next morning I was hanging out with my mom, and she said she couldn't remember if it was a dream or not, but she thought Dad had signed them up for the marathon. Turns out it was real! He said they may not be 100% committed, but at least now they have the option. I bet they will do it. :) They wanted to support me and be at the starting line together. Now, as I envision it, it is going to be even more awesome! Good thing I will have Zach around to take care of little T-Dub while we are all running...

Bachelor degree!!

My dad graduated from college last December with a Bachelor degree in Elementary Education. He wasn't really planning on walking since the commencement ceremony was in the Spring, but my mom and I convinced him that he just had to! I made sure that I could be there for such a special day. I loaded Terran up and hit the road early. This ride was a lot different than our first trip to St. George when he slept the whole time except to wake and eat once. This time we had to stop three times, each time taking time to play and get some wiggles out. On the third stop just after Cedar, he ate and conked out, as you can see in the pic.
We decided to surprise my dad at his school. I had been wanting to see his classroom and see him in action, so we didn't tell him and I surprised him right at the end of school. I got to see him interact with his kids, hear the office ladies rave about how great he has been for their school, and watch him show his grandson off to his fellow teachers. He walked me out to my car where we had Terran try out his new sunglasses, which he really does not like. Don't let that grin fool you...
Friday we went to the convocation and commencement. This is Dixie's first year as a university, and I feel that a lot has changed since I went there.Not only has the campus changed, but the entire graduation ceremony was different. They now have you separate into your different departments and walk through the "D" at a later time.
Being there for this special event with my dad was such a great experience. There was a very slight chance that I wouldn't make it, but I knew without a doubt that I was going to be there. My dad has always been there for me and supported me in every accomplishment I have ever had, how could I miss this one of his?
All throughout the day I kept thinking about how amazing of a person he is. I was constantly filled with such pride at his hard work and courage to do what he did. I am so thankful that he sacrificed so much for us as kids growing up, and I am even more thankful that he has found something that he really enjoys doing. As a kid, I remember wondering why Dad didn't have the summers off like the rest of us. Now, he finally does. Nobody deserves to enjoy a little more time off than my dad. He is the hardest working, most respectable and admirable man I know and he has overcome many obstacles to be who he is today.Oh, and by the way, he graduated Cum Laude and got Student of the Year. Rock on Dad!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Babysitting the other Whites.

Nate and Megan went to Fiji for 10 days and asked us to watch their kids. I'm so glad we did.
When they first asked us, we immediately thought that we would. As it drew closer, I started to worry that I would have a hard time because I still stress quite a bit about Terran and making sure everything is good for him.
Meg had me come a little early to show me their school and give me instructions. As they prepared to leave, I was trying to deal with the fact that I would now be taking care of five kids instead of just one! But, things went quite smoothly and I think I can eventually handle a few more children permanently in our home.
We handled a few quarrels, and Zach and I both ended up giving a lecture to the boys...just practicing for when we have teenagers. :)
I took little Zach and Liv to the park on Saturday. I walked on the path with Terran while Zach long boarded and Olivia played on the playground. Sunday everyone but Tanner went on a walk around the neighborhood after church. The kids loved it and we had a blast.
Olivia helped me bathe Terran every night and kept me up to date and the cute boys, math problems, and all her friends at school. We did homework projects, which she resisted quite a bit but finally finished.
The kids all love Terran and would take turns holding him. I am glad he is a lot easier to hold now that he supports his own head for the most part. This way I didn't worry as much when they wanted to hold him and pass him around.
All in all, it was a good experience and I love my little niece and nephews. :)
(I'm not sure where Cam was, but we didn't get a picture with him and Terran.)

T-Dub update

More notes from my phone on our little cutie:
Smiles at me when eating - makes me feel special.
Also goes through phases where he gulps a ton of air again. If it is his nighttime feeding, I am immediately filled with a sense of dread because it means he will wake up a bunch with gas. :(
Goes down for naps a lot easier (some of the time). I called Zach the baby whisperer because it seems whenever he puts Terran down for a nap, there is no crying involved. Lucky guy.
Follows people with his eyes until he can't see them anymore.
Sticks both legs straight up in the air then slams them down on the bed at nighttime....not really sure what he is doing...haha
Sucks fingers constantly
Eating time reduced to 10-15 mins - that was about two weeks ago...now he is down to about 5 minutes. I am constantly wondering how he gets enough to go three hours without eating. He must be able to swallow faster or something...

Scoliosis update:
We went up to Shriner's Hospital to get him checked out for scoliosis.It was a strange experience. Zach had to pick up Zach and Olivia from school, so I had to go alone. I had successfully kept this subject on the back of my mind so I hadn't stressed too much.
After a quick exam from the doc (who stated that he wasn't entirely sure he even had scoliosis and it is hard to tell in this young of child), we got x-rays , which Terran hated. After that, another doctor came and examined him. He said that it does seem that Terran has it because his back is a little "fuller" on one side, but just barely and it is not progressive. When he said that I felt so much better. He then went on to say that it shouldn't get worse and 80-90% of these cases grow out of it. I can definitely hope and pray this is the case for Terran. We scheduled a follow up appointment to have him checked again in July. So, all in all, it was a pretty good outcome and I rarely worry about it anymore. We will just continue to follow up and make sure everything is okay.