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-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bachelor degree!!

My dad graduated from college last December with a Bachelor degree in Elementary Education. He wasn't really planning on walking since the commencement ceremony was in the Spring, but my mom and I convinced him that he just had to! I made sure that I could be there for such a special day. I loaded Terran up and hit the road early. This ride was a lot different than our first trip to St. George when he slept the whole time except to wake and eat once. This time we had to stop three times, each time taking time to play and get some wiggles out. On the third stop just after Cedar, he ate and conked out, as you can see in the pic.
We decided to surprise my dad at his school. I had been wanting to see his classroom and see him in action, so we didn't tell him and I surprised him right at the end of school. I got to see him interact with his kids, hear the office ladies rave about how great he has been for their school, and watch him show his grandson off to his fellow teachers. He walked me out to my car where we had Terran try out his new sunglasses, which he really does not like. Don't let that grin fool you...
Friday we went to the convocation and commencement. This is Dixie's first year as a university, and I feel that a lot has changed since I went there.Not only has the campus changed, but the entire graduation ceremony was different. They now have you separate into your different departments and walk through the "D" at a later time.
Being there for this special event with my dad was such a great experience. There was a very slight chance that I wouldn't make it, but I knew without a doubt that I was going to be there. My dad has always been there for me and supported me in every accomplishment I have ever had, how could I miss this one of his?
All throughout the day I kept thinking about how amazing of a person he is. I was constantly filled with such pride at his hard work and courage to do what he did. I am so thankful that he sacrificed so much for us as kids growing up, and I am even more thankful that he has found something that he really enjoys doing. As a kid, I remember wondering why Dad didn't have the summers off like the rest of us. Now, he finally does. Nobody deserves to enjoy a little more time off than my dad. He is the hardest working, most respectable and admirable man I know and he has overcome many obstacles to be who he is today.Oh, and by the way, he graduated Cum Laude and got Student of the Year. Rock on Dad!

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