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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Four Months Old!

Little man at four months old:
*turns in crib
*rolls on side
*grabs feet
*new noises with lips
*loves to be naked
*needs toys to stay entertained sometimes
*immediately protests when he doesn't like or doesn't want something

I am within five pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight!

Terran seems to like men's voices, at least his grandpa's and his daddy's. When he hears them, he immediately looks for it and smiles when they talk to him. So cute. My dad said how much he liked it, and I could tell it made him happy. :)

One day Zach went in to get him from a nap and his foot was sticking out of his crib. He also loves to kick against the bars before he falls asleep.

As you can see in the pictures, Terran is getting a little big for his bouncer, is loving his feet, gets extremely excited for tub time (even if he was cranky five seconds before), Zach had him practice driving already, and Terran gets new pajamas all the time because it seems like pj's are what he grows out of fastest...

Today has been such a great day. Terran was the best baby as I ran errands. He napped and woke up and played and blew his lips and stayed content. When we got home, I put him out our spinny chair and sat with him. He was talking and playing with me forever! He then proceeded to play on his activity mat for about an hour! This was one of the first times I legitimately chilled out while he was wide awake and didn't need a lot of attention. And this was coming off of a week where he was constantly wanted to be held or played with, so it was a welcome chill sesh. When he was ready to hang out with me again, I held him on my lap and sang a made-up song to him. It was such a special moment because he was just listening to me with a wide-open smile on his face. He wasn't laughing or talking, just listening and loving it. I then proceeded to make him laugh for a good ten minutes.

There are definitely days with ups and downs, but today was a day that was almost all ups. I love my sweet little baby. :)

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  1. What a chunker!!! :-) He is so precious! Miss you guys!