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-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mother's Day

I started this post a lot closer to Mother's Day but didn't finish it because I wanted a picture of the finished product. Now, I am finally finishing it.
I had been wanting planter boxes forever! I knew that Zach would want to make them look perfect, and with all his traveling the time was never really there for him to build them for me. I asked for them for my birthday, but it didn't happen because of his travel schedule. So, while he was out of town, he told me he was going to make me planter boxes for Mother's Day. He came home and we hit up Home Depot to get all of the supplies. Zach worked hard the next day to get them complete. It was definitely a full day project, but I am entirely impressed with his handiwork and am so happy to have them. Now I'm ready for the top soil and plants!
Also while we were at Home Depot, we decided to get Zach his Father's Day gift a little early. He had been mentioning a leaf blower for ages...every chance he got. We had looked at them three times, so I knew just what one to get and was planning to surprise him on Father's Day. But, he brought it up again and I knew with mowing the lawn he just had to have it, and I figured what was the point in waiting? He was going to want it and use it several times between now and then, so we might as well just get it. So we did, and he has been a happy ole chap ever since. It's amazing what man tools do for a guy....

On a different note concerning this holiday, I (obviously) now love Mother's Day. Not only to celebrate my own wonderful mother (who truly is the very best and I love her and need her so very much), but because I love being a mother. Children truly are a gift from God and Terran lights up my life.

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  1. Im so jealous right now! I want a garden SO bad! I love fresh home grown produce!