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Friday, May 31, 2013

Sitting up!

Having a new baby really is such an adventure. Everyone always says it, but there really is something new all the time. Little T-Dub sat up yesterday! I was sitting on the floor folding laundry and Terran was in between my legs. All of a sudden I realized he was sitting up without my help and not leaning on his hands! I hurried and had Zach take a picture. We were just staring at him in awe. I absolutely love watching him figure things out!

Watching a little Jurassic Park
Don't mind my cute little fat roll showing off in this pic. I can attribute that to tight pants, just had lunch, just had a baby, whatever I want really. Fact remains, it was there to be documented and I'm not exactly pleased about it. :)

A little note about watching movies - I am a little paranoid that it is bad for babies. But, watching movies is a go-to chill option for me, so I sneak one in sometimes. It usually takes about four or five days to complete but I still get that little mental fun time. If Terran is awake, I don't like to watch much longer than twenty minutes, just in case.
He also found his big toe and put it in his mouth during his tub the other night. I was surprised it took this long since he has been grabbing his feet for a while. The next day he did it with his other toes.

I brought up an old walker somebody gave us. We had put it in the basement - Zach wanted to get rid of it, but I thought it might come in handy. I have been running out of hands-free ways to keep our babe entertained, so I was ready to try it. He can only play in the bouncer and on his back for so long these days - like five minutes. After that, he wants to see the world and anything and everything that is going on. The walker is great because he loves to stand.
 Another notable event that happened this week was he fell off the couch! Bad mom moment! Actually, I was right next to him, with him against my leg. I was stuffing paper into a box and in that split second he reached too far forward and tumbled on over. He only cried for a short bit and was smiling and laughing again within minutes, but I still felt horrible and vowed to never let it happen again.

He is getting so mobile. He has started leaning toward things that he wants. I can picture him getting out of my arms and crawling to his daddy. I feel his little body have the urge, he just can't do that quite yet.

Feel free to compare this picture of him in his swing to previous posts to fully realize how huge my baby boy is getting!

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