"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Zoo

We went to the zoo with our friends, the Griffin's, on Saturday. I'm so sad we didn't take a picture with them! Jessica and I played bball in college together and have been friends ever since.
We were a little disappointed with the zoo. We have somewhat recently been to the Denver Zoo and the Miami Zoo, and both were much better than the Hogle Zoo. It didn't help that half of it was under construction for the new African Safari exhibit. But, it was still awesome to see all of the animals. Usually my very favorite is the giraffes, but this trip had me loving the polar bear and the river otters. They were both very active which makes it way more fun to watch.
Terran did wonderful. He played in his stroller, ate, slept, and loved looking at all the people and things. Zach had him laughing really good and Terran liked Gentry - giving him big smiles and random laughs.
Daddy is always gettin' a baby...
I really love elephants too...this was a pretty cool statue they had in front of the exhibit.
After the zoo we got some Blue Iguana Mexican food. Yum!
First time in a restaurant high chair.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A little unpleasantry

Terran's toots started stinking today! I'm thinking that rice cereal finally caught up to him because, Wow! I can't believe I have to deal with two boys like that! I have now decided to avoid solids as long as possible.....

On a lighter note, I finally bought Terran an Exersaucer. I almost did several times at the store, but really couldn't bring myself to pay $120. One morning when I was exhausted from helping him stand and sit, stand and sit, I pulled up KSL in hopes of finding a gem. Most recent post = the exact item I had decided to get at the store, but only $30! I had to drive to Springville, and it wasn't exactly in very good condition like she had said, but a hose down and a number of disinfecting wipes later - WaLa! a happy baby and a mom who can hurry and do all the laundry and dishes in ten minutes. Or just half the laundry...

Guy Time

Zach spent last night up Spanish Fork Canyon for work. As I was home, I was thinking about how he brought our tent, but said he was only bringing it as a precaution in case of inclement weather because he was planning on sleeping on his cot under the stars. I was thinking how guys are so cool - he doesn't worry about bugs or animals. He just wanted to enjoy the total awesomeness of sleeping under the stars. Then I proceeded to think that I am actually pretty lucky that he gets to do those kinds of things for work - this way, he never feels the need or desire to ditch me and the T-Dub to get some quality man time on the weekends or whatever. :) He really isn't the type to need or demand man time, but I know it is nice when they get to camp, hike, or shoot during work exercises. We are so grateful that he has a good job that he loves and that fits his personality and that allows me to stay home with our children. That has always been important, but it is even more so to both of us now that we are in the midst of it.

Monday, June 17, 2013

5 months

Terranator is 5 months old. And my, did he change a lot in this last month.

He now sits up on his own. I still have to watch him every second though because he gets excited to crawl, but doesn't know how so he face plants if I am not there. However, he is getting pretty close to crawling. He pushes he legs and pulls with him arms. He just hasn't quite figured it out yet.
He finally rolled over. He was on our bed playing with me. He would be sitting up, then go forward onto his belly, then kick his leg to get onto his back. It was such an awesome thing to watch him learn that if it wasn't easy, he had to kick harder. He did it three times before I grabbed him to run and find Zach to show him. The next couple days had him going from back to tummy. His right arm still gets stuck though. He doesn't seem to mind, but I can't help but think that it is highly uncomfortable so I usually help him with that part.
Terran also laces his fingers with mine, and I love it. He does it when we walk or when he eats. Which, by the way, he gets distracted ALL THE TIME when he is eating now, and it is so frustrating! I struggle to tell if he is really full or if something else has caught his attention.
He also straddles me when I'm holding him while standing or when he is lying on my belly...yeah, he is that big. His legs go around me. I just found out today that he is the same weight as our neighbor - who will be two years old in August.
His naps are still a consistent 30-40 mins every two hours after he wakes up. I try not to get my hopes up that he will ever lengthen them. I worry more about him eliminating them! He already got rid of his late nap in the day.
He is becoming increasingly independent. He likes to go to sleep on his own quite often now. If I catch him at the right time, he will just lay in his crib either playing or just making noise until he falls asleep. Those times are nice. When I miss that nice little window and enter the terrible time when he is overtired - not so nice. Especially because he really knows how to use his lungs now! As far as independence, I think he is pretty excited to get moving. He always wants to stand and walk or try to crawl. He isn't a huge fan of being held constantly, but he doesn't like to just sit anywhere, so I still am with him the majority of his waking time. That's just fine though because we are buds.
He is wearing 9-18 month clothes. The 9's are getting a bit snug, 12's are perfect as of today, and 18 month are just a little long. I can barely keep up with transferring his clothes to boxes in the basement...
Terran LOVES being outside. I'm a little worried for winter....maybe I said that before, but I still am. Hopefully he likes the snow just as much as me.
On our walks, he seems to be dissatisfied with his angle in the actually seat. He likes to drive. So he will fuss and sometimes I let him steer. This cute picture is of him watching the construction guys next door. Let me tell you, we are so excited that we are getting neighbors next door! We have been waiting to put our fence up until they can split it with us! Ha Ha Most days, Terran and I spend time watching what they are up to. It keeps him entertained for quite a while.
We tried out the pool again tonight, and he is a fan! He was kicking and doggie paddling and smiling at the little girl who hung out by us. I got ticked at all of the inconsiderate kids who kept splashing us, but Terran really didn't seem to mind.

Father's Day

 Zach's first Father's Day. These two love each other like crazy. Lucky dad, lucky baby. 


Race watching

Zach had to work at the Utah Valley Marathon and I thought it would be good inspiration for me to go. It was. Plus Terran and Daddy got to hang out. Good way to spend a Saturday morning.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mmm...rice cereal.

We tried some rice cereal last week. I had wanted to wait on solids until Terran was closer to six months, but it seemed like he wasn't staying full and was interested in eating. The doctor said it may be better to start earlier with him as well since he was still waking in the night and is a big boy.
He wasn't too enthused in the beginning.

Once I stripped him down though, he seemed more into it. I don't know what it is about being naked, but this kid eats better, sleeps better, and plays better as a naked little buddy.
I have since fed him twice more, with the last time making him a little constipated. He seems to be satisfied just on breastmilk again though, so I am going to keep waiting a little while longer before making this a daily thing.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pool time!

We took Terran to the pool for the first time on Friday. By the time Zach and I both got ready and we ran to the store for some swim diapers, I realized the timing was bad. Sure enough, Terran yawned a huge yawn right as we pulled into the parking lot. I was bummed. Terran has been skipping his last nap of the day, but this one was a little early to skip. He was tired as I got him in the water, but he didn't seem to mind it much. In fact, since there was so much to see and so many kids around, he was pretty occupied.
Check out my one piece....first time wearing one of those in years and years. When I pulled it out, Zach said "That looks like an old mom swimming suit!" I briefly got angry at him because when I bought it last year he said it was cute. Once I put it on, it didn't look too bad and Zach took his words back.

 After Terran and I sat in the water and he got his big yawn out, he got a little more interested. Zach was kinda being a baby and didn't want to get in and be cold, but the desire to play with his little boy finally overcame him and he joined us. We took Terran in the lazy river, and he mostly just chilled out.

Once we got out of the water, Terran overcame his tiredness and had a blast playing on the lounge chair and getting stripped down. I'm thinking I am gonna get him a speedo type swim suit...he is more down to show some skin than be protected from UV rays...

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Z-Dub and the new humidifier

I bought Terran a humidifier to try and help with his congestion at night. The day it came in the mail, Zach opened it and put it together. I was playing with Terran in the living room when I noticed Zach had been laughing for quite a while. I looked over and this is what the mister was doing:

He thought it was hilarious! I have to admit, it really was. His joy from it as much as the faces he was making as much as the things he was making the mist do...

Here is a good shot of my happy little baby - he thought his daddy was pretty funny too!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Day in the Perfect Life

Yesterday was the best day.
I woke up to our little baby's playful coos while he hung out in his crib.
Next, Zach and I made a scrumptious breakfast and enjoyed it together.
We then headed to a nursery to find an apricot tree, a decorative tree, and some strawberries. Score on all three.
We had lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant. They have awesome food and an awesome $6.99 lunch special. Yes, please.
As we ran all of these errands, twice Terran fell asleep holding on to my finger. Sweet moments.
As we arrived home, I took care of my mom duties while Zach got to work in the yard. Terran and I joined him and the weather was great. Add the fact that the sexy, hard working, good-at-everything-outdoors man was my husband, I was feeling pretty good about life.
I left Zach with Terran once to work on dinner and as I came outside, I heard squealing and laughing. I thought it was the neighbor kids at first, but quickly realized it was my little boy playing with his daddy. Do you know how many feel-goods run through my body when I witness such a thing? Quite a few.
We then proceeded to have dinner as a family. I told Zach that I felt happy and you know what his response was? "This is what it's all about, isn't it?" And it really is.
After dinner, Zach said he couldn't wait to play a game with Terran, where Zach would look away and Terran would say "Hey!" and Zach would look at him and make him laugh. I told Zach that he already does that, without saying hey. So, Zach started playing it with him and Terran even started doing the "Hey!" part, but in baby language. It seriously was so funny. He did it time after time, then would laugh really hard when Zach looked back at him. I would bust up every time.
Terran was getting tired and went to bed extremely easy after his tub. That is always nice after a long day....
I had previously determined that one way or another, I was going to run 6 or 7 miles that day. Since I hadn't yet, I decided to go as soon as I put Terran to bed. I went, I ran, and I felt great!
Now, although this was a play-by-play account of our day, it truly was great. I just hope recording it helps me remember back to these wonderful times.
Trying to protect him from the sun...he still has a nice farmer's tan coming on though.

Planters are now ready for seeds! And, we finally found an apricot tree. Yay!