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Monday, June 17, 2013

5 months

Terranator is 5 months old. And my, did he change a lot in this last month.

He now sits up on his own. I still have to watch him every second though because he gets excited to crawl, but doesn't know how so he face plants if I am not there. However, he is getting pretty close to crawling. He pushes he legs and pulls with him arms. He just hasn't quite figured it out yet.
He finally rolled over. He was on our bed playing with me. He would be sitting up, then go forward onto his belly, then kick his leg to get onto his back. It was such an awesome thing to watch him learn that if it wasn't easy, he had to kick harder. He did it three times before I grabbed him to run and find Zach to show him. The next couple days had him going from back to tummy. His right arm still gets stuck though. He doesn't seem to mind, but I can't help but think that it is highly uncomfortable so I usually help him with that part.
Terran also laces his fingers with mine, and I love it. He does it when we walk or when he eats. Which, by the way, he gets distracted ALL THE TIME when he is eating now, and it is so frustrating! I struggle to tell if he is really full or if something else has caught his attention.
He also straddles me when I'm holding him while standing or when he is lying on my belly...yeah, he is that big. His legs go around me. I just found out today that he is the same weight as our neighbor - who will be two years old in August.
His naps are still a consistent 30-40 mins every two hours after he wakes up. I try not to get my hopes up that he will ever lengthen them. I worry more about him eliminating them! He already got rid of his late nap in the day.
He is becoming increasingly independent. He likes to go to sleep on his own quite often now. If I catch him at the right time, he will just lay in his crib either playing or just making noise until he falls asleep. Those times are nice. When I miss that nice little window and enter the terrible time when he is overtired - not so nice. Especially because he really knows how to use his lungs now! As far as independence, I think he is pretty excited to get moving. He always wants to stand and walk or try to crawl. He isn't a huge fan of being held constantly, but he doesn't like to just sit anywhere, so I still am with him the majority of his waking time. That's just fine though because we are buds.
He is wearing 9-18 month clothes. The 9's are getting a bit snug, 12's are perfect as of today, and 18 month are just a little long. I can barely keep up with transferring his clothes to boxes in the basement...
Terran LOVES being outside. I'm a little worried for winter....maybe I said that before, but I still am. Hopefully he likes the snow just as much as me.
On our walks, he seems to be dissatisfied with his angle in the actually seat. He likes to drive. So he will fuss and sometimes I let him steer. This cute picture is of him watching the construction guys next door. Let me tell you, we are so excited that we are getting neighbors next door! We have been waiting to put our fence up until they can split it with us! Ha Ha Most days, Terran and I spend time watching what they are up to. It keeps him entertained for quite a while.
We tried out the pool again tonight, and he is a fan! He was kicking and doggie paddling and smiling at the little girl who hung out by us. I got ticked at all of the inconsiderate kids who kept splashing us, but Terran really didn't seem to mind.

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