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-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Zoo

We went to the zoo with our friends, the Griffin's, on Saturday. I'm so sad we didn't take a picture with them! Jessica and I played bball in college together and have been friends ever since.
We were a little disappointed with the zoo. We have somewhat recently been to the Denver Zoo and the Miami Zoo, and both were much better than the Hogle Zoo. It didn't help that half of it was under construction for the new African Safari exhibit. But, it was still awesome to see all of the animals. Usually my very favorite is the giraffes, but this trip had me loving the polar bear and the river otters. They were both very active which makes it way more fun to watch.
Terran did wonderful. He played in his stroller, ate, slept, and loved looking at all the people and things. Zach had him laughing really good and Terran liked Gentry - giving him big smiles and random laughs.
Daddy is always gettin' a baby...
I really love elephants too...this was a pretty cool statue they had in front of the exhibit.
After the zoo we got some Blue Iguana Mexican food. Yum!
First time in a restaurant high chair.

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