"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A little of this and a little of that

Playing with me in the mirror of the mother's room at church

T-Dub honing in on my apple

Watching a show with Daddy

Smiling for Grandma
Toes are always good for a little nibble

Fell asleep listening to some tunes with his dad

4th of July

We found out a few weeks before the 4th that Zach would be working that day at the Stadium of Fire. I ended up staying in Hurricane a little longer and then my parents drove me home the day before the 4th. I was happy to have some company while Zach had to work.
We all went to lunch together, but Zach had to take his food and run. At least we snagged a quick family pic. :)
After lunch we decided we wanted to hike to Bridal Veil Falls. The only problem was I somehow forgot that it is right next to a college town that also has a lot of families. The place was packed! I thought there must be some event or something going on, but it was just busy. We decided to ditch the idea and take a drive up the canyon. I showed my parents the Utah Valley Marathon route and then we went to Heber to get some ice cream.

This just goes to show how amazing and selfless my parents are. This 4th of July marked their 31st wedding anniversary, and they chose to share the day with me and little T-Dub. Not only are they a great example of what a marriage should be like, they are two of my closest friends.
Zach didn't have the most exciting of all days, but he did get to see Kelly Clarkson and he said they had one of the best firework shows he has ever seen. I know my mister loves fireworks, so I was happy for him that he could get some enjoyment out of working on Independence Day.
The next day, Mom and Dad drove north to look at some bikes for my dad. As luck would have it, they found the perfect one. He finally got the bike he has been dreaming of for the last decade! I am so happy for him and proud of my mom. I know she doesn't love the idea because of the safety factor, but she let him get it and I am sure it will make him happy. I can't wait to go for a ride and remember what it was like 14 years ago riding with my dad on his Harley!

Monday, July 8, 2013


These past couple weeks included some pretty intense running. I am now on my 4th week of marathon training. The two weeks we were in St. George were nice because I pretty much always had someone to watch Terran when I wanted to go. Plus, Sand Hollow Road is my favorite place to train and I caught some gorgeous views. I was able to run with both my mom and my dad, making for an even better time. I typically run solo, but I always love training with them.
9 mile run around the lake

Night run from the new house

Back in beautiful Lehi

New House for Mom and Dad

As I mentioned, we headed south to help my parents move. This move was hard for them for a number of reasons, but they have had great attitudes and have taken care of so much in a short time. I am so excited for this change for them. I think change is a good thing and can bring unanticipated goodness into our lives. It was hard to think that a chapter in my own life was closing - my high school years I lived there, worked in that orchard in high school and college and as a newlywed, and I have a love/hate but mostly hate relationship with that old dirt road.
Farewell to the house my parents built.

Hello to the new.
T-Dub and I have our own room. :) Zach too, when he is with us of course.
Terran was trying to drink everything while we were down there. Don't worry, I don't allow my 5 month old to drink Coke...

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa White

As we were planning a trip to Southern Utah to help my parents move, it worked out that Zach could take some time off of work so that we could spend time with his family as well. It was so nice to have some extra days dedicated just to being with his family instead of trying to juggle the time back and forth between both places.
There was a lot of play time for little Terran. We spent a lot of time hanging out in the backyard where Terran liked watching the birds.

Stan took work off one Wednesday so we could go to Pine Valley and fish. It was so beautiful and serene, making it a very relaxing afternoon. Sandy packed us a picnic and we had a good time.

Zach found a rattlesnake right when we got there so I hardly left the pier since I was only in flip flops and had my precious babe to look after.

Terran's first shoulder ride!

Zach's Work and Travels

Zach loves his job and that makes us both happy. He is now a team chief in the survey section of his unit. This has added some stress, but I have complete confidence that he will do an amazing job. He is so good at memorizing all the information they need to know, even though it is hard with trying to learn everything for his degree at the same time. I'm pretty sure his guys love him and he is perfect at following procedures. These are some pics of him "working."

 If you ever feel bad for him that he travels a lot, don't. This is his suite.

Hiking in Montana

Chillin' at the pool in Vegas

No wife to chastise bad habits
 He gets to go to Guam.

 He loved the World War II history.

All kidding aside, Zach's job is very time consuming and mentally demanding. We work hard to keep a good attitude when things don't go as we would choose. However, we often talk about how this job was such a blessing at the time that he got it and it continues to be as he supports our family with it.