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Thursday, August 1, 2013

6 months...T-Dub is half a year!

There is so much I want to blog about right now, but I am having a really hard time getting to it. Plus, a lot is happy but then there is some frustration mixed in and I'm not sure that I can just bounce back and forth in a quick post. By the time I am done, this probably won't be a quick post, but that is partly the point, right? I am going to read this with our next child and learn from it.
Let's start with happy:
Terran's hair is getting long enough to be styled.
Terran cut his first two teeth when we were in St. George. He was really fussy, waking every hour and crying, and rubbing them back and forth on his Bumbo. It was really taxing on me physically and emotionally, but thankfully Zach took over and put him down for naps or would take him when he was fussing for a long time. Once he finally cut the first one, it explained everything. The second one wasn't near as bad. Now, he likes to chew on everything and uses them to eat fruit and chew cereal puffs.
He also:
Stands for a few seconds
Pushes my hand away
Started reaching for me, particularly when he is tired or hungry. It makes me feel so mom-like and loved. :)
Clings to me when he is tired and doesn't want to be put down
Rolls on his stomach all the time and gets frustrated because he wants to move but can't quite yet. However, this past Sunday he did figure out how to scoot backwards and he has been working hard on pulling himself up on his knees.
Likes dance parties. This is Zach's go to calm-down method. I use it to, but usually more for fun. Terran likes to swing and sway.
He recently learned how to blow raspberries - he does it on his plastic toy octopus, my leg, the air...all day long.
Pulling himself up on stuff.
Likes stuffed animals now - wraps his legs around his monkey. Seriously the cutest thing.
He discovered stairs and decided that he likes them. He likes to bounce down them, and if he is walking and I try to steer him away, he flexes his body so he can't be turned. He is definitely getting a hang of controlling his body according to his wants.
Terran is a boy all the way! 
He tries to eat grass, wants to crawl on rocks and get into our bark, he likes to watch bugs and try to pick them up. He is a little explorer. It is actually awesome to watch him sometimes. He will be walking around, look up, see something he wants to explore, then head straight for it.
He plays in bed with me in the morning, usually for about half an hour. It is one of my favorite parts of the day because he will snuggle me for a minute and give me smiles and touch my face. Then I give him a few toys and we just enjoy the morning.
At his 6 month checkup, Terran was 21 lbs 9 oz (95%) and 29 inches (98%). He is a tough guy with his shots and only cries for about thirty seconds.

I have long hair and can hold and drink from a cup!

Check out my teeth!

Waiting for the doc at his 6 month checkup. Such a happy babe.
Stay tuned for the more frustrating parts of our recent days.

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