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-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, September 30, 2013

Hurricane again!

I think it is somewhat funny that my last blog post was about my Hurricane trip, because that is where I am, again! Amanda went into early labor so my mom and I volunteered to watch the kids as she was in the hospital. We were so worried about the little guy and thought less stress for her and Brad, the better. Since my mom is at work during the week, I came down to watch the kids during that time. Stepping into caring for three kids has not been easy! I won't lie - there have been moments when I wonder how I will ever do it or if I want to! But, there is also an element to it that makes everything easier. They can entertain each other and help out with things. I had Jason hold Terran while I tied Jason's shoes. It was cute. Or both Jason and Bailey would help distract Terran when he was in his pack and play or upset in the car. When they were all getting along, it was the sweetest thing. Those big smiles and laughs are what make me know there are more kids in my future. :)

Always happy when he is outside.

He took off when I was changing his diaper!
With the marathon on Saturday, it has been on my mind a lot and I am always bringing it up to my parents. They don't dwell on it as much as me, but they entertain my obsession. My dad is also dealing with an injury that just popped up last week. So frustrating! However, I feel pretty confident about the whole thing and have started looking at the countdown clock on their webpage! When I came down here, I was so ready for it to just be over because I was trying so hard to fix my injury but stay fit and prepared and it was a constant stressor. With my last two "long" runs, my confidence has shot up and now I am just envisioning a fun race. Don't worry, there will be a marathon post after Saturday!

Zach is coming down to join Terran and me tomorrow. This whole situation was a little bad timing for our family life because Zach had just finished up some heavy traveling and we were going to be together for a little bit, but then I left to go to Hurricane. It can be rough some days and Zach and I have both felt the strain of separation. Tomorrow has come quite quickly, so my excitement at seeing him has be increasing all day today. Hopefully we can enjoy this little getaway from the everyday and {maybe} find a minute to ourselves!

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