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Sunday, October 27, 2013

9 Months

I'm trying and trying to get around to this post and give it the detail that it deserves, but in my haste to complete it, I am sure I will miss some of the details of our beautiful son's expanding personality. I will do my best to include all that I can.

First off, stats. At his 9 month checkup, Terran was 24 lbs 15 oz - 97%. He was 30 inches long, also 97% and his head circ was 48.2 cm, also 97%. He is wearing 18 month clothes. I can put a couple 12 months clothes on, but not most of them. He has also been wearing 2T, but I have to roll the sleeves. All pants are way too long, I guess 2 year olds are a little taller than him, so I have to roll all of his pants. Totally a pain since he is constantly walking around in them. He doesn't walk by himself yet, but just this week he took a couple steps by himself. I am not encouraging it a ton yet since he is still so young. The day after his 9 month appointment, we had an appointment at Shriner's for his scoliosis, and he was 25.2 lbs, so he is gaining pretty steady still! And, great news, his scoliosis is gone! They X-rayed and examined him, stating that he had outgrown his scoliosis, which happens in about 80% of cases. We will go back in a year for a checkup just to be sure.

So, now a little bit about Terran's exploding personality. He is a huge mama's boy. Separation anxiety has definitely shown itself, but I can't help but think that it would almost be impossible for him not to have it. We are together all day everyday. I might leave for an hour to exercise, but that's about it. He still wakes up about three times a night, so I am always there for him. I can totally understand how he likes having me around. However, he definitely has a huge love for his daddy. He knows that when Daddy is around, it is play time. In fact, just today I was trying to put him down for a nap, but he knew Zach was in the other room and he wanted to go find him.

Terran has learned how to wrap his legs around me and cling on if I am trying to put him down. It is the cutest thing and I usually like it because then I know what he wants. He has started throwing loud fits when he doesn't like things. He does that when I close the door to outside. He is still an outdoor lover.

Terran is extremely smart and quite independent. He likes to play with the night light in his room, but I take it out so that he doesn't get shocked. He realized that this makes the light go out, and he put it together that it needs to be plugged in to light up, so he tried to plug it back in. It is the most amazing thing to see him figure things out.

He likes to go where he wants to and doesn't forget if you try to distract him when he wants something. He appears to be quite headstrong already, so we will see where that takes us fifteen years from now...

Terran is a snuggler when he is tired, but he can also be very strong and push you away and throw his body in different directions when he is tired, so you have to be careful. He is extremely happy and loves to give out his smiles, although strangers haven't been as lucky to receive those lately. He gets a little stir crazy if he is in the house for too long, so we usually play outside and go somewhere every day. He hates to sit in the cart at any store, he would rather be held or trying to walk. He loves to pick up any kind of produce and try to eat it. However, he is not much of a real food eater yet. He still loves to breastfeed and I don't think that is stopping any time soon.

Yesterday and today, Terran seems to have learned how to share. The first time I noticed, he took a bit of cucumber then gave it to me. He has done it now a few times, with food or toys, where he does his thing, then gives Zach or me a turn.

I love Terran so much and miss him the {tiny} bit that we are apart. I love his blonde locks that are starting to curl at the nape of his neck and behind his ears. I love how when we are laying down he loves to roll into the crook of my arm. I love in the morning time when he sees Zach asleep in bed and crawls over and pats his face. I love hearing him laugh his deep belly laugh when I am playing some game with him or tickling him - lately under his arms is my favorite spot. Everything about this beautiful child leaves me in awe. He lights up my life and makes me marvel at his innocence, his joy, and his love.

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