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-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New things all the time

Man, throughout the day I think or observe a hundred things about Terran that I do not want to forget.

For example, he currently has seven teeth, with one more on the way. Four on top and three on bottom. He loves to bite everything including his car seat, the carpet on the stairs, and people's knees and toes.

In the last few days it seems that he has discovered containers. I have watched him put a golf ball in a bowl, take it out, then put it back in again. He then did it with a washcloth and a cup in the tub. He also loves to swing that wet washcloth around like a hooligan, and I let him, wiping up the mess as he goes.

He seems to prefer drinking to eating. He isn't a huge fan of solids, but can down the pouches of puree and half (maybe more like 1/12) of my green smoothies. Although it frustrates me when I am trying to spoon feed him, at least he likes something.

He absolutely loves peek-a-boo, flying through the air, falling through the air, and playing with the blind cords.

Which also brings me to my next point...That kid has developed a fascination almost overnight with all of the dangerous things. Toilets, cords, electrical outlets. Yes, if it is something that needs to be child proofed, he loves it. It seriously just happened one day. He never noticed cords before, but now he goes straight for them. He somehow is intrigued by the toilet bowl scrub brush and tries every single time to get it. He has never been allowed to touch it, but he doesn't forget. He also loves to unroll the toilet paper. That is my trick when I have to go to the bathroom but can't leave him unsupervised and he won't play by himself. He sits on my lap and hits that toilet paper roll until it is all unraveled. I now understand the joke or cliché or whatever about how moms just want a minute to go to the bathroom....

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  1. Haha I just imagine him going around biting peoples toes!!