"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, November 30, 2013


These past couple weeks have been filled with family time. We ended up in St. George for Zach's work and were able to stay for another week for Thanksgiving. 

The first week, while Zach was working, Terran and I stayed at my parents. We were able to spend enough time together that Terran remembered who Grandma and Grandpa were and would love on them and play with them pretty hard. He also loved Baby Kitty...He would tackle him and pat him and just walk over to stand by him. Now everyone thinks I should get him a cat, but I'm not buying on that just yet.

We then stayed at Zach's parents' house. Zach was able to get a lot of gun time in with his dad.  His new thing is coyote calling and they went three days in a row, after he bought a new rifle, or course. Terran was able to play with kids his own age, Kenton and James, which he seemed to really enjoy.  He is thicker than both of them and by the end of the week he was treating James much like Baby Kitty, with pats and tackles. Although sometimes it seemed like he was trying to give hugs too. As for me, I did a lot of sampling of Grandma Sandy's cheeseball, peppermint dipped pretzels, and whatever other goodies were around. This was justified by my Gobbler race and beautiful bike ride with Stan. By the way, I PR'ed at the race,  clocking in at 49:07. 7:54 min/mile. I was pretty happy about that.

While we were down south,  Terran learned how to wave and dance.  He just started dancing one night when we were watching the YouTube clip "What does the fox say?" Ever since, it seems like he has lost control of his body when music comes on... it almost seems involuntary the way his body just starts moving! My parents taught him to wave and now he does it when we tell him and randomly, like when he is watching TV or something. :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Special moment

Stud muffin honey

One Friday when Zach was working the BYU game, they decided to toss around a football during the warmups. He thought it was pretty cool. Not many guys get to do that in a huge college stadium.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

10 months

Ten months. Huge personality.
Terran has started showing his personality more and more. My little boy has a temper! An example: he was pushing his walker around when a toy got stuck in front of it. He was shaking the walker and grunting and then started yelling when he couldn't get it out of the way. Zach said "I wonder where he gets that from...." From Zach. That's where.
Terran is quite demanding and opinionated, very headstrong and oh so sweet. I say he gets his sweetness from me. :) That kid will be throwing a tantrum about not getting something he wants and then will decide to come at me with a huge smile and a little head-lay-on-the-chest snuggle.
During his tantrums, he will start crying, throw his head back and make his body go limp so I can't hold him. Then I will set him on the floor where he proceeds to cry for a second.

Terran is the most inquisitive little guy. Whenever there is something cooking or making noise, he has to know what it is. He does a little flapping motion and kind of a swim to guide me over to what he wants to look at. Like I said, demanding. :)

He now resists naps and bedtime if people are still up. He would rather be enjoying the company than sleeping. 

He likes to roll away and make diaper changes extremely difficult, crying when you try to force him to sit still for two seconds. 

Crying is his choice form of protest in essentially all situations. 

Terran has started dancing. In the middle of a show or YouTube clip, he will start bouncing on his cute chubby legs, moving to the groove. The first time I saw this,  I wondered where in the world he learned to dance. Then,  I realized Zach and I have been dancing with him for ages and he just picked it up without any encouragement from us. 

Terran loves to "drive," play naked (particularly in the morning when his pjs come off), snuggle in bed (only if he is really tired though), pat people's heads,  look at animals, and "get" his parents with an open mouth. 
This was Terran's first time being outside when it was snowing and he was trying to grab the flakes. 

Terran has croup!

Terran got his second cold on Thursday. He kept getting worse and then Saturday night developed a barking cough. It sounded really bad and we didn't know what to do. He would cry every time he coughed and was hardly sleeping. We ended up taking him to urgent care (the first time I have ever been there) and they diagnosed him with croup and treated him immediately. He did a breathing treatment and took some chocolate syrup laced with a steroid to open his lungs. They sent us home with a breathing treatment machine where we hold a tube in front of his face and it mists the prescription into his nose. He initially didn't like it, but we have been able to distract him with TV and feeding to at least get some of it in him. He has been nursing like crazy this whole time- for comfort, for food (especially since he won't eat anything else right now), to sleep, and to help his coughing. He is still struggling a bit, but is definitely getting better.

It has to be mentioned that my parents came up Friday. They were coming for a quick visit, and it was definitely quick. I was feeling bad that half the time was spent worrying over Terran and spending time at the doctor's office, but with Zach being gone both Friday and Saturday, I was extremely grateful to have them there. Their help and support was much needed and appreciated. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Terran started walking about two weeks ago. He first attempted it on a Sunday just after he turned nine months. We were outside at church and he took about four steps toward me, but was pretty unsteady. Nine months? That seemed a little early, so I didn't exactly encourage it. Sunday came around again and we were playing around in the foyer when Terran shook my hand off (I have only been using one hand or finger to help balance him for a while now) and got his balance. Then, he started walking! He took several steps before falling and I was exclaiming in excitement. It was like he chose to walk then, and so I couldn't wait to show Zach. That is when we started to encourage it. It is crazy how exciting it is to watch your little baby successfully take steps without toppling, feeling with his feet and balancing with his arms, a huge smile on his face at his accomplishment. Sunday he practiced until he was too tired to really keep his balance. On Monday, I think he was still wore out from Sunday because he kept leaning on me as I walked behind him. He didn't seem as gung ho about it. Then Tuesday he took off, and has been getting better ever since! He finds anything and everything that can help him stand, gets his balance, and goes. I think there is a little adrenaline rush because he gets a huge smile, gets excited, and goes too fast. Some nights he walks around the kitchen and then the living room, decides to come back to the kitchen and walk around the table. He is exploring his territory with this newfound skill and perspective. Everyone has said from the beginning "wait until he walks, then you are really in trouble," "when he walks, you will want to go back to when he just sat there," "everything gets harder once they start walking." But you know what, things are hard anyway, no matter what stage he is going through. I can't really say that things get harder than before, it is more like they change but it is still hard. The really amazing part though is that I am knee-deep in raising this beautiful child and I get to see him learn and grow through all these stages. I get to be the one he looks to for encouragement and comfort, applause and excitement. I am the one who is there cheering him on and helping him discover new things. His joys and milestones are my joys and milestones. I will take the hard parts that come with this absolutely amazing experience.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

American Fork Canyon

Friday we decided to go up AF canyon. We always talk about it, but are usually restricted by Zach's work requirements. Since there is no service, he basically wasn't allowed to go up there unless he took leave. He got a new commander in August and things have been a lot more employee friendly, if you will. They are now allowed to go to St. George without taking leave, get off a half day early every other Thursday, and he can go up the canyon if he is SRT, but not IRT (Immediate response team vs. Secondary response team). It is so much nicer, and very much deserved, especially considering how many non-duty days and weekends they end up working over the year.

The canyon was the perfect way to spend the day. They now have annual passes for military that are free, so that saved us $80, or the six dollar entry fee for the day. As we drove up, we stopped at Tibble Fork reservoir. That place has some seriously awesome views. Terran was so excited to get out of the car and led me straight to the water. The only problem was that the water was freezing cold and that is all that he wanted to do. At one point, as I was trying to walk him away from it, he almost pulled me in! So, we had to leave a little before I would have liked.

We proceeded up a road and were able to stop at a trailhead. Terran was freaking out in the car so we just wanted to find a place to stop and let him explore some more. There happened to be snow. He got his first experience playing in it. At first he didn't seem to care for it, but by the end I couldn't even walk him past any without him trying to sit down and grab it. By the way, Terran seems impervious to cold, so the water and snow doesn't really bug him.

We found something extremely cool on our mini hike. Bear tracks. And they were fresh. The anticipation, danger, and intrigue had both Zach and me wanting to forge ahead but turn back at the same time! We followed them to the edge of a steep hill where we could tell he went over. We weren't entirely sure they were bear tracks, but couldn't think what else it could be. When we got home, Zach googled the tracks and sure enough, black bear. It was really amazing to be that close to one and to realize just how wild the mountains still are. Sometimes I feel like nothing else (big, wild animals) really lives there because there are so many humans around.

It was an excellent way to spend our Friday.


I love Halloween! Even though this year wasn't extremely eventful, it was still fun. We did a chili cook-off with our ward, I took Terran to Halloween storytime at the library and then just passed out candy (I actually did fruit snacks this year...a little healthier option, right?)  on Halloween night. Terran loves storytime because there are so many kids to look at.
Terran is still a bit young to get excited over Halloween, but at least he was cute. I wanted to get him a gnome costume but didn't order it in time so I got him a pirate costume. But, then it was too cold and we weren't really doing anything so I just had him wear some really cute pumpkin pjs.