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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

10 months

Ten months. Huge personality.
Terran has started showing his personality more and more. My little boy has a temper! An example: he was pushing his walker around when a toy got stuck in front of it. He was shaking the walker and grunting and then started yelling when he couldn't get it out of the way. Zach said "I wonder where he gets that from...." From Zach. That's where.
Terran is quite demanding and opinionated, very headstrong and oh so sweet. I say he gets his sweetness from me. :) That kid will be throwing a tantrum about not getting something he wants and then will decide to come at me with a huge smile and a little head-lay-on-the-chest snuggle.
During his tantrums, he will start crying, throw his head back and make his body go limp so I can't hold him. Then I will set him on the floor where he proceeds to cry for a second.

Terran is the most inquisitive little guy. Whenever there is something cooking or making noise, he has to know what it is. He does a little flapping motion and kind of a swim to guide me over to what he wants to look at. Like I said, demanding. :)

He now resists naps and bedtime if people are still up. He would rather be enjoying the company than sleeping. 

He likes to roll away and make diaper changes extremely difficult, crying when you try to force him to sit still for two seconds. 

Crying is his choice form of protest in essentially all situations. 

Terran has started dancing. In the middle of a show or YouTube clip, he will start bouncing on his cute chubby legs, moving to the groove. The first time I saw this,  I wondered where in the world he learned to dance. Then,  I realized Zach and I have been dancing with him for ages and he just picked it up without any encouragement from us. 

Terran loves to "drive," play naked (particularly in the morning when his pjs come off), snuggle in bed (only if he is really tired though), pat people's heads,  look at animals, and "get" his parents with an open mouth. 
This was Terran's first time being outside when it was snowing and he was trying to grab the flakes. 

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