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-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Terran has croup!

Terran got his second cold on Thursday. He kept getting worse and then Saturday night developed a barking cough. It sounded really bad and we didn't know what to do. He would cry every time he coughed and was hardly sleeping. We ended up taking him to urgent care (the first time I have ever been there) and they diagnosed him with croup and treated him immediately. He did a breathing treatment and took some chocolate syrup laced with a steroid to open his lungs. They sent us home with a breathing treatment machine where we hold a tube in front of his face and it mists the prescription into his nose. He initially didn't like it, but we have been able to distract him with TV and feeding to at least get some of it in him. He has been nursing like crazy this whole time- for comfort, for food (especially since he won't eat anything else right now), to sleep, and to help his coughing. He is still struggling a bit, but is definitely getting better.

It has to be mentioned that my parents came up Friday. They were coming for a quick visit, and it was definitely quick. I was feeling bad that half the time was spent worrying over Terran and spending time at the doctor's office, but with Zach being gone both Friday and Saturday, I was extremely grateful to have them there. Their help and support was much needed and appreciated. 

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