"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Terran started walking about two weeks ago. He first attempted it on a Sunday just after he turned nine months. We were outside at church and he took about four steps toward me, but was pretty unsteady. Nine months? That seemed a little early, so I didn't exactly encourage it. Sunday came around again and we were playing around in the foyer when Terran shook my hand off (I have only been using one hand or finger to help balance him for a while now) and got his balance. Then, he started walking! He took several steps before falling and I was exclaiming in excitement. It was like he chose to walk then, and so I couldn't wait to show Zach. That is when we started to encourage it. It is crazy how exciting it is to watch your little baby successfully take steps without toppling, feeling with his feet and balancing with his arms, a huge smile on his face at his accomplishment. Sunday he practiced until he was too tired to really keep his balance. On Monday, I think he was still wore out from Sunday because he kept leaning on me as I walked behind him. He didn't seem as gung ho about it. Then Tuesday he took off, and has been getting better ever since! He finds anything and everything that can help him stand, gets his balance, and goes. I think there is a little adrenaline rush because he gets a huge smile, gets excited, and goes too fast. Some nights he walks around the kitchen and then the living room, decides to come back to the kitchen and walk around the table. He is exploring his territory with this newfound skill and perspective. Everyone has said from the beginning "wait until he walks, then you are really in trouble," "when he walks, you will want to go back to when he just sat there," "everything gets harder once they start walking." But you know what, things are hard anyway, no matter what stage he is going through. I can't really say that things get harder than before, it is more like they change but it is still hard. The really amazing part though is that I am knee-deep in raising this beautiful child and I get to see him learn and grow through all these stages. I get to be the one he looks to for encouragement and comfort, applause and excitement. I am the one who is there cheering him on and helping him discover new things. His joys and milestones are my joys and milestones. I will take the hard parts that come with this absolutely amazing experience.


  1. That is so exciting! It might be more work but at least your back will get a break from bending over :-) Miss you guys!!

  2. great post Brandi! Hope the little (big) guy is feeling better. Guess he'll be driving by two! Love you lots, Bop!