"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

My parents and Scott came up to our house for Christmas again this year. With only one kid involved it seems as though it was a little bit of both the adult world of Christmas and the child world. We unintentionally left out a few traditions, but we did read Luke 2 and watch the video on Christmas Eve. We had Dad do the storytelling since he always does it best.
Christmas morning was great. Terran probably had the most presents, thanks to his Oma and Grandma and Grandpa. Zach and I didn't even get him anything! I feel like I kind of dropped the ball on his first Christmas. Skipping out on presents was okay since we didn't feel like he needed a ton and he is spoiled by others. But, I didn't get him any Christmas pj's and was pretty bummed once I realized. The cabin trip threw me off because I felt like I would have a bunch of time to do everything when I got back, but the time just wasn't there. At least now I know that I want to ensure Christmas pj's becomes a family tradition, just like when I was a kid.
However, pj's or not, Terran got the spirit of Christmas morning. He surprised me by actually opening presents! He would rip the paper then try to open the box. I thought it took kids a couple years to figure that out. He is always ahead of the game...my little pride and joy. :) He also loved his new toys! He immediately started playing with them once they were opened. I only opened one at a time with him and let him explore it and get ready to move on before I presented the next one. I really liked doing it this way because he seemed to love all of his gifts, from the fire truck from Oma, and then the play table she sent, to the quiet book and box of shapes from my parents. My mom even made him a couple of quilts which is somewhat a tradition and will be cherished, I'm sure. Pretty successful Christmas for his first I would say.

I love having my family in our home at Christmas. After gifts were opened, we enjoyed food all day, a family jog, playing with toys, and of course Scott and Zach did some world domination.
The rest of the week involved more exercise (I love that my parents enjoy it as much as me!), Temple Square, Thai food, and shopping.

Still waiting on some pics, but this is what I have got!

My little Terran

Terran is learning something almost every day! While my parents were here, he learned to clap and blow kisses and he fell in love with Pat a Cake. He has learned how to point and is tgerefore learning how to tell us what he wants. He knows that the remote will turn on the tv. One morning he woke up early and was still tired, so he got me the remote, pointed at the tv, and tried to get up on my lap to snuggle. It was precious.
He is constantly bossing me around by grabbing my hands and making me do his bidding. It makes me laugh every time. He particularly likes me to open the microwave for him. :)

Just thought I would share some tidbits today. :)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmastime at the cabin

This year Zach's family was talking about getting together for a weekend before the holidays. Megan's dad owns a cabin and she suggested we go there. (And by cabin I mean multi-million dollar mansion in Heber City.) It turned out that we decided to get together the weekend before Christmas so it added a very festive air to the trip.
We watched Christmas movies, played games, crafted (which I resisted then gave in to then quit halfway through....I just don't have the patience I guess!), and cooked and ate a lot! It snowed for two of the days adding to the ambience.  :)
Since Zach's whole family was there, we also got family pictures done which I am so excited to see!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Zach's 31st

We went on our first date since Terran was born! I can't believe it took us this long, but we finally did for the mister's 31st birthday! (Can you believe he is in his thirties? I tease him quite relentlessly!) What do you think Zach picked?
Sushi and Scheels, of course!

 Zach hates his picture being taken - especially lately. He thinks he is fat right now. So I snagged an unknown shot. I think he is dang good looking (and not fat) and I love his glasses that kinda pull in a little of a geek side.

I had butterflies at the beginning of the date. It was such a blast to just be together. Megan and Olivia watched Terran and did an amazing job. They almost got him to sleep even. Next time we might be able to venture out and do something a little crazy, like go to the movies! Haha

Playing with the Houstons

We often go over to Lacee's to play with Lincoln and Brigham. Terran loves them and all of their new, exciting toys. Lacee is a great mom who is creative with activities and let's kids be kids. I like being around her because I think she helps me be a better mom. Today when we were over there, the boys played on a makeshift slide for a long time. I wish I had thought to take pics then because Terran and Lincoln were screaming and laughing and then getting each other. Lincoln would swat at Terran and Terran would do his tackle then try to kiss/bite/whatever Lincoln. They were having a blast.
Then Lacee busted out the flour trays that they drove cars and trucks through and soon enough were sliding themselves through it. It's so good for Terran to be around those boys!

Pushing the limits

This happened the other day:

He was trying to get his foot up over the bar so that he could crawl out!

11 Months

Well, Terran is now 11 months.

~He is walking and tries to run sometimes.
~Still nurses and is not huge on eating much real food yet. He does take cereal bottles, baby food pouches, and he loves chocolate and candy. How does he know candy from food? He will always try candy but won't always try food. It makes me want to have less candy in my diet!
~Likes to scream back and forth with me.
~Say "mom" when he wants me or something from me. I am pretty sure he said "dad" deliberately the other day, but he doesn't say it often.

Picture Narration:

Gives me open mouth kisses on the cheek.
 Likes to lock me out of rooms. He cries if I leave him alone once he closes the door.
 Tried feeding himself - not much got in his mouth.
 Still loves bath time, whether or not there is water. In this instance, he was playing in the tub in his clothes without water when he got the lid off of his huge bottle of soap and was playing in it. So we stripped him down and filled it up. Best bubble bath yet!

 Loves playing with kids his age.
Terran likes to nurse to sleep for his naps and sometimes I hold him a few moments longer before I take him to his crib. He puts his legs up over mine almost every time. He is my snuggle buddy.
Loves playing with the blind strings and looking out the window.
 His toothbrush is probably his favorite toy. He doesn't really have any attachments to toys but he pretty much will always take his toothbrush.
 Terran is pretty good at throwing little tantrums. He has started loving to dance while holding our phones. In the following pictures, you can see a glimpse of the tantrum he threw when I wouldn't give him my phone....Zach's favorite is that last picture.

 He loves shovels and brooms and wants to do it himself!
 My baby boy has a full head of curly hair!! Who would have thought?

 He was following Zach around like a little puppy.

 On really boring days, Terran decides that unrolling the toilet paper rolls would be most fun. Since we have probably run out of things to do, I let him. :)