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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

11 Months

Well, Terran is now 11 months.

~He is walking and tries to run sometimes.
~Still nurses and is not huge on eating much real food yet. He does take cereal bottles, baby food pouches, and he loves chocolate and candy. How does he know candy from food? He will always try candy but won't always try food. It makes me want to have less candy in my diet!
~Likes to scream back and forth with me.
~Say "mom" when he wants me or something from me. I am pretty sure he said "dad" deliberately the other day, but he doesn't say it often.

Picture Narration:

Gives me open mouth kisses on the cheek.
 Likes to lock me out of rooms. He cries if I leave him alone once he closes the door.
 Tried feeding himself - not much got in his mouth.
 Still loves bath time, whether or not there is water. In this instance, he was playing in the tub in his clothes without water when he got the lid off of his huge bottle of soap and was playing in it. So we stripped him down and filled it up. Best bubble bath yet!

 Loves playing with kids his age.
Terran likes to nurse to sleep for his naps and sometimes I hold him a few moments longer before I take him to his crib. He puts his legs up over mine almost every time. He is my snuggle buddy.
Loves playing with the blind strings and looking out the window.
 His toothbrush is probably his favorite toy. He doesn't really have any attachments to toys but he pretty much will always take his toothbrush.
 Terran is pretty good at throwing little tantrums. He has started loving to dance while holding our phones. In the following pictures, you can see a glimpse of the tantrum he threw when I wouldn't give him my phone....Zach's favorite is that last picture.

 He loves shovels and brooms and wants to do it himself!
 My baby boy has a full head of curly hair!! Who would have thought?

 He was following Zach around like a little puppy.

 On really boring days, Terran decides that unrolling the toilet paper rolls would be most fun. Since we have probably run out of things to do, I let him. :)


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