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Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

My parents and Scott came up to our house for Christmas again this year. With only one kid involved it seems as though it was a little bit of both the adult world of Christmas and the child world. We unintentionally left out a few traditions, but we did read Luke 2 and watch the video on Christmas Eve. We had Dad do the storytelling since he always does it best.
Christmas morning was great. Terran probably had the most presents, thanks to his Oma and Grandma and Grandpa. Zach and I didn't even get him anything! I feel like I kind of dropped the ball on his first Christmas. Skipping out on presents was okay since we didn't feel like he needed a ton and he is spoiled by others. But, I didn't get him any Christmas pj's and was pretty bummed once I realized. The cabin trip threw me off because I felt like I would have a bunch of time to do everything when I got back, but the time just wasn't there. At least now I know that I want to ensure Christmas pj's becomes a family tradition, just like when I was a kid.
However, pj's or not, Terran got the spirit of Christmas morning. He surprised me by actually opening presents! He would rip the paper then try to open the box. I thought it took kids a couple years to figure that out. He is always ahead of the game...my little pride and joy. :) He also loved his new toys! He immediately started playing with them once they were opened. I only opened one at a time with him and let him explore it and get ready to move on before I presented the next one. I really liked doing it this way because he seemed to love all of his gifts, from the fire truck from Oma, and then the play table she sent, to the quiet book and box of shapes from my parents. My mom even made him a couple of quilts which is somewhat a tradition and will be cherished, I'm sure. Pretty successful Christmas for his first I would say.

I love having my family in our home at Christmas. After gifts were opened, we enjoyed food all day, a family jog, playing with toys, and of course Scott and Zach did some world domination.
The rest of the week involved more exercise (I love that my parents enjoy it as much as me!), Temple Square, Thai food, and shopping.

Still waiting on some pics, but this is what I have got!

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