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Friday, February 14, 2014

Woo-hoo! Sleep.

For Terran anyway. Last night was the first night since his birth that he slept all the way through the night! His next closest was six hours. Can you believe it has been over a year since I had eight straight hours of sleep?!

I stressed myself out like crazy trying to get him to figure it out. I tried the gentle approach, no cry approach, and we tried crying three or four times which all resulted/occurred twice while teething, crop, and a cold. And I tried to plan around that stuff!

We have been waking up once or twice the last several months but recently he wasn't going back to sleep as easily and would point to our bedroom because he just wanted to sleep with us! I felt like it was time to help him figure it out. I took a few days to stop him from nursing to sleep and incorporated a bedtime story, otherwise sticking to our normal bedtime routine. He takes a bottle or nurses after his tub now, then a story, turn off the light, pray, and lay him in bed. He cries for five or ten minutes, but then sleeps. He woke up the first two days around midnight. I would comfort him and help him fall back asleep, but the second I put him in his crib he would cry. I tried everything for an hour, including l as young in his crib with him!, but I wouldn't take him to our bed. Then, I felt like I could sense when to let him cry back to sleep and I let him. The third night, he didn't wake up at all!

My body still woke up early due to habit and a very full milk supply, but I think I'll just need a few days to adjust.

I know some moms get this to happen at 2 months or 6 months. This took us longer but we didn't feel right about letting him cry it out. This hasn't been too bad, and was definitely better timing. Let's cross our fingers that it is permanent, as permanent as something with a child can be. :)

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