"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, March 24, 2014

New developments

I feel like we passed a great milestone two nights ago. When it was time for bed, after we had read our stories and I turned off his lamp, Terran pointed to his crib. He didn't even want an extra little snuggle, he just wanted to go to bed. It happened again last night. He points to his bed and lies down without a peep. Coming from my little bugger who likes to constantly resist and complain about a number of things, I felt like this was a big deal and it makes me happy.

Terran also has got it in his mind that he can do a lot of things himself. He also shakes his head "no" now, so combine the two and you can see what happens. Often when I am trying to feed him from a spoon, he shakes his head no because he wants to feed himself. Then he likes to feed me. It turns out that he is actually pretty skilled and it is nice not to have to do everything for him. He is smart enough to recognize when a fork is better than a spoon and he lets me know so I can give him one. Pretty cool, huh?

Terran loves to wave again. When he first learned it did it quite a bit but then stopped. He started up again and waves all the time. Every time a car passes by or someone leaves the room. One day at Costco a lady was pulling away behind us and he waved and she was tickled I could just tell.

He says "mom" much clearer now and even displayed some exasperation one day. He wasn't feeling well and really wanted me to hold him. It was the most defined "mom" I have heard. Very endearing for me, of course

This isn't new but I did capture a picture of it...Terran likes to play with his hair and hold it and pull it while he sleeps or when he's getting ready to go to sleep.

And last but not least, Terran got his first mini haircut.. I had to cut his bangs. The only time I could do it was while he was sleeping. They were always in his eyes and he would cry or whine about it sometimes. We still aren't ready to cut his cute little mop top and curls though.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Grizzlies game

Zach and his friend Kasey from work met one of the semi-pro Grizzlies hockey players during work. He offered them free tickets to the game. They set it up so both our families could go. Thoughtful of the men, right?

We went to Mimi's Cafe for dinner then headed to the game. I was worried with the time since we never keep Terran out past his bedtime and he also has a cold. But he had a blast! He was dancing to the music and clapping when something would happen. Haylee is the Sullivan's little girl. She is four and just loved playing with Terran. She could get him laughing and would share her treats with him. They thrived on each other's energy!

Zach was a huge fan of the hockey. We both had never been to a live game before and it was pretty cool. Aside from the extremely loud train noises when they would score, the atmosphere was fun and the game was interesting. And of course, we saw a couple of fights break out on the ice. I don't really understand the rules or why that is so common in hockey, but it does keep things interesting.

I changed Terran into his PJ's before we left and he fell asleep on the way home. Successful family date night. :)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Chocolate lover!

Terran figured out where I keep a stash of his favorite treat: chocolate chips! These are awesome to distract him during a messy diaper change or help him feel better when he is having a hard time. To quote a little Harry Potter, I tell him "Eat this, you'll feel better." And he does.

Friday, March 14, 2014


It has happened. Terran loves basketball! We took him to his cousin Cameron's basketball game and he thought it was a blast! He was literally running on the court and was trying to play with any basketball he could find. We also pulled out a basketball at home and it is his new favorite toy. He loves throwing it around and getting us to play with it with him. I'm thinking it is time to get him a hoop of his own to start working on his skills!


After searching several times and wasting gallons of gas, we finally found a shooting spot that would be satisfactory for Mr. Zach White.
He was in a little bit of man heaven as we shot targets and enjoyed some nice weather. I would walk Terran away when Zach shot the loud guns because Terran is not a big fan of eat plugs yet. Then Terran would enjoy going with Daddy to check out how well he shot.

We have already gone again since and it was just as good of a time. Terran was happily distracted with a cake pan and dirt shovel while Zach and I were able to have some friendly competition. Don't worry, we took turns watching Terran while the other would shoot. :)

If you look closely at the desert pic, you can see father and son walking together!

Tooth news

I was having a hard time figuring out how to brush Terran's pearly whites. He tried to bite the finger brush I had and likes to suck or chew on the washcloth I would try. He found a fascination with my electric toothbrush and loved turning it on and off. He would watch me brush and then decided one day to open his mouth and insisted on trying it out. I washed it and then brushed his teeth. I thought he would hate it, but just the opposite!  He thought it was fun and always wants to try. Now I need to get him one of his own so we aren't sharing!

Around this time I got brave enough to venture in and feel around. To my surprise, in addition to the top right and lower left, he now had his top left and lower right molars! This babe is getting a full mouth of teeth!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fun week

I know it is only Wednesday, but it has been a long week! Fun too though. Terran played with bubbles for the first time. It took him a minute to realize they were fun then he would squeal with delight and chase them. 

Shortly after being entertained by the bubbles, he found an old planter that just had nice soft dirt in it and proceeded to put handfuls in his hair. This worked up an appetite so he started trying to put handfuls in his mouth. I am pretty much required to be on standby on the time, ready to intercept whatever is on the way to his mouth, or the handful of rocks he is trying to throw in the grass, or stop him from peering down into the window wells!

The little guy's hair is getting quite long and almost untameable!  His bedhead brightens my days. :)

Every time Terran has a good meal I get excited. He is loving all sorts of food and has started feeding himself. He likes Coke and ice cream just a little too much, but he also loves pears, strawberries, apples, chocolate, greek yogurt -particularly coconut, spaghetti noodles, crackers, most things salty, asparagus, green beans, and tomatoes. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Stubborn? Headstrong? Leader?

While we spent about a week at my parent's house,  both my mom and my dad commented on how Terran is going to be a leader. This has made me contemplate the idea quite a bit since then.

Terran has come into a stage where fits are pretty much an everyday occurrence.  We get the body thrown back, lay on the floor screaming, banging his hands into my legs kind of fits. And even though that makes him sound like a little terror, it's really not that bad. I think the most interesting part is that it shows such a strong side of his personality. Terran often knows what he wants and it is very difficult to deter him.

Zach and I were talking about the leader comments and Zach reminded me that in Terran's baby blessing Zach said how Terran will be a leader not only to his siblings but to those around him. He mentioned that during the blessing he remembered thinking "am I saying these things because this is really for him or because that is what I want for him?" After thinking that thought he said he had a feeling that that is who Terran was going to be.

When my dad first said he would be a leader, I joked that yeah, he would be the football team captain. I still think that is a possibility,  but zach and I also think Terran is destined for great things. He already has