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Monday, March 24, 2014

New developments

I feel like we passed a great milestone two nights ago. When it was time for bed, after we had read our stories and I turned off his lamp, Terran pointed to his crib. He didn't even want an extra little snuggle, he just wanted to go to bed. It happened again last night. He points to his bed and lies down without a peep. Coming from my little bugger who likes to constantly resist and complain about a number of things, I felt like this was a big deal and it makes me happy.

Terran also has got it in his mind that he can do a lot of things himself. He also shakes his head "no" now, so combine the two and you can see what happens. Often when I am trying to feed him from a spoon, he shakes his head no because he wants to feed himself. Then he likes to feed me. It turns out that he is actually pretty skilled and it is nice not to have to do everything for him. He is smart enough to recognize when a fork is better than a spoon and he lets me know so I can give him one. Pretty cool, huh?

Terran loves to wave again. When he first learned it did it quite a bit but then stopped. He started up again and waves all the time. Every time a car passes by or someone leaves the room. One day at Costco a lady was pulling away behind us and he waved and she was tickled I could just tell.

He says "mom" much clearer now and even displayed some exasperation one day. He wasn't feeling well and really wanted me to hold him. It was the most defined "mom" I have heard. Very endearing for me, of course

This isn't new but I did capture a picture of it...Terran likes to play with his hair and hold it and pull it while he sleeps or when he's getting ready to go to sleep.

And last but not least, Terran got his first mini haircut.. I had to cut his bangs. The only time I could do it was while he was sleeping. They were always in his eyes and he would cry or whine about it sometimes. We still aren't ready to cut his cute little mop top and curls though.

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