"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, May 30, 2014

Pictures of Terran

I got some pictures of Terran off of Zach's phones today.

Terran loves putting stuff on his head and being diaper free, and we caught both in one picture!

I don't approve of Terran's fondness of Coke, not do I approve of his dad's our grandpa's delight in giving it to him....

We often spend some of our free time with Zach at sporting goods stores. Terran enjoys looking at and playing with the displays.

Terran's hair is longer than ever! Every time I decide to cut it, somehow I change my mind. Zach doesn't ever want to cut it. So for now, it stays.  :)

Museum of Natural Curiosity

I have no remorse about buying our annual pass to Thanksgiving Point! It has been great so far. Zach was able to join us for our first time at the new museum. It  was extraordinary. Terran really loved it and it is pretty enjoyable even for adults. There is a maze at the end and Terran loved getting chased by Zach.  :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Tonight we had fun. After dinner, Zach and Tanner cleaned the kitchen (nice break for me!) While Terran and I hung out in the back yard. He had some yummy watermelon and pulled up my tulips. I was spraying off his watermelon juice and watering the garden when he decided to play in the water. He would get real close to it and the run away. When that wasn't enough, he came and took over. He has enough strength now that he could pull the lever. He was having a blast then turned and sprayed me across the back. I screamed of course, which made him laugh really hard. He got a kick out of spraying the furniture after that, laughing like only little children can! I'm so glad it is warmer now. It adds a whole extra dimension to our day. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

This Memorial Day turned out pretty great. I ran in the Run of Remembrance again and even though it was challenging with the hills and the speed I was going, I never regret a run. It makes my day so much better! Zach brought Terran to the finish line and we hung out there for a bit. After Terran's nap, we headed up the canyon for BBQ and dutch oven. I was excited to let Terran explore the great outdoors. It was a bit challenging keeping him safe, but we all loved the time outdoors. Zach was awesome and did the prep and cleanup of all the food. It was really nice not to have to do it! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sharing with my boy

Terran and I shared a bowl of ice cream the other night. He got mad at me when I took the second to last bite!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

That baby!

That baby, who isn't much of a baby anymore except that he still takes a bottle! That is like the last thing and I don't want to wean him because then it is gone forever! I'm not big into begging my kids to stay little because that just isn't realistic, but the realization that Terran is coming out of that stage has been a little strange.
Even though my life has drastically changed and I am exhausted by the end of the day (every day) but then somehow can't sleep, I am still beyond happy that he is here and my beautiful son. His big grin and round cheeks, defiant attitude and persistent snuggles, those things are so great and I just love that little bugger.

The Iron Will at Camp Williams

We went to the 100 year celebration at Camp Williams today. Zach had to work at it. I was so bummed because I wanted to race, but we were able to see Nate and the boys as they did the bike rides.
I didn't know if Terran would love the bounce houses, but he did! He loved running all over the place and watching the races. He got to play with Haylee and the Houstons and his cousin Olivia! So much fun for the little guy. All in all, a pretty good day.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Constant Learning

I can't keep up with blogging about all the changes with Terran! It has been the highlight of my days to watch him learn new things! He has learned to spin in a circle and loves to show it off. He likes to "read" on his own. He has started laughing at parts of TV shows and books. One day my mom was reading a Little Critter story to him and there was an upset boss or something.  The illustration showed an angry critter and the illustration was good enough that Terran knew the emotion and screamed when he saw it. We all about died laughing,  which Terran joined in with wholeheartedly!

He has been saying more words. Not consistently really, but we have heard mum, dad, go, no, cat, don't, dirt, Scott, whoa. He tried to say grandpa one day but didn't get it all the way out. Zach is out of town and when he called I gave the phone to Terran. He said Dad like three times really clear then proceeded to have a full conversation in baby language as he walked around to all of his play spots. I was so happy to hear him say dad since I haven't heard him say it very much.

Terran can take his pants off if they slide easily. He has gotten out of his diaper a few times. He knows how his car seat works and is getting interested in the clasp. I hope he doesn't figure that one out for a while!

Just today Terran decided more than ever that he likes the thrill of danger. He was trying to slide in and out of the tub and climb over the back of the couch. He hopped on his scooter and started going down the driveway. He wanted to look over the observation edge at the gym to the court below. This kid has me on my toes!

As Terran learns more and more, I am being faced with deciding how to discipline and teach. It isn't easy to know how much he really understands, but I know he is actually getting quite a lot.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ironman St. George: The Race

Let's start at the beginning.
4 am: Can't sleep and I hear someone in the kitchen. It must be Dad. I decide to join him. He said "I want to show you something." We went to the front porch and looked at the lake. We could see all the lights and cars. It was pretty awesome. We talked weather and our plans for the race over a Pero. Then we started getting ready. Darin came and Scott and Bop dropped us off.

Pre-race: As we walked in, we all got body marked. I knew the girl who marked me and then I saw an old friend from college who was racing.At this point, my nerves were going pretty crazy. I was completely excited for the race and very eager to see how it all went. I headed to where my bike was racked and Zach was there waiting with my Capslytes and some good luck wishes coupled with a hug. I noticed that all of the bikes around me were pret-ty nice. Most races I have done have a wide variety, but this looked a lot more serious. I was ready to go before everyone else, so I headed over to the start, just to get my excitement level even higher. We all met up as a group again, chatted, well-wished (Dad, Burt, and Darin all gave me a good luck hug...Seriously, they all made me feel extra special!), then headed over to watch the pros start. I was going to watch, but got too anxious since my wave was second, so I headed over to take my spot.

The Swim: We had to wait until the horn sounded for the previous wave to even get into the water. It was a water start, which meant we had to swim out to the starting line. I wasn't thinking this my ideal way to begin, but it turns out that I loved it! Once I got in the water, I knew that three minutes would pass fairly quickly so I just started stroking. A minute or two in I realized I wouldn't be at the starting line by the time the horn sounded, but surprisingly, I wasn't worried about it. All of my preparation and planning was kicking in and I was calm. I was pleasantly surprised since all morning I was a bundle of nerves, but I felt confident in my cool manner. I loved the water start because I was already used to the water when I passed the starting line, my group was thinned out so it wasn't crowded, and I had already found my rhythm. I stuck to the inside the whole way and just sighted to the buoys. As I made the first turn, the sun was up and on the water and I thought about the beauty and how awesome it was that I was doing this race! My swim was the smoothest swim I have ever had, with no problems with my goggles, and not much throwing off my mo-jo. I definitely didn't like seeing other age groups passing me, but that was inevitable so I was able to let it go. The swim started getting a little long before the second turn, but I focused on staying relaxed and moving forward. My least favorite part was the last couple hundred yards. The exit area was somewhat funneled into a small area and it was right about that time the fastest guys from the 30-40 ish (my guess) age group were finishing. I figured they were the leaders because I hadn't seen that color cap yet and they were completely ruthless. I was getting grabbed and pushed and I accidentally kicked something that hurt really bad so I assumed it was a watch. At that point, I was ready to get out of there! I had the volunteers rip off my wetsuit, which was great because they bossed me around and saved me a lot of time I am sure, then headed to the bike.

The Bike: Right from the start I kept telling myself to take it easy. My biggest goal on the bike was not to push too hard in the first half, or at all. I forced myself to take in the scenery and not think about how many people were going to pass me. There were a lot of people passing me, I just had to remind myself that they were either just faster or I would beat them on the run. It was pretty solitary for the first 25-30 miles, although I did have a friend pass and say hi, and as I was passing the fairgrounds entrance I heard someone cheer for me. I am pretty sure it was Coach Esplin from high school. I tried to figure out how he knew it was me, but then I just thought it was pretty cool to hear my name unexpectedly. I felt really good about how I was handling the hills, but my legs were just a bit tired, which confused me since I thought I was taking it really easy. I mentally threw myself off after the first aid station because I thought Red Hills Parkway was a lot closer than it really was, but it wasn't too big of a deal. When I finally got to Red Hills Parkway, I chatted with a pleasant guy from California for a few miles. That took my mind off of how it was feeling long, but I think it also made me go a little faster. Shortly after that, I saw the college friend and we also chatted for a few miles. It was about this time that I noticed I was a bit ahead of schedule, if you will. Since my main goal was to beat 6:20, I thought "Cool, I will just continue on, keep holding back a bit, and hope for a good run." Once that friend left me, I kept him in my sights just for something to keep me going. Snow Canyon is reputedly horrendous, but I actually quite like it and take pleasure in the fact that it doesn't kill me. After that, it was homeward bound except for the terrible little loop they threw in at the end that was just annoying more than anything! As I was coming down Main Street, I heard Bop and Scott call out my name and just caught a glimpse of them as I turned the corner. Then I heard Uncle Dave's horn and saw him and Cheryl right at the T2 entrance. I'm pretty sure the smile on my face was pretty big at this point! I quickly got ready for the run, fueled up, took a bathroom break, and hit the road.

The Run: Another cheer and horn from Dave and Cheryl got me going. I knew just where to see Bop, Scott, Mom, and my little Terran, so I found them and got a cheer to get me up the hill. I was looking for Zach by the fire station and got to see him before I was on my own. My GPS wasn't working yet, but I finally got the pace pulled up, which is what mattered to me. My legs were pretty shot but thankfully my mental strength was pretty good because I knew I had quite a way to go and it wasn't going to be easy. The first hill came and I could barely even run up it! I debated with myself but quickly decided I might as well walk it. I was ahead of schedule anyway, so no need to die right at the start, right? As I walked up that hill, I decided there wasn't much problem in walking the hills if I could run fast on the downhill. I had to dig deep several times and had to tell myself to keep running on the small hills, but once I hit the halfway point, I was feeling pretty good. I love that my run fitness has me feeling good when a lot of other people are starting to feel pretty crummy. I saw Darin at this point and I saw Brock again. Cheering other people on gave me a little boost. There was a lady that I was back and forth with, so we kept chatting as we passed each other too. According to my calculations, I was still doing pretty good, and I realized I was closer to 6:00 than 6:20. That realization helped me push through the last hard hill and hit it hard to get to that finish line. I was looking for Dad with about five miles left and saw him at about his two and a half mile. I stopped for just a second for a quick chat then headed down Diagonal. I hate Diagonal. It sucked in the marathon and in the Ironman. It just keeps going! I knew I was really close to 6:00 so I was feeling awesome. I asked a big group of people to cheer for me and they didn't disappoint! They all gave me big, loud cheers and that got me to the roundabout. I was looking for Zach but didn't see him. I knew Mom, Bop, Scott, and Terran were just ahead though. I was sprinting now and could see the finish! I passed that lady for the last time, along with four or five guys and ran down the last hundred yards. My hands were in the air and people were cheering. I was racing the clock at this point because it just so happened to be at 58 seconds, 59....I ran through that finish line with a huge smile and sense of accomplishment. I heard my name being announced, which is the first time in a race I have actually heard it! That next little bit was where I experienced so much good emotion that there were a few tears rising! I wandered through the people looking for those green shirts and a spot to stop. I had just finished the Ironman 70.3 nineteen minutes faster than planned. That high was worth the hard moments when I thought that was the only time I ever cared to do that race.

Post-race: We waited and rested for a bit. Terran was sleeping and Scott, Mom, and Bop were all there for me to celebrate with. We had Uncle Dave keeping us updated on Burt and Dad, so we had an idea when we would see them. I headed to the food tent and replenished myself. I took a moment alone to relax in the grass and eat my pizza and be extremely happy with the great day. I then headed back to the fam to wait for the others. We were alerted when Burt was coming and I was able to see him and catch a high five and he ran to the finish. A little bit later we spotted Dad and cheered him on. Tears welled up again because I knew what he had just been through and was so proud!

The aftermath: At this point, I was getting pretty sunburned and was feeling the effects of only two hours of sleep. We got our things, loaded up in the car, grabbed some Swig which they gave us for free!, then headed home. I know there was more good food and family time. The goodbyes started coming too quick for me so I tried not to think about it. The next morning we saw everyone again for breakfast and the real goodbye. It was so neat to have Burt do the race and the others come out to support. It made the whole event that much more special. 
I couldn't believe it, but I didn't even get sore from the race. I experienced a little fatigue, but it was nothing compared to the can't-walk-for-days feeling after the marathon. This fact brought me to the realization that I wanted to do another 70.3 even faster. How awesome that I could prepare my body for that kind of exercise and still be able to go on a bike ride with Scott the next day? 

Who knows right now what next year brings, but I can say that I would definitely be interested in racing again!

Ironman St. George: Family Time

There is something to be said for our amazing family. As I mentioned in my earlier post, the support we had for the race was outstanding. Texts, phone calls, flying across the country, Terran-watching for hours, enduring heat and crowds, congratulations...it was never ending!

I am so happy that Burt decided to race with us and that Uncle Dave, Aunt Bop, and Cheryl came to support. Since they were there, we were able to experience little moments that made the weekend great.

Dad, Burt, Scott, and I went on a little bike ride the day before the race to test things out. We took it easy and enjoyed the scenery and chatting and being together.

I chatted with Uncle Dave on the back porch about his favorite place to travel. He said he had been all over the world but one of his favorite things was camping in South Carolina, looking at the fall leaves, watching as the leaves drifted down to his cup of coffee. His description made me want to experience it! I love the little reminders that life is not always about big and fancy stuff or lots of money. Being happy with it and enjoying it has more to do with state of mind than dollar signs.

Aunt Bop complimented me on being a mom several times. Those compliments mean a lot because being a mom hasn't been easy, but it is the most important thing I do with my time. Her encouragement helped remind me why I need patience and that I can do it!

Dad and Burt made the race more about me since they are veterans! I loved talking tri with them and knowing they cared too. I know that a lot of the reason I did well and lived the race was because of their faith in me and their tips and wise words!

I loved talking with Cheryl and getting to know her better. She is a great lady. She had cool stories to share of her own adventures!

Scottie was also a great support. He is a lot like Dad with me - they both build up my self-esteem like it is their calling in life! The thing is, I totally thrive on it. It keeps me excited and helps me have fun and confidence in myself.

Mom was there from the moment I got signed up. She was constantly sacrificing her own workouts and time so I could do things with Dad or get a break from Terran. She made sure we were all taken care of. I loved that she went through the trouble of getting us all shirts. I looked for that bright green through the whole race!

I saw Burt, Dave, and Bop for the first time at Ironman village. I had missed them so much! I love that reunited feeling you get when you finally see each other again! Terran was loving and friendly right from the get go. There is something about the Barretts...he always seems to know family really quick. It didn't take long for him to be laughing with Aunt Bop or playing with Uncle Dave in the sand. His fake laugh was a constant the whole weekend. He is really in his element with a lot of attention and they definitely gave it to him. He has had a rough week not having everyone around to play with him and laugh with him.

As Dad and I brought our bikes to bike check-in, we took a moment to check out the pros bikes and even catch some of them coming in and out. We saw the Wurtelesn a pro couple, as we were going to check out the swim course. Dad said hi real cool-like then told them he thought they would win. They said thanks and wished us luck. We got well wishing from actual cool athlete celebrities,  NBD.  :) We were also able to catch some glimpses of the pros at the run gear drop off. They leave me in awe. I wish I had thr time, money, and talent to be that good!

It was a complete bummer that Zach was working the race, but at least I saw him at the start and when I headed out on the run. Deep down I always hope that he thinks I look good in my races. :)

Such a great weekend and such a great family!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ironman St. George 70.3: Quick Overview

The day finally came. Ironman St. George 70.3. I have only talked about it for about eight months!

I am planning to write a thorough run-down of the race, but right now I am extremely tired so a quick synopsis will have to do!

Swim: Best race swim I have ever done. I was the calmest I have ever been, once the horn sounded, I swam smooth and actually got in a good rhythm, and I didn't have to fix my goggles!

Bike: I forced myself to take it pretty easy so I could still run after. I completely enjoyed the scenery around me and loved the ride.

Run: Hardest run I have ever done in my life. I ended up walking the big hills, but still hit my goal time!

I was overcome with emotion when I was running through the finisher chute and while cheering my dad into the finish. Tears welled up, but did not fall. Thank goodness, because I am an ugly crier!

I was overwhelmed all weekend with the love and support I received. We have an amazing family.


I love holidays - all holidays!- and Easter is obviously one of them. I dropped the ball a little bit on realizing Terran could totally participate in an Easter Egg Hunt. Zach was working on a final paper for the semester and decided to go to the office to work on it Saturday morning. Around 9:45 it hit me that we should have done an Easter Egg Hunt! I quickly looked them up and there was only one that went past 10, so that's where we headed. It turned out to be pretty fun with the hunt, storytellers, and vendors. Terran actually hunted! He got about six eggs. After putting a couple in my bag, he got one for each hand, then watched everyone else.

The vendors were actually pretty cool. There was photographer set up, and we signed up for a free Zumbini class (music and dancing for 0-3 year olds) which was fun for Terran and I the next week. There was a weird cat in the hat mascot thing that Terran was intrigued by but wouldn't go near.

Before we left the house, I had planned to visit the duck park after since it was by the venue. Terran, of course, loved chasing the ducks! They weren't hungry at all, so I figured everyone had the same idea in the last week or so.

Easter Sunday we had Scott and Lindsey over. We were going to BBQ, but then I decided to be more traditional and do ham and potatoes with green bean casserole and rolls. It was so fun to visit with them! I actually quite like hosting holidays. I have become a little bit of a homebody and prefer to be home on special days like that.