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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Constant Learning

I can't keep up with blogging about all the changes with Terran! It has been the highlight of my days to watch him learn new things! He has learned to spin in a circle and loves to show it off. He likes to "read" on his own. He has started laughing at parts of TV shows and books. One day my mom was reading a Little Critter story to him and there was an upset boss or something.  The illustration showed an angry critter and the illustration was good enough that Terran knew the emotion and screamed when he saw it. We all about died laughing,  which Terran joined in with wholeheartedly!

He has been saying more words. Not consistently really, but we have heard mum, dad, go, no, cat, don't, dirt, Scott, whoa. He tried to say grandpa one day but didn't get it all the way out. Zach is out of town and when he called I gave the phone to Terran. He said Dad like three times really clear then proceeded to have a full conversation in baby language as he walked around to all of his play spots. I was so happy to hear him say dad since I haven't heard him say it very much.

Terran can take his pants off if they slide easily. He has gotten out of his diaper a few times. He knows how his car seat works and is getting interested in the clasp. I hope he doesn't figure that one out for a while!

Just today Terran decided more than ever that he likes the thrill of danger. He was trying to slide in and out of the tub and climb over the back of the couch. He hopped on his scooter and started going down the driveway. He wanted to look over the observation edge at the gym to the court below. This kid has me on my toes!

As Terran learns more and more, I am being faced with deciding how to discipline and teach. It isn't easy to know how much he really understands, but I know he is actually getting quite a lot.

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