"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ironman St. George: Family Time

There is something to be said for our amazing family. As I mentioned in my earlier post, the support we had for the race was outstanding. Texts, phone calls, flying across the country, Terran-watching for hours, enduring heat and crowds, congratulations...it was never ending!

I am so happy that Burt decided to race with us and that Uncle Dave, Aunt Bop, and Cheryl came to support. Since they were there, we were able to experience little moments that made the weekend great.

Dad, Burt, Scott, and I went on a little bike ride the day before the race to test things out. We took it easy and enjoyed the scenery and chatting and being together.

I chatted with Uncle Dave on the back porch about his favorite place to travel. He said he had been all over the world but one of his favorite things was camping in South Carolina, looking at the fall leaves, watching as the leaves drifted down to his cup of coffee. His description made me want to experience it! I love the little reminders that life is not always about big and fancy stuff or lots of money. Being happy with it and enjoying it has more to do with state of mind than dollar signs.

Aunt Bop complimented me on being a mom several times. Those compliments mean a lot because being a mom hasn't been easy, but it is the most important thing I do with my time. Her encouragement helped remind me why I need patience and that I can do it!

Dad and Burt made the race more about me since they are veterans! I loved talking tri with them and knowing they cared too. I know that a lot of the reason I did well and lived the race was because of their faith in me and their tips and wise words!

I loved talking with Cheryl and getting to know her better. She is a great lady. She had cool stories to share of her own adventures!

Scottie was also a great support. He is a lot like Dad with me - they both build up my self-esteem like it is their calling in life! The thing is, I totally thrive on it. It keeps me excited and helps me have fun and confidence in myself.

Mom was there from the moment I got signed up. She was constantly sacrificing her own workouts and time so I could do things with Dad or get a break from Terran. She made sure we were all taken care of. I loved that she went through the trouble of getting us all shirts. I looked for that bright green through the whole race!

I saw Burt, Dave, and Bop for the first time at Ironman village. I had missed them so much! I love that reunited feeling you get when you finally see each other again! Terran was loving and friendly right from the get go. There is something about the Barretts...he always seems to know family really quick. It didn't take long for him to be laughing with Aunt Bop or playing with Uncle Dave in the sand. His fake laugh was a constant the whole weekend. He is really in his element with a lot of attention and they definitely gave it to him. He has had a rough week not having everyone around to play with him and laugh with him.

As Dad and I brought our bikes to bike check-in, we took a moment to check out the pros bikes and even catch some of them coming in and out. We saw the Wurtelesn a pro couple, as we were going to check out the swim course. Dad said hi real cool-like then told them he thought they would win. They said thanks and wished us luck. We got well wishing from actual cool athlete celebrities,  NBD.  :) We were also able to catch some glimpses of the pros at the run gear drop off. They leave me in awe. I wish I had thr time, money, and talent to be that good!

It was a complete bummer that Zach was working the race, but at least I saw him at the start and when I headed out on the run. Deep down I always hope that he thinks I look good in my races. :)

Such a great weekend and such a great family!


  1. Loved sharing that with you Brandi! I am having terrible Terran withdrawals and missing that little laugh. You ARE a great Mom and I am so proud of you!

  2. This post almost brought tears to my eyes!! I love you sis. I wish I could have been there and I can't wait to see you.