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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Year and a Half

Terran is coming up on a year and a half and I wanted to describe my little baby-turned-toddler a bit.
He loves to boss people around, mainly by pointing and grunting. He says mama and dad pretty consistently, but chooses when he wants to say anything else.
He understands a ton of what I am saying and constantly disobeys... all while looking at me and getting a mischievous smirk on his face!
He became a huge fan of swimming while we were in Hawaii and loves to play in water everywhere; the hose, the sink, the tub.
He recently started putting his hand over his face when he is sad or in trouble.
He often will plug his ears. I think he is more hearing how it changes sound more than trying to block anything out.
He loves attention and laughing with a crowd.
Sometimes his whole body gets caught up in whatever emotion he is feeling and he will shake out of excitement, joy, and frustration.
He has started giving open-armed hugs and likes to snuggle if he is in the mood. It is usually brief but you know he wanted to.
He is very outgoing and likes to play with other kids.
He loves all animals and is very smart with thin. He usually gives them space and knows to walk up to them slowly.
He loves to pray, usually about five times per meal. He makes sure everyone folds their arms, and when we say amen he gets excited and points to our food, telling us it is okay to eat now.

And last little thing: Terran always throws his hands up as pictured below. It started with me hiding toys and things in my shirt and saying "where'd it go?" It has evolved to be his way of asking questions like what happened? What was that? Where is it?  He does it all the time and opens his mouth and looks concerned. It has been the cause of many laughs and is just adorable! 

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