"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Our Big Island Vacation: The Flight

The flight went way better than I even dreamed. I planned, both mentally and physically, for the worst, but I was definitely blessed.
Zach was a sweetie and walked us in, helping take care of our baggage. Then, when checking in our bags, the lady at the counter pulled a quick one and used Zach's military ID to get my bags checked for free. THEN, as Zach and I were saying our goodbyes, a lady walked up, asked if he was leaving (he was in his uniform) and then gave him $50 and said "take care of your family" and thanks for serving, even after we told her I was the one going.  Seriously?! What a sweetheart!
Our first plane was tiny and worried Terran and myself as we first stepped on. Terran did great during takeoff, cried a bit as we hit the weightless feeling, then nursed to sleep and slept the rest of the flight!
Our layover was a couple hours and started getting a little long. Then some lady had a dog in training and Terran started getting ready to throw a fit when I wouldn't let him touch it. It was right at that time that we got on our next plane and disaster was averted!
I was able to talk the flight attendant and the girl next to me to move to the last remaining seat on the plane so Terran and I would have a little more room. I am so thankful they were both kind-hearted! Then, talk about another amazing person that made the trip great...Corie. She was the other person on our row and she played with Terran, didn't mind our mess or noise, and them she seemed to genuinely like it when Terran decided they were friends and would sit on her lap and lay against her. She is from Canada and headed to Hawaii on a spontaneous personal trip just because she had some free time from work. Not only did Terran love her, our conversation about travel and life was entirely enjoyable. Terran fell asleep the final leg of the trip and had the lady across the aisle "ahhh"-ing and smiling at him.  (She actually did that the whole time and laughed out loud when I was trying to cover up when nursing and he ripped my cover off. )

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